12 Sights in Perth, Australia (with Map and Images)

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Explore interesting sights in Perth, Australia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 12 sights are available in Perth, Australia.

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1. Perth Concert Hall

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Perth Concert Hall Gnangarra / CC BY 2.5 au

The Perth Concert Hall is a concert hall located in Perth, the capital of the Australian state of Western Australia. Owned by the City of Perth, the hall is the main venue of the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, and also hosts a number of other events and performances. The building itself is located in Perth's central business district, adjacent to the Supreme Court Gardens and Government House. The building has two façades: facing north over St Georges Terrace, and facing south over the Swan River.

Wikipedia: Perth Concert Hall (Western Australia) (EN)

2. Council House

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Council House Flickr user Lachlan Hardy / CC BY 2.0

Council House is a 13-storey office building on St Georges Terrace in Perth, Western Australia. Located beside Stirling Gardens and Government House in the city's central business district, the 49.8-metre (163 ft) building was designed by Howlett and Bailey Architects and opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1963, after Perth hosted the 1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games. For most of its history, it has served as the headquarters for the City of Perth.

Wikipedia: Council House, Perth (EN)

3. Eliza Statue

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Eliza is a bronze sculpture located in Matilda Bay on the Swan River in Western Australia. The sculpture and plinth are mounted on a steel pylon 15 metres (49 ft) off the shoreline and depicts a woman about to dive off a wooden platform. It commemorates the old Crawley Baths which were a prominent Perth landmark during the early to mid 20th century. The sculpture is 2.2 metres high. The artwork has its own lighting from solar panels.

Wikipedia: Eliza (sculpture) (EN)

4. Edith Dircksey Cowan Memorial

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Edith Dircksey Cowan Memorial

The Edith Dircksey Cowan Memorial, formerly known as the Edith Cowan Memorial Clock, is a clock tower at the entrance to Kings Park in Perth, Western Australia. It was built in 1934 as a memorial to Edith Cowan, the first female member of any Australian parliament. It was unveiled on 9 June 1934 and is the first civic monument erected in Australia to honour an Australian woman.

Wikipedia: Edith Dircksey Cowan Memorial (EN)

5. Queens Gardens

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Queens Gardens User:Moondyne / CC BY-SA 3.0

Queens Gardens, Perth, is a 3.3-hectare (8.2-acre) park on a former brickworks and clay pit site in the eastern end of the Perth central business district. The park is bounded by Hay Street to the south, Plain Street to the west, Nelson Crescent to the north, and Hale Street to the east, which separates it from the WACA Ground.

Wikipedia: Queens Gardens, Perth (EN)

6. Langley Park

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Langley Park is an open space in the central business district of Perth, Western Australia. Running alongside Riverside Drive, it is grassed, rectangular in shape and has dimensions 900 x 100 m. It was created by reclaiming land from the adjacent Swan River between 1921 and 1935, to provide open space near the city.

Wikipedia: Langley Park, Perth (EN)

7. Saint Mary's Cathedral

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Saint Mary's CathedralMartybugs (talk) (Martin Pot) / CC BY-SA 3.0

St Mary's Cathedral, Perth, officially the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Perth, and seat of its Archbishop, currently Timothy Costelloe.

Wikipedia: St Mary's Cathedral, Perth (EN), Website

8. Government House

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Government House is the official residence of the governor of Western Australia, situated in the central business district of Perth, the state capital. It was built between 1859 and 1864, in the Jacobean Revival style.

Wikipedia: Government House, Perth (EN)

9. Supreme Court Gardens

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Supreme Court Gardens

Supreme Court Gardens is a park in the central business district of Perth, Western Australia, bounded by Riverside Drive, Barrack Street, Governors Avenue, and the buildings of the Supreme Court of Western Australia.

Wikipedia: Supreme Court Gardens (EN)

10. Trinity Church

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Trinity Church is one of the oldest church buildings in the City of Perth, and one of the few remaining 19th-century colonial buildings in the city. It is located at 72 St Georges Terrace in Perth, Western Australia.

Wikipedia: Trinity Church, Perth (EN), Website

11. Saint George's Cathedral

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St George's Cathedral is the principal Anglican church in the city of Perth, Western Australia, and the mother-church of the Anglican Diocese of Perth. It is located on St Georges Terrace in the centre of the city.

Wikipedia: St George's Cathedral, Perth (EN), Website

12. Lawson Apartments

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Lawson Apartments are located at 2–4 Sherwood Court near the corner with The Esplanade, in Perth, Western Australia. They are situated across the road from the Esplanade Reserve and adjacent to the Weld Club.

Wikipedia: Lawson Apartments (EN)


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