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Explore interesting sights in Brest, Belarus. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 9 sights are available in Brest, Belarus.

Sightseeing Tours in Brest

1. Музей «Бярэсце»

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Музей «Бярэсце»Christian Ganzer, Hamburg, Germany / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Berestye Archeological Museum, located in the city of Brest, Belarus, is a museum centered around an archaeological site displaying an authentic East Slavic wooden town dating back to the 13th century. Unique in Europe, the 1800 square meter site was excavated by archeologists of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences between 1968 and 1981. The project was supervised by Dr. P. F. Lysenko. In 1982, a modern structure of concrete, glass and aluminum in the shape of a huge pitched roof was erected over the archeological site. The museum was opened on March 2, 1982. The museum displays preserved 28 log cabins, as well over 1400 artifacts dating back to 10th and 14th centuries which were unearthed during the excavation.

Wikipedia: Berestye Archeological Museum (EN)

2. Museum of Confiscated Art

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The Museum "Vyratavaniya masstatskiya kastonasci" is a branch of the Brescaga Ablasnoga Regional Museum. Размяшчаецца ў гистарычным будынку XX century. PA street st. Lenina, 39. Адкрыты February 4, 1989 in Brest as a pastayannaya vystayka Brescaga ablasnoga krayaznaychaga museum, from 01.01.1998 g. iago branch. Adziny ў Belarusi Museum, dze expanujuzza works of mastatstva and pradmety antikvariyatu, kanfiskavaniya brestskimi mytnikami prы attempt to illegally vyvazu them for myazhu.

Wikipedia: Музей «Выратаваныя мастацкія каштоўнасці» (BE), Website

3. ruins of the White Palace

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ruins of the White Palace

The Bela Palace is a palace in Brec, the former king of St. Пятра и Паўла манастыра базылянаў занаваная ў 1629 годзе. Padchasa budaўnitstva systemy ўмацаванў «Брэсцкая крэпасць» in the 1840s. Перабудаваны пад афицэрскае казино. In 1918 the church was perabudavany staў mestsam padpisannya Bresckaga mira. Motsna pharmzhany padchasa Drugoy susvetnai vayny. Разабраны ў 1950-с.

Wikipedia: Белы палац (BE)

4. Месца Брэсцкага замка

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Месца Брэсцкага замка

Brest Castle evolved in the course of several centuries from the Slavonic fortified settlement Berestye that had appeared at the turn of the 10th and 11th centuries at the confluence of the Mukhavets River into the Bug River, amid islands, formed by the rivers. It was re-built several times after numerous fires and sieges, was destroyed in the course of construction of the Brest Fortress in the 19th century.

Wikipedia: Brest Castle (Belarus) (EN)

5. Millennium Monument

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Brest Millennium Monument (2009) - was designed by the Belarusian architect Alexei Andreyuk and sculptor Alexei Pavluchuk to commemorate the millennium of Brest, Belarus. It was erected in 2009 at the intersection of Sovietskaya Street and Gogol Street in Brest. The project was financed by the state budget and public donations.

Wikipedia: Millennium Monument of Brest (EN)

6. Падмурак кафедральным Свята-Мікалаеўскай царквы

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Падмурак кафедральным Свята-Мікалаеўскай царквы

Carkvá Svяtóga Mіkaláя ў Bérascі — kafedralьnы hram epіskapa Uladzіmіrskaga і Berasceйskaga, asvečanы ў gonar svяcіcelя Mіkalaя Cudatvorca. Myarkuecca, which temple administers to abaronchaga typu. In the 19th century. It's been revealed before The Bridesmaids. The ad of the temple is not praised.

Wikipedia: Свята-Мікалаеўская царква (Брэст) (BE)

7. Межавы знак

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Mezhavy znak — znak, razmeshchany na skryzhavani modern streets of Lenina and Gogal, from 1836 to 1915 гэты знак абазначаў мяжу памеж земми Брэцкай крэпасци и горада. Будаваць жылыя даы далей межавых слупоў забараняла.

Wikipedia: Межавы знак (Брэст) (BE)

8. Форт I

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Fort I — Fort Бэсцка крэпасці, пабудаваны ў 1879—1880 гах падчат стварэння першага кальца фартоў. Znochodzitsca prыkladna for 5 km of poўнач ад Брэсцка крэпасці, кая вёскі Казловічы.

Wikipedia: Форт I (Брэсцкая крэпасць) (BE)

9. St. Nicholas Garrison Cathedral

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World-Мікалаеўскі сабор — праваслаўны temple на тэрыторыі Брэсцkay крэпасці. Помнік архітэктуры руска-візантыйскага стылю.

Wikipedia: Свята-Мікалаеўскі сабор (Брэст) (BE), Website


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