8 Sights in Guilin, China (with Map and Images)

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Explore interesting sights in Guilin, China. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 8 sights are available in Guilin, China.

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1. Elephant Trunk Hill Park

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The Elephant Trunk Hill is a hill, landmark and tourist attraction in Guilin, Guangxi, China. It is not only one of the major tourist attractions of Guilin, an international tourist city, but also the symbol of Guilin, which uses elephant trunk mountain and osmanthus flower as its city emblem. [2]The Elephant Trunk Hill formerly known as Li Mountain, also known as Yi mountain, Chen Shui mountain, referred to as elephant mountain. In 1986, Xiang Shan park was built in accordance with Xiang Shan mountain. The main part of the park is Xiang Shan mountain and water moon, the ancient building Yun Feng temple, the love island, and the Ming dynasty building Pu Xian pagoda. [3] Elephant Trunk Hill is the symbol of the city of Guilin. It got its name because it looks like an elephant drinking water. The round opening that would be under the elephant’s trunk is known as Water-Moon Cave because at night the reflection of the moon can be seen through the arch and it looks as if it is under the water and floating on the surface of the water at the same time. Elephant Trunk Hill and Water-Moon Cave are located at the confluence of the Taohua River and the Lijiang River.[1]

Wikipedia: Elephant Trunk Hill (EN), Website

2. 桂林市基督教堂

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桂林市基督教堂 Flsxx / CC BY-SA 4.0

Guilin Christian Church is located at No. 50 Zhongshan Middle Road, Xiufeng District, Guilin, Guangxi, China, and was built in 1994. The church is the seat of the Guilin Christian Three-Self Patriotic Movement Committee and the Guilin Christian Association, and the office of the two associations is located in Gonghou Lane. The church was formerly known as the Southern Baptist Gospel Church, which was founded in 1912.

Wikipedia: 桂林市基督教堂 (ZH)

3. 恭城武庙

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Gongcheng Wumiao, located in the southern foothills of Xishan in Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China, was the fourth batch of cultural relics protection units in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on July 8, 1994, and was listed as the sixth batch of national key cultural relics protection units as one of the "Gongcheng Ancient Buildings" in 2006.

Wikipedia: 恭城武庙 (ZH)

4. 聚龙潭

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Jurongtan is located in the middle of Shili Gallery Scenic Spot, Gaotian Town, Yangshuo County, Guilin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, beside 321 National Road, it is a national 3A level scenic spot, composed of black rock and water rock, and the two caves are connected as one. The highest dome of the cave is 25 meters, and the widest point is about 30 meters.

Wikipedia: 聚龙潭 (ZH)

5. Jianshan Temple

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Jianshan Temple, is a buddhist temple located in Yangshuo County, Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, in the People's Republic of China. It includes the shanmen, Mahavira Hall, Meditation Room, Dining Room, etc. The temple has a building area of about 5,589-square-metre (60,160 sq ft) and covers an area of 14,333.3-metre (47,025 ft).

Wikipedia: Jianshan Temple (EN)

6. Confucian Temple

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Gongcheng Confucian Temple is located in Gongchen Street, Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County, Guilin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China. In 2006, it was listed as one of Gongcheng Ancient Buildings Group as the sixth batch of national key cultural relics protection units.

Wikipedia: 恭城文庙 (ZH)

7. 府学文庙石刻

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Fuxue Confucian Temple Stone carvings, located in Jixi Campus of Guilin Middle School, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China, as one of the "Guilin Stone carvings" in 2001, it was listed as the fifth batch of national key cultural relics protection units.

Wikipedia: 府学文庙石刻 (ZH)

8. 白崇禧故居

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Bai Chongxi's former residence, formerly known as "Guilu", also known as "Bai Mansion", is located at the west end of Ronghu North Road, Xiufeng District, Guilin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China, in the Ronghu Hotel.

Wikipedia: 白崇禧故居 (ZH)


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