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Explore interesting sights in Minsk, Belarus. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 59 sights are available in Minsk, Belarus.

Sightseeing Tours in Minsk

1. Philological and economic faculties of BSU

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Philological and economic faculties of BSU

Architect, Department of Philosophy, Belarusian State University, National Chief Department of Philosophy, cultivating profound knowledge in the fields of literature, language and culture, theoretical and practical translation, language technology, linguistics and linguistics; The largest cardinal training center is for foreign students; Ivory Science and Chinese Philharmonic in the Republic of China; Seminars on contemporary language science, literary studies, phonetics, phonetics and other current issues; Laboratory teaching and compensation provide a professional course for the innovative teaching of future philosophers; Re-prepare the professional "Russian as a foreign language" to obtain the national degree diploma as a sample; The county magistrate is a Belarusian and foreign citizen in literary studies and language science; Graduate and doctoral degrees pass through different majors such as language science and literary studies; Folk poets and writers, famous critics, historians and literary theorists, all composed of graduates from the post office; Amateur theaters, debate clubs, literary creation, folk groups and film clubs; Live music, dances, horizontal bars and even your own press office in the evening.

Wikipedia: Філалагічны факультэт БДУ (BE), Website

2. Girl with owl

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Girl with owl

Dzyaīčynka z savoy — sculpture, razmeshchanaya ў Traetskim pradmesci, aўtaram зяўляеца sculptarian L. B. Zilber. Pomnik uyaўляе сабой дзяўчынку, якая стаиць босай нагой на папараци и трымае ў руцэ саву. On the forest of the paparazzi lie three blooming buds, and potassium yago syadzits yashcharka. Адно крыло совы выгнута — яна как бы ахоўвае, абараняе им дзяўчынку, а другое крыло шырока раскрыта. Pomnik staitz na vyalikim boulder, see with which lie down yashche two, panmensch.

Wikipedia: Дзяўчынка з савой (BE)

3. Yanka Kupala Museum

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Yanka Kupala Museum невядомы / Добрасумленнае выкарыстанне

The Yanki Kupali Literary Museum is a literary and memorial museum, the creators of the classic Belarusian literature, the people's paeta of the BSSR Yanki Kupala. Занаваны ў 1944 годзе. Адкрыты для наведвалнікаў September 20, 1945. Museum of Nakhodzizza ў Minsk pa st. Yankee Kupaly, 4, on the place of the house of paet. Мае лиялы ў вёсах Харужанцы, Вязынка, Ляўки и Яхимоўшчына. Adzin sa of the oldest literary museums of Belarus, which are dasledue, zborae and interpretue literaturnuyu heritage narodnaga paeta, classic Belarusian litharatura.

Wikipedia: Дзяржаўны літаратурны музей Янкі Купалы (BE)

4. Замкава Царква

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Замкава ЦаркваГ. Лаўрэцкі / Добрасумленнае выкарыстанне

Царква на дзядзінцы Менска — адна з найраннейшых культавых пабудоў на тэрыторыі Беларусі. Рэшткі храма ў Мінску размешчаны ў раёне плошчы 8 Саавіка, for 22 m ad усходняй ссяны Дом фізкультуры Добраахвотнага спартыўнага таварыства «Prazzoўныя рэзервы». У царквы не аложў у старажытна-рускім манументальным дойлідстве, ёсць рысы раманскай архітэктуры.

Wikipedia: Замкавая царква (Мінск) (BE)

5. Помнік студэнтам, выкладчыкам і супрацоўнікам БДУ

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Pomnik students and inserts of BSU — мемарыяльны знак в Minsk, размешчаны на тэрыторыи ўниверситэцкага гаррадка БДУ. Пастаўлены ў 1975 годзе на ўшанаванне памяци студэнтаў и выклачыкаў университэта, якя загинули ў Вяликую Айчынную вайну ў барацьбе сутруд нямецка-фашысцких захопникаў. Аўтары помника — архитектары I. Pilatovich and I. Dzyatlaў.

Wikipedia: Помнік студэнтам і выкладчыкам БДУ (BE)

6. Cinema Museum

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The Museum of Historical Belaruskaga Cinema is a museum of historical history of Belaruskaga cinema. In 1976, the initiative of Belarusian cinematographists in Minsk in 1976 was founded as a wedding film "Belarusfilm" for collecting, systematizing and hiding materiyalya pra national cinema, papularies, and film cultures of naogul. From 1982 to 1988. размяшчаўся ў Рэсpublicanskim Dome kino Sayuza cinematagrafista BSSR, from 1988 to 1998. — зноў на кинастудыі, выконваючы ў асноўным архиўную функцыю.

Wikipedia: Музей гісторыі беларускага кіно (BE)

7. Maksim Bahdanovič

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Pomnik Maksim Bagdanovich — pomnik in Minsk, prisvechany classic Belarusian litharatura paet Maksim Bagdanovich. Размешчаны ў squares of Траецкая Гара на плошчы Парыжскай Камуны, злева ад цэнтральнага ўваход ў Нацыянальны акадэмичы Вялики тэатр оперы и баллета Рэсpublici Беларусь, недалёка ад былога дома, в which нарадзиўся и жыў Maksim Bagdanovich.

Wikipedia: Помнік Максіму Багдановічу (BE)

8. Holy Spirit Cathedral

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The Holy Spirit Cathedral or the Holy Ghost Cathedral, is a cathedral in Minsk, Belarus. Consecrated in honour of the Holy Spirit, it the mother church of the Belarusian Orthodox Church. It was built between 1633 and 1642 as a part Bernardine monastery during the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth in a place of former male Orthodox monasteries. The site became Orthodox again in 1860. The cathedral is listed as a Belarusian Cultural heritage object and is considered one of the main landmarks in Minsk Upper city.

Wikipedia: Holy Spirit Cathedral (Minsk) (EN)

9. Дзед

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Grandfather is a granite boulder in Minsk, which is an exhibit in the Boulder Museum. It is located on the banks of the Svisloche River, near the houses on the street. Lodochnaya, 2. Another less commonly used name for boulders is "Starets". Approximate dimensions of stone: 1.2 m high, 1.2 m long and 0.6 m wide. According to Mikhail Katsar, it is revered as a sacred stone surrounded by a "pagan stone".

Wikipedia: Дед (валун) (RU)

10. National Academic Grand Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus

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The National Academic Grand Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus is located in a park in the Trinity Hill district of Minsk. Local people call it the "Opierny Teatr" (Belarusian) or the "Opera and Ballet Theatre." While the theatre opened on 15 May 1933, in the beginning, it did not have its own performance venue. Until 1938, the troupe performed at the Belarusian Drama Theatre building.

Wikipedia: National Opera and Ballet of Belarus (EN), Website

11. Замчышча

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Замчышча Раман Маісей / CC BY-SA 3.0

Замчышча — гистарычны раён, дзяцинец стараженытнага Minska, на аснов якога ўзник горад и вакол якога ён рос и развиваўся. Razmeshchany la zlizza rechak Nyamigi and Svislachi. В стараытнаски быў атачоны валами и драўляными ўмацаванми Minskaga castle.

Wikipedia: Мінскае замчышча (BE)

12. Hrekavaj Park

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Park named after Grekavai N. R. is a landscape park in the Leninsky Rayne gorada of Minsk, located on the scratching of Rakasoskaga Ave. and Malinina Street. From the side of the park primykae micraraen Serabranka, from the side of the park - Чыжоўскае вадасховишча. Зяўляеца часткай гарадскога водна-зялёнага дыяметру.

Wikipedia: Парк імя Грэкавай Н.Р. (BE)

13. Felix Dzerzhinsky

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Felix Dzerzhinsky Александр Липилин / CC BY-SA 3.0

Pomnik to Felix Edmundavich Dziarzhynskam — pomnik in Minsk, prisvechany dzyarzhaynam and palitichnamu dzeyachu USSR, founder of UNK. Размешчаны на бульвары на скрыжавания vul. Kamsamolskaya and etc. Independence. Устаноўлены ў 1955 годзе. Аўтарами помника зяўляюца sculptor Zair Azgur and architect V. Volchak.

Wikipedia: Помнік Дзяржынскаму (Мінск) (BE)

14. Francysk Skaryna

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Francysk Skaryna Tess Mattew / CC BY-SA 2.0

Pomnik Franciscu Skarina — pomnik in Minsk, razmeshchany va ўнутраным дворыку Беларускага дзяржаўнага ўниверситэта. The first pomnik at the stalica, the first printer and asvetnik Francis Skarin. Устаноўлены ў 1999 годзе, аўтарам помника зяўляеца sculptar Сяргей Адашкевич.

Wikipedia: Помнік Францыску Скарыну (Мінск, дворык БДУ) (BE)

15. Taras Shevchenko

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Taras Shevchenko The original uploader was Ingvar1 at Ukrainian Wikipedia. / Attribution

Taras Hryhorovych Shevchenko was a Ukrainian poet, writer, artist, public and political figure, as well as folklorist and ethnographer. His literary heritage is regarded to be the foundation of modern Ukrainian literature and, to a large extent, the modern Ukrainian language. Shevchenko is also known for many masterpieces as a painter and an illustrator.

Wikipedia: Legacy of Taras Shevchenko (EN)

16. Гасцёўня Уладзіслава Галубка

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Gastsyonya Uladzislav Galubka is a museum, the priests and creators of Kiraўnik BDT-3, rezhysera, aktsera, people's artist of the BSSR Uladzislav Galubko. Зяўляеца branch of the Dziarzhaīnaga Museum of History and Musical Culture of the Republic of Belarus. Razmyashchaezza ў Traetskim pradmesci ў house number 14 pa st. Staravilenskaya.

Wikipedia: Гасцёўня Уладзіслава Галубка (BE)

17. National Art Museum

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The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus is the largest art museum in Belarus and is located in its capital, Minsk. The museum comprises more than thirty thousands works of art which make up twenty various collections and constitutes two main ones: the one of national art and the other of art monuments of various countries of the world.

Wikipedia: Belarusian National Arts Museum (EN), Website

18. Victory Park

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Victory ParkNigel's Europe from Birmingham, UK / CC BY-SA 2.0

Park Museum's complex "Victory" or Victory Park is the largest park. Minsk. Located beside the Communist Youth League pool in the central district of Minsk. Limited by the winners' list and the street tracks of Masood, Alowski and Staraville. The park covers an area of 200 hectares. It is part of the green diameter of the capital water system.

Wikipedia: Парк Перамогі (Мінск) (BE)

19. Дом масонаў

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Дом масо́наў — будынак пачатку XIX стагоддзя ў Minsk, размешчаны ў Верхним Горадзе, па адрасе Музычны заvulак, 5. Pomnik архитектуры класицым. In the house of Dziarzhaўны there is a museum of historical and musical culture.

Wikipedia: Дом масонаў (Мінск) (BE)

20. Гарадскія шалі

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Garadskiya shali is a memorial sign in Minsk, established by the Garad City Hall, which witnesses pra atrymanne goradam Magdeburgskaga rights ў 1499 godze. The sculptural kampazitsa consists of figures of trokh garajan, which I will see with vyalikimi shalyami: adzin weighed weight, other addai shifts, three earned money.

Wikipedia: Гарадскія шалі (Мінск) (BE)

21. Чыгуначныя касы

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Будынак чыгуначных кас — будынак в Minsk на Прывакзальнай плошчы, знаходзица па адрасе vul. Bobruiskaya, 4. Узведзены ў 1955 годзе па праекце архитектараў Сяргея Баткоўскага и Наthan Шpiegelman.

Wikipedia: Будынак чыгуначных кас (Мінск) (BE)

22. Jazep Drazdovič

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«Вечны вандроўник» — bronze pomnik vydatnamu belaruskamu mastaku and krayaznatsu Yazep Drazdovich ў Minsk. Адкрыты 6 жніўня 1993 года ў Траецким прадмесци, на рагу vulitsy Maksima Bagdanovich и Траецкай набярэжнай, каля Сvisлачы.

Wikipedia: Помнік Язэпу Драздовічу (Мінск) (BE)

23. эканамічны суд ЕўрАзЭС

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House of Kozinay, albo Budynak was Aliakse'sa prыvátnay vasmiklasnay from law ўра́да́дай жано́чай gymnasium E. D. Reiman — budynak in Minsk, pomnik of architektury ў стыли эklektyki, пабудаваны ў канцы XIX — packet of the XX century. Mesciztsa pa Kirava Street, 5.

Wikipedia: Дом Козінай (BE)

24. Воданапорная вежа 1910 году неагатычнага стылю

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Воданапо́рная ве́жа ў Ми́нску месцица ў прадмесци Грушаўка па street Аўтадораўская, 3. Share complex budynkaў чыгуначнай бальницы. Гисторыка-cultural каштоўнасць рэгиянальнага значэня.

Wikipedia: Воданапорная вежа (Мінск) (BE)

25. The Minsk Gate

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"Varoty Minska" — two living ladies in Minsk, located on Adrase street. Kirawa, No. 1 and No. 2. Зяўляюца часткай архитектурнага анsembле на Прывакзальнай плошчы. Узведзены ў 1947—1952 гг. pavodle praecta architectar Barys Rubanenki.

Wikipedia: Вароты Мінска (BE)

26. Дзяржаўны памежны камітэт РБ

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Дзяржаўны памежны камітэт РБ

The State Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus, GPK manages the international borders of Belarus. Its armed paramilitary force is known as the Border Guard Service, It carries out committee orders and policy. The service covers the borders with Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Wikipedia: State Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus (EN)

27. Серго Арджанікідзэ

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Серго Арджанікідзэ

Pomnik to Rygor Kanstancinavich Ardzhanikidze — were pomniks in Minsk, who were placed on the tires of the plant of electronic machines named after R. K. Ardzhanikidze on Kulman Street. Sculpture of the party and dzyarzhaўnaga dzeyacha Rygora Ardzhanikidze ўстаноўлена ў 1966 godze.

Wikipedia: Помнік Рыгору Арджанікідзэ (Мінск) (BE)

28. Tsoi Wall

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Сцяна Цоя — неафичыйная name шэрага месцаў памяци спевака Viktara Цоя ў некакких краинах былога USSR. Shiroka vyadomya pomniki «Сцяна Цоя» ў Dnipro, Kiev, Maskve, Minsk, Sevastopali, St. Petsyarburg, Khabaraўsk.

Wikipedia: Сцяна Цоя (BE)

29. Месца размяшчэння касцёла Святога Томаша Аквінскага

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Месца размяшчэння касцёла Святога Томаша Аквінскага

Kaśöl Svyatoga Tamaša Aquińskaga and Klyashtar Daminikantsaў are a kolyshni rymska-kalytski klyashtarny complex in Minsk. Dzeinicha in the pack XVII stagodzia—1832. Located on the High Market, occupying 2 hectares of potassium, abmezhavany streets Daminikanskai, Valotskay and Yurieskay.

Wikipedia: Касцёл Святога Тамаша Аквінскага і кляштар дамініканцаў (Мінск) (BE)

30. Sculpture «Last Voyage»

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Sculpture «Last Voyage» Barbara Epstein / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Minsk Ghetto was created soon after the German invasion of the Soviet Union. It was one of the largest in the Byelorussian SSR, and the largest in the German-occupied territory of the Soviet Union. It housed close to 100,000 Jews, most of whom were murdered in The Holocaust.

Wikipedia: Minsk Ghetto (EN)

31. Edvarda Vajnilovicha Garden Square

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The square named after Edward Vainilovich is a square in the central city of Minsk, razmeshchany within the gascinitsa "Minsk", former dahodnyh damohs Unihoskaga and Abrampolskaga, Chervonaga kastsyla, administration of the house and ul. Bersan, see from Plošchai Independence.

Wikipedia: Сквер імя Эдварда Вайніловіча (BE)

32. Анры Дзюнан

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Pomnik Anri Dziunanu — pomnik u tsentra Minska, razmeshchany na boulevardy na ragu Lenina and Karl Marx streets nepadalёku ad haloўnaga office Chervonaga Krыzha ў Belarusi. Prisvechany to the Swiss humanist and grammar dzeyachu Anra Dzyunan, who founded Chervony Kryzh.

Wikipedia: Помнік Анры Дзюнану (Мінск) (BE)

33. The faculty of geography and geoinformatics BSU

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The faculty of geography and geoinformatics BSU Hanna Zelenko / CC BY-SA 3.0

Optional geagraphy and geainpharmatics of BSU — structural padrazdzyalenne Belaruskaga dzyarzhaўnaga ўниверситета. Занаваны ў 1934 годзе. The elective consists of 7 departments, 2 navukova-dasledchiya laboratories, the Museum of Earth Science.

Wikipedia: Факультэт геаграфіі і геаінфарматыкі БДУ (BE), Website

34. Roses

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Roses Hanna Zelenko / CC BY-SA 3.0

Memariyal akhvyaram tragedy on Nyamiz - memariyal in Minsk, sweeping kalya yvahid to the metro station "Nyamiga" from the side of the square 8 Sakavik, May 30, 1999 there was a tragedy, in which the detachment had 53 chalaveks and jašche more than 150 boyarpels.

Wikipedia: Мемарыял ахвярам трагедыі на Нямізе (BE)

35. Sendajski Garden Square

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Сэнда́йскі сквер — парк культуры і адпачынка ў цэнтры Мінска. Названы ў гонар японскага горада Сэндай — горада-пабраціма беларускай сталіцы.

Wikipedia: Сэндайскі сквер (BE)

36. Uschodnija Cemetery

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Uschodnija Cemetery Владимир Павловский (Litvin87) / CC BY-SA 3.0

Uskhodniya (Maskouskia) mogilki is an abmezhavana dzeyuchyya mogilki in Minsku. In 1952, the Independence of the Republic of Nezalezhnaya was plowed in the Netherlands. Afіtsiyna abmezhavanyya dlya plowavannya u 2003 godze. Agulnaya ploshcha - 23.1 hectares.

Wikipedia: Усходнія могілкі (BE)

37. Сквер Сімона Балівара

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The name Simon Solivar Sushver is located in the Belgrade guerrilla square in Minsk. Located at the intersection of Zakharov and Wuyi Street, adjacent to the instrument factory in Minsk. Having a triangular shape. The basement covers an area of 2.2 hectares.

Wikipedia: Сквер імя Сымона Балівара (BE)

38. House Museum of First Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party

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The House Museum of the First Congress of the RSDLP is a museum in Minsk, a branch of the National Museum of History and Culture. Экспазицыя размяшчаецца ў доме, дзе ў 1898 г. праходзиў Перы з'езд RSDLP.

Wikipedia: Дом-музей І з’езда РСДРП (BE)

39. Парк імя Аляксандра Герасіменкі

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Park named after Alyaksandr Gerasimenki is a park in Minsk, part of the Slyapyanskaya vodnai sistem. Тэрыторыя абмежавана Даўгабродскай строицай, заулкам Казлова и прамысловй зонай.

Wikipedia: Парк імя Аляксандра Герасіменкі (BE)

40. Michajlaŭski Garden Square

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Mikhailovsky Square is a public garden in Minsk, Belarus. It is located between Leningradskaya, Sverdlov, Kirov streets and Mikhailovsky lane on the territory of the Oktyabrsky district of Minsk, near the borders of the Moscow and Leninsky districts.

Wikipedia: Mikhailovsky Square (EN)

41. Lubański palace

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Syadzibna-parkavy complex Prushynskikh — pomnik syadzibna-parkavaga masstatstva XVIII-XIX stagoddzyaў. On the basis of the Minska River, the Svislach and Loshytsa Kalya bygone veski Loshytsa 1st Historical and Cultural Settlement of the Republic.

Wikipedia: Лошыцкі сядзібна-паркавы комплекс (BE)

42. Jakub Kolas

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Jakub Kolas Hanna Zelenko / CC BY-SA 3.0

Pomnik Jakubu Kolasu — pomnik in Minsk, razmeshchany ў цэнтры плошчы Jakub Kolas. Пастаўлены ў 1972 годзе. Аўтары помника — sculptarian Zair Azgur, architects Yuri Gradaў, George Zaborski, Leanid Levin.

Wikipedia: Помнік Якубу Коласу (Мінск) (BE)

43. Тэатр імя Горкага

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The national dramatic theater named after Maxim Gorkaga, as well as Ruski Teatr is a dramatic teatr of the gorada of Minsk, a repertoire of a yakoga syllaetsa consisting of pastanak ruskai and susvetnai classics. All performances go to Ruskai Move.

Wikipedia: Нацыянальны акадэмічны драматычны тэатр імя Максіма Горкага (BE)

44. Žukava Garden Square

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Georgy Kanstantsinavich Zhukava Square is a square in Maskoўskim Raёne Minsk. Have the form of tvokhugolnika, teritoriya abmezhavana streets Chigunachnay, Minina and praezdam pamizh imi. In the square ўстаноўлены bust of G. K. Zhukava.

Wikipedia: Сквер Георгія Канстанцінавіча Жукава (BE)

45. Тэатр юнага гледача

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Беларуски дзяржаўны акадэмичны тэатр юнага гледача — тэатр гора Minska, рэпертоартоир якога сложаеца с пастанак для дзяцей и падлеткаў.

Wikipedia: ТЮГ (Мінск) (BE), Website

46. Цэнтральны музей МУС

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Dom pa vulitsy Garadski Val, 7 — dvuhpavyarkhovy budynak u Minsk, razmeshchany ў глыбині quarter. Pomnik architectury stylyu madern. Пабудаваны ў 1914 годзе з цэглы. Стары адрас — vul. Uritskaga, 6.

Wikipedia: Дом па вуліцы Гарадскі Вал, 7 (BE), Website

47. Царква ў гонар Крупецкага абраза Божай Маці

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The Holy Pakroўskaya tsarkva is a muravany pravaślaўny temple in Goradze Minsk. Pabudavana pavodle praekta architektaraў M. Dzyatko and A. Artsiukhina. Пры temple dzeinichayuts nyadzelnaya school, bratstva ў name of Archangel Michael.

Wikipedia: Свята-Пакроўская царква (Мінск) (BE), Website

48. Царква Серафіма Сароўскага

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The church is dedicated to the grottoes of the Oputa Grottoes, and the Belarusian grotto church is located in the Minsk Orthodox Church. Located on Address Street. Astronauts,. On the 24th, the holy city belonging to Serafin came to Minsk.

Wikipedia: Царква ў гонар вялебных Опцінскіх старцаў (Мінск) (BE)

49. Staroscinskaja slabada Garden Square

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Staroscinskaya Slabada is a square in the Central District of Minsk. Размешчаны ў паркавай зоне ўздоўж ракі Сvisлач within the streets Kamunistychnay, Staražoўskai, perad gascinitsai «Belarus».

Wikipedia: Сквер Старосцінская слабада (BE)

50. Church of Holy Trinity (Church of St. Roch)

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Church of Holy Trinity (Church of St. Roch) Hanna Zelenko / CC BY-SA 4.0

Church of Holy Trinity also known as St. Roch on the Golden Hill is a Roman Catholic church in Minsk. In the 1930s, the church was closed and the valuables removed by the Soviet authorities. Renovation of the church started in 1983.

Wikipedia: Church of Holy Trinity, Minsk (EN), Website, Vk, Facebook, Instagram

51. Victory Monument

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Victory Monument

Manument Peramogi — manument-abelisk on the plot of Peramogi ў stalytsy Belarusi goradze Minsk ў gonar voinaў Savetskai Armii, partizanaў and padpolshchykaў, which zdzeysnili geraichny podzvig u gady Vyalikai Aychynnai vayny.

Wikipedia: Манумент Перамогі (Мінск) (BE)

52. Саборны храм у гонар іконы Усіх тужлівых Радасць

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The temple in the gonar of Abraz Bozhaj Maksi "All Garotni Radasts" is a muravany pravaślaўny temple in Goradze Minsk. Temples are a complex of attractions akhvyar charnobilskaya catastrophe. Nakhodzizza on the street Pritskaga.

Wikipedia: Храм у гонар абраза Божай Маці «Усіх гаротных Радасць» (Мінск) (BE), Website

53. Nagasaki bell

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Zvon Nagasaki — pomnik in Minsk, razmeshchany na ploshchi Nezalezhnaska, nedaleka ad Chervonaga kastsel. Усталяваны ў September 2000 г. как напамин аб ахвярах ядзерных catastrophes.

Wikipedia: Звон Нагасакі (BE)

54. Stones Museum

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Stones Museum Hanna Zelenko / CC BY-SA 4.0

The Museum of Boulders is a park-museum of the stone of Uruchchy. Svorany ў 1985 godze. Not in May analaga va ўsoy Sadruzhnastsі Nezalezhnykh Dzyarzhaў. The Memorial Museum is located only on the territory of Litva.

Wikipedia: Музей валуноў (BE), Website

55. Літаратурны музей Максіма Багдановіча

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Літаратурны музей Максіма Багдановіча Hanna Zelenko / CC BY-SA 3.0

Maksim Bahdanovič Literary Museum is a museum in Minsk, Belarus. It is dedicated to the writer Maksim Bahdanovič (1891–1917). The work of the bibliographer Nina Vatatsy was central to the museum's foundation.

Wikipedia: Maksim Bahdanovič Literary Museum (EN)

56. Michaila Paŭlava Park

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Mikhail Pajlav Park is a park in Maśkoīskim Rayne Minska, between the Malinaika and Paydnёvy Zahad. Тэрыторыя абмежавана vulitsami Lyubimava, Bialeckaga, Kurgannai and Kasmanaўtaў.

Wikipedia: Парк імя Міхаіла Паўлава (BE)

57. Пішчалаўскі замак

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Пішчалаўскі замак

The Minsk Detention Center No. 1 or SIZO No. 1, informally known as Volodarka, Belarusian pronunciation: Valadarka (Валадарка), is the central prison of the Republic of Belarus located in Minsk.

Wikipedia: Pishchalauski Castle (EN)

58. Музычны тэатр

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Музычны тэатр невядомы / Добрасумленнае выкарыстанне

Беларуски дзяржаўны акадэмичны музычны тэатр — тэатр in Minsk, razmeshchany pa Myasnikova street, 44. Adzin from two Belaruskikh muzychnykh тэатраў.

Wikipedia: Беларускі дзяржаўны акадэмічны музычны тэатр (BE), Website

59. Malamiadzviežynski Garden Square

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Malamyadzvezhynski Square is a square in Maskoўskim, Minsk. Тэрыторыя абмежавана streets Kupriyanava, Волаха и жылой застроовай. Ploszcza Square is 8 hectares.

Wikipedia: Маламядзвежынскі сквер (BE)


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