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Explore interesting sights in Trois-Rivières, Canada. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 16 sights are available in Trois-Rivières, Canada.

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1. Maison Rocheleau

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Maison Rocheleau

La Maison Rocheleau, also known as the Jesuit Manor, is a house located at 555 Notre-Dame Street East in the Cap-de-la-Madeleine sector of Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada. This house was built in 1742 by François Rocheleau (1697-1756) on the land of the Jesuit Society of Jesus, then lord of Cap-de-la-Madeleine. According to the agreement, he was to reserve a room for them when they passed through their seigneury. The Rocheleaus remained the owners of this house until the mid-nineteenth century. Following the development of the Notre-Dame-du-Cap sanctuary after 1870, it was transformed into a rooming house. It was listed as a heritage building in 2000 by the city of Cap-de-la-Madeleine. It was renovated in the early 2010s and opened in 2014 as a museum dedicated to local history.

Wikipedia: Maison Rocheleau (FR), Website

2. Mausolée des Évêques-de-Trois-Rivières

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The Évêques-de-Trois-Rivières Mausoleum is a funerary monument in Trois-Rivières, Quebec. It was built in 1965 and 1996, as part of a renovation campaign at Assumption Cathedral aimed at replacing the crypt with a community room in the basement. It is located in the Saint-Michel cemetery, which was opened in the early 1920s. This modern monument, which includes a mausoleum with ten tombs and a funeral chapel, was built according to the designs of architects Jean-Claude Leclerc and Roger Villemure.

Wikipedia: Évêques-de-Trois-Rivières Mausoleum (EN)

3. Chapelle funéraire Montour-Malhiot

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Montour-Malhiot Funeral Chapel is a neo-Gothic funeral monument located in the cemetery adjacent to the Church of the Saint-Virgin Visitation Church in Pointe-du-Lac, Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada. Built between 1865 and 1870, it was built as a burial site for the lords Nicholas Montour (1756-1808) and Charles-Christophe Malhiot (1808-1874). It was named Heritage Building by the City of Trois-Rivières in 2007.

Wikipedia: Chapelle funéraire Montour-Malhiot (FR)

4. Église de la Visitation-de-la-Sainte-Vierge

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The Church of La Visitation-de-la-Sainte-Vierge de Pointe-du-Lac is a Catholic church located in the center of the village nucleus of Pointe-du-Lac. It is the third church built in this location. It was built in 1882 and 1883 by Georges-Félix Héroux, an architect and entrepreneur of Yamachiche from the ruins of a church built in 1844 and burnt down in 1882.

Wikipedia: Église de la Visitation-de-la-Sainte-Vierge de Pointe-du-Lac (FR)

5. Maison Philippe-Verrette

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Maison Philippe-Verrette is a “boomtown” style house located at 732-734, rue Saint-François-Xavier in Trois-Rivières in Quebec (Canada). It was classified as a heritage building in 1991 by the Ministry of Culture and Communications because of its high degree of integrity, the house having retained its shape and its external coating.

Wikipedia: Maison Philippe-Verrette (FR)

6. Galerie d'art du Parc

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Galerie d'art du Parc inconnu / marque déposée

The Parc art gallery is a current art exhibition center located at 864, rue des Ursulines, Trois-Rivières, Mauricie tourist region, Quebec (Canada). She occupies the manor of Tonnancour, national historical site. It is a museum institution accredited by the Ministry of Culture, Communications and the Women's Condition of Quebec.

Wikipedia: Galerie d'art du Parc (FR)

7. Manège militaire Général-Jean-Victor-Allard

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The general and general-victor-Allard military merry-go-round also known as the Military Merge of Trois-Rivières, is a military building and a museum located at 574, rue Saint-François-Xavier in Trois-Rivières. This building serves as a barracks for the reserve of the 12th Armored Regiment of Canada.

Wikipedia: Manège militaire de Trois-Rivières (FR)

8. Manoir Boucher-De Niverville

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The Boucher-De Niverville Manor is a historic residence located at 168 Bonaventure Street in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada. Built in the mid-17th century, it is one of the few buildings in Trois-Rivières that dates back to the French regime. It was classified as a heritage building on March 30, 1960.

Wikipedia: Manoir Boucher-De Niverville (FR), Website

9. Moulin seigneurial de Pointe-du-Lac

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The seigneurial mill of Tonnancour, or the seigneurial mill of Pointe-du-Lac, includes a flour mill dating from the seigneurial era and a sawmill built in the mid-20th century. It is one of the last water mills still in existence in Canada. It is located in the Pointe-du-Lac area in Trois-Rivières.

Wikipedia: Moulin seigneurial de Tonnancour (FR), Website

10. Manoir de Tonnancour

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The Manoir de Tonnancour is a building located at 864 rue des Ursulines in Trois-Rivières, in the Mauricie region of Quebec. It currently houses the Galerie d'art du Parc, an accredited exhibition centre. It was classified as a heritage building in 1966 by the Government of Quebec.

Wikipedia: Manoir de Tonnancour (FR)

11. Maison Dufresne

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The Dufresne house is a village house located at 2860, chemin du Lac-Saint-Pierre in the village nucleus of Pointe-du-Lac in Trois-Rivières in Quebec (Canada). Built around 1850, it was cited as a heritage building by the municipality of Pointe-du-Lac in 2001.

Wikipedia: Maison Dufresne (FR)

12. Maison Blanche

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Maison BlancheRobert Cutts from Bristol, England, UK / CC BY-SA 2.0

The White House is the oldest part of the Ursuline monastery in Trois-Rivières. Its construction began in 1699 and was subsequently enlarged several times. It was classified as a heritage building in 2017 by the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications.

Wikipedia: Maison Blanche (Trois-Rivières) (FR)

13. Édifice Ameau

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Ameau Building is a commercial building located in Trois-Rivières, Quebec (Canada). This ten-storey building built in 1929 is considered to be the first skyscraper in Trois-Rivières. It was named as a heritage building by the City of Trois-Rivières in 2012.

Wikipedia: Édifice Ameau (FR)

14. Basilique Notre-Dame-du-Cap

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The Basilica of Notre-Dame-du-Cap is a minor basilica in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada. It is Canada's national shrine to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and one of five national shrines in Canada. Each year, the site is visited by thousands of Catholic pilgrims.

Wikipedia: Notre-Dame-du-Cap Basilica (EN)

15. Édifice Lampron

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The Lampron Building is an industrial building located at the intersection of Bellefeuille and Saint-Marguerite streets in Trois-Rivières, Quebec. It was designated a heritage building by the city of Trois-Rivières in 2004.

Wikipedia: Édifice Lampron (FR)

16. Vieille prison de Trois-Rivières

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The old prison in Trois-Rivières is a former prison located in Trois-Rivières in Quebec (Canada). It is part of the Pop museum complex, which offers a guided tour. This place served as a prison between 1822 and 1986.

Wikipedia: Vieille prison de Trois-Rivières (FR), Website


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