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Explore interesting sights in Richmond, Australia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 13 sights are available in Richmond, Australia.

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1. Old Melbourne Gaol

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Old Melbourne GaolCharlie Brewer from Sydney, Australia / CC BY-SA 2.0

The Old Melbourne Gaol is a former jail and current museum on Russell Street, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It consists of a bluestone building and courtyard, and is located next to the old City Police Watch House and City Courts buildings, and opposite the Russell Street Police Headquarters. It was first constructed starting in 1839, and during its operation as a prison between 1845 and 1924, it held and executed some of Australia's most notorious criminals, including bushranger Ned Kelly and serial killer Frederick Bailey Deeming. In total, 133 people were executed by hanging. Though it was used briefly during World War II, it formally ceased operating as a prison in 1924; with parts of the jail being incorporated into the RMIT University, and the rest becoming a museum.

Wikipedia: Old Melbourne Gaol (EN), Website, Website

2. Treasury Gardens

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The Treasury Gardens consist of 5.8 hectares on the south-eastern side of the Melbourne central business district, East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The gardens are bounded by Wellington Parade, Spring Street, Treasury Place, and by the Fitzroy Gardens across Lansdowne street to the west. They form part of a network of city gardens including Fitzroy Gardens, Carlton Gardens, Flagstaff Gardens and Kings Domain. The gardens are listed on the Victorian Heritage Register for their historical, archaeological, social, "aesthetic and scientific (horticultural) importance for its outstanding nineteenth century design, path layout and planting".

Wikipedia: Treasury Gardens (EN)

3. Princess Theatre

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Princess Theatre Mat Connolley (Matnkat) / CC BY 2.5

The Princess Theatre, originally Princess's Theatre, is a 1452-seat theatre in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Established in 1854 and rebuilt in 1886 to a design by noted Melbourne architect William Pitt, it is the oldest surviving entertainment site on mainland Australia. Built in an elaborate Second Empire style, it reflects the opulence of the "Marvellous Melbourne" boom period, and had a number of innovative features, including state of the art electric stage lighting and the world's first sliding ceiling, which was rolled back on warm nights to give the effect of an open-air theatre.

Wikipedia: Princess Theatre (Melbourne) (EN)

4. Cooks' Cottage

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Cooks' Cottage, previously known as Captain Cook's Cottage, is located in the Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, Australia. The cottage was constructed in 1755 in the English village of Great Ayton, North Yorkshire, by the parents of Captain James Cook, James and Grace Cook, and was brought to Melbourne in 1934 by Sir Russell Grimwade. It is a point of conjecture among historians whether James Cook, the famous navigator, ever lived in the house, but almost certainly he visited his parents at the house.

Wikipedia: Cooks' Cottage (EN)

5. Saint Michaels Uniting Church

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Saint Michaels Uniting Church DPC9010 / CC BY 2.0

St Michael's Uniting Church is a church in Collins Street in central Melbourne, Australia. Originally the Collins Street Independent Church, a Congregational Union of Australia Church, and later Collins Street Uniting Church, St Michael's has become well known as a centre of liberal theology and political radicalism under its recent Executive Minister Dr Francis Macnab (1971–2016).

Wikipedia: St Michael's Uniting Church, Melbourne (EN), Website

6. Melbourne Town Hall

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Melbourne Town Hall a.canvas.of.light / CC BY 2.5

Melbourne Town Hall is located in the Melbourne central business district, Victoria, Australia. Completed in 1887, it located on the northeast corner of the intersection between Swanston and Collins Streets, it is the seat of the local municipality of the City of Melbourne, and has been used for multiple purposes such as concerts, theatrical plays and exhibitions.

Wikipedia: Melbourne Town Hall (EN), Website

7. Scots Church

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Scots Church

The Scots' Church is a Presbyterian church in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It was the first Presbyterian church to be built in the Port Phillip District and is located on Collins Street. It is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Australia and has been described as "an icon for well over a hundred years".

Wikipedia: Scots' Church, Melbourne (EN), Website

8. Fitzroy Gardens

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Fitzroy Gardens The original uploader was Tirin at English Wikipedia. / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Fitzroy Gardens are 26 hectares located on the southeastern edge of the Melbourne central business district in East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The gardens are bounded by Clarendon Street, Albert Street, Lansdowne Street, and Wellington Parade with the Treasury Gardens across Lansdowne street to the west.

Wikipedia: Fitzroy Gardens (EN)

9. Melbourne City Baths

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The City Baths, located at 420 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, opened in 1904 as public baths, with swimming pools and bathing facilities. Extensively renovated in the early 1980s, it is now considered one of Melbourne's most architecturally and historically significant buildings.

Wikipedia: City Baths, Melbourne (EN)

10. St Ignatius' Church

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St Ignatius' Church, Richmond is a Catholic Church located in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond, Victoria, Australia. It is one of the largest churches in Melbourne outside of the central business district. It is located in a prominent position, the highest point in Richmond, on Church Street.

Wikipedia: St Ignatius' Church, Richmond (EN), Website

11. Austral House

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The Austral Building is a broadly English Queen Anne revival building located at 115-119 Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia. It was designed by noted Melbourne architect, Nahum Barnet, built in 1890, and housed noted literary and artistic tenants until well into the 20th century.

Wikipedia: Austral Building (EN)

12. Collins Street Baptist Church

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Collins Street Baptist Church is a Baptist church in central Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is affiliated with the Australian Baptist Ministries. Founded in 1843, it is the oldest Baptist church in Victoria and the oldest continuous Baptist church in Australia.

Wikipedia: Collins Street Baptist Church (EN), Website

13. Saint Patricks Cathedral

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The Cathedral Church and Minor Basilica of Saint Patrick is the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia, and seat of its archbishop, currently Peter Comensoli.

Wikipedia: St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne (EN)


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