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Explore interesting sights in Arlon, Belgium. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 7 sights are available in Arlon, Belgium.

Sightseeing Tours in Arlon

1. Musée Gaspar

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The Gaspar Museum is an art museum in Arlon, in the Luxembourg province of Belgium. The museum is dedicated to the art of sculptor Jean-Marie Gaspar (1861–1931) and the work of his brother, photographer Charles Gaspar (1871–1950), who were both born in Arlon. The museum also has a collection of regional art, including the 16th-century Fisenne altarpiece originally from the village Fisenne. In addition, the museum hosts temporary art exhibitions. The museum building is a former bank, built in the 19th century, which at one point belonged to the Gaspar family. Since 1954 the building is owned by the city of Arlon.

Wikipedia: Gaspar Museum (EN)

2. Knippchen

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The Knippchen [knipʃən] is a small hill located in the Belgian town of Arlon, in the province of Luxembourg. The historic heart of the ancient city of Arlon, it was occupied by the castle of the Counts of Arlon and surrounded by ramparts. The church of St. Donatus now stands at the top. The historic district that has developed in the surrounding area is called the Hetchegass.

Wikipedia: Knippchen (FR)

3. Musée Archéologique

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The Archaeological Museum of Arlon is a Belgian museum located in Arlon in the Walloon Region which brings together an important collection of archaeological remains unearthed on the territory of the province of Luxembourg. It is renowned for its Gallo-Roman section, in particular the collection of funerary sculptures, which is one of the most important in Europe.

Wikipedia: Musée archéologique d'Arlon (FR)

4. Château d'Autelbas

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The old castle of Autelbas is what remains of a lowland castle located in the village of Autelbas-Barnich in the province of Luxembourg, Belgium. Built in 1432, it was the seat of a seigneury that was part of the Duchy of Luxembourg and was first occupied, for nearly two centuries, by the lords of Autel, a family from the surrounding area.

Wikipedia: Château d'Autelbas (FR)

5. Chapelle Rentert

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The Rentert Chapel is a small Catholic religious building located in Waltzing, near Arlon in Belgium, a few steps from the Belgian-Luxembourg border, on the road that leads to Eischen (Luxembourg). Dating from the 17th century and dedicated to Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows, it was restored in 1883.

Wikipedia: Chapelle Rentert de Waltzing (FR)

6. Synagogue d'Arlon

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Synagogue d'Arlon

The Arlon Synagogue is synagogue the Belgian town of Arlon. Built in 1863 and inaugurated in 1865, it was the first synagogue built in Belgium. Today religious services are rare, as the majority of Jews have left Arlon.

Wikipedia: Arlon Synagogue (EN)

7. Église Saint-Donat

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The Church of Saint-Donat is a church in the Belgian city of Arlon, in the province of Luxembourg. It is located on the Knippchen, a hill in the heart of the old district of Arlon called the Hetchegas.

Wikipedia: Église Saint-Donat d'Arlon (FR)


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