6 Sights in Brest, Belarus (with Map and Images)

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Here you can find interesting sights in Brest, Belarus. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 6 sights are available in Brest, Belarus.

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1. Музей «Спасённые художественные ценности»

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Museum "Vyratavanyya mastatsky kastoўnastsi" is a branch of The Bresccaga ablasnoga of the museum of local lore. Razmyashchaezza ў hystarychnym budynku XX century. pa vul. Lenina, 39. Adkryty 4 Lutaga 1989 g. in The City of Brest as a pastayannaya vystaўka Bresckaga ablasnoga krajaznaўchaga museum, from 01.01.1998 g. iago branch. Adziny ў Belarusi museum, dze ekspanuyuzza works of mastatstvo and pradmety antikvaryat, kanfiskavaniya bresckimi mytnikami pry attempts to illegally vyvazu ich for meat.

Wikipedia: Музей «Выратаваныя мастацкія каштоўнасці» (BE)

2. Место Брестского замка

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Место Брестского замка The Plan was drawn by Erik Dahlbergh (1625–1703) / Public domain

Brest Castle evolved in the course of several centuries from the Slavonic fortified settlement Berestye that had appeared at the turn of the 10th and 11th centuries at the confluence of the Mukhavets River into the Bug River, amid islands, formed by the rivers. It was re-built several times after numerous fires and sieges, was destroyed in the course of construction of the Brest Fortress in the 19th century.

Wikipedia: Brest Castle (Belarus) (EN)

3. Руины Белого дворца (75 орб 6 сб)

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Руины Белого дворца (75 орб 6 сб) НевядомыUnknown author / Public domain

The White House is in Brest Palace, and the former church is the temple. Petra and Paul's monasteries were built in 1629. The "Fortress Brest" system was fortified in the 1840s. The casino officer under the reorganization. In 1918, the original restored temple became the signing place for peace in Breskimoya. It was badly damaged during World War II. Was taken back in the 1950s.

Wikipedia: Белы палац (BE)

4. Фундамент кафедральной Свято-Николаевской церкви

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Фундамент кафедральной Свято-Николаевской церкви Liber visitationum Ecclesiae Cathedralis et Ecclesiarum Capitularium Brestensium, 1759 / Public domain

Nikolayev worships the honor of Father Nicholas Tse of Kolovsk at the priest's office of Yeskip and Berezovsky in Bedalusia Temple. It can be predicted that temples are defensive. Twenty-nine years. Fort Brest was demolished when it was built. There are no reservations from temples to ancient temples.

Wikipedia: Свята-Мікалаеўская царква (Брэст) (BE)

5. Межевой знак

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Mezhavy sign is a sign placed on the tablet of modern vulitsas of Lenin and Gogal, since 1836 pa 1915 gety sign abaznaў myazhu pamzh lands Brestskay krepastsi and horada. Budavats zhylyya ladies dalei mezhavykh slupoў zabaranyaya.

Wikipedia: Межавы знак (Брэст) (BE)

6. Брестский областной краеведческий музей

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The Breszki Ablasny Museum of Local Lore is a museum founded ў 1945 by Goradze Bresce. Adkryty for navedvalnikў 22 lipenya 1957. Zaregistravany 16.04.2001 g. as an institution of culture with modern names.

Wikipedia: Брэсцкі абласны краязнаўчы музей (BE)

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