10 Sights in Kortrijk, Belgium (with Map and Images)

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Explore interesting sights in Kortrijk, Belgium. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 10 sights are available in Kortrijk, Belgium.

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1. Belfort

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The Belfry of Kortrijk is a medieval bell tower in the historical centre of Kortrijk, Belgium. One of the city's most prominent symbols, the belfry formerly housed a treasury and the municipal archives, and served as an observation post for spotting fires and other danger. A narrow, steep staircase, accessible by the public without any entry fee, leads to the top of the building, which nowadays leans about a bit to the west. In 1999, the belfry was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as part of the Belfries of Belgium and France site, in recognition of the civil, not religious, importance and architecture of the belfries in the region.

Wikipedia: Belfry of Kortrijk (EN), Heritage Website

2. Sint-Niklaaskapel

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The Sint-Niklaas chapel is located in the Belgian city of Kortrijk in the Voorstraat. The chapel is part of the monastery complex of the Sint-Niklaas sisters. Until 2010, a large general hospital was also attached to this monastery, the Sint-Niklaas hospital on the Houtmarkt, but this was closed after the move from this campus to the AZ Groeninge on the Kennedylaan.

Wikipedia: Sint-Niklaaskapel (Kortrijk) (NL)

3. Kortrijk 1302

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In short, 1302 is a museum in the Belgian city of Beggin Hofpark, from 2007 to 2021. The Multimedia Museum, located in the Green Abbey, deals with the mythological formation around the Dutch guilder, the historic battle on the Green Cold Bucket on July 11, 1302. The museum closed at the end of 2021 and was moved to our cathedral for girls in a new exhibit.

Wikipedia: Kortrijk 1302 (NL), Website

4. Sint-Elisabethbegijnhof

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The Beguinage in Kortrijk was founded in 1238 by Joan of Constantinople. The neatly preserved medieval district is a combination of a square beguinage and a street beguinage. Since 2 December 1998, the Kortrijk beguinage has been part of the UNESCO cultural and natural world heritage site as part of the group registration of Flemish beguinages.

Wikipedia: Begijnhof Kortrijk (NL), Heritage Website

5. Vannestes Molen

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Vannestes Molen

The Vannestes Molen, also called Molen Glorieux, Rodenburgmolen, Molen van Marke, Kleynmolen or Abdijmolen, is a mill that is located in the West Flemish village of Marke. The stone mill, located on the "Molenhof in Rodenborg" dates from 1841 and originally served to grind grain. Later it was also used for making oil.

Wikipedia: Vannestes Molen (NL)

6. Gravenkapel

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The Count's Chapel is a medieval chapel in the historic city centre of Kortrijk, Belgium. It is located next to the Church of Our Lady. It was built under Louis II, Count of Flanders as a mausoleum to the Counts of Flanders and a shrine to Saint Catherine.

Wikipedia: Gravenkapel (EN)

7. Sint-Janskerk

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The Sint-Janskerk or Sint-Jan-de-Doperkerk is located in the Belgian city of Kortrijk in the Sint-Jan district. The tower of the church is 58 meters high. The church exemplifies the neo-Gothic style and has been a protected monument since 2003.

Wikipedia: Sint-Janskerk (Kortrijk) (NL), Heritage Website

8. Sint-Godelievekerk

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The Sint-Godelievekerk is the parish church of the Heule-Watermolen district belonging to the West Flemish town of Heule, located at Watermolenwal 2-4, 8, 16. Next to the parish church there is a monastery and a primary school.

Wikipedia: Sint-Godelievekerk (Heule) (NL), Heritage Website

9. De Sjouwer

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De Sjouwer is a monument in the Belgian village of Aalbeke. It is located on a hill along the French border, along the E17 Lille-Ghent motorway. The monument itself is an impressive concrete tower of about 35 meters high.

Wikipedia: De Sjouwer (NL)

10. Church of Our Lady

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The Church of Our Lady in a former Collegiate church in Kortrijk. The church was built in 1199 established by Baldwin IX, Count of Flanders. The church is situated in the historic city centre of Kortrijk.

Wikipedia: Church of Our Lady (Kortrijk) (EN), Heritage Website


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