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Explore interesting sights in Shkodër, Albania. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 7 sights are available in Shkodër, Albania.

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1. Hamami i Shkodrës

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Shkodër, historically known as Scodra or Scutari, is the fifth-most-populous city of the Republic of Albania and the seat of Shkodër County and Shkodër Municipality. Shkodra has been continuously inhabited since the Early Bronze Age, and it has roughly 2,200 years of recorded history. The city sprawls across the Plain of Mbishkodra between the southern part of Lake Shkodër and the foothills of the Albanian Alps on the banks of Buna, Drin and Kir. Due to its proximity to the Adriatic Sea, Shkodër is affected by a seasonal Mediterranean climate with continental influences.

Wikipedia: Shkodër (EN)

2. Deshmoret e 2 Prillit

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Deshmoret e 2 Prillit

Protests against the dictatorial regime of Enverist communists on April 2, 1991, killed four young students in the center of Shkodra. The announcement of protests across Albania reached the peak in the north capital, from where the resistance of students and local population was openly demonstrated to overthrow the regime. The murder of young people mourned not only Shkodra, but all Albania, after being taken four innocent lives, four youth lives, Arben Broci, Bujar Bishanaku, Nazmi Kryeziu and Besnik Ceka, who became martyrs of democracy to lead the nation's honor.

Wikipedia: Dëshmorët e Demokracisë (SQ)

3. Heronjtë e Vigut

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Heronjtë e Vigut

The monument of "5 Heroes of Vigu" in memory of the heroes of the people Ahmet Haxhia, Naim Julbegu, Ndoc Mazi, Hydajet Lezha and Ndoc Deda, with a high base of about four meters and the figure about six meters washed in bronze, stood for years in one of the squares of the city center of Shkodra, surrounded by the buildings of Radio Shkodra, The Theatre of The City and the Hotel Tourism "Rozafa". Now the monument is located near the "Cemetery of The Martyrs" of Saranda. The monument "5 Heroes of Vig" was built by sculptor Shaban Hader.

Wikipedia: 5 Heronjtë e Vigut (SQ)

4. Historic Museum of Shkodër

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The Museum of History of Shkodra has started to be organized in 1947, but took full form in 1949. He was placed in the city centre, in a monumental building of the 19th century, whose values he added to the "Clock Tower" attached to him. The museum was originally established on the basis of the collections of the old 19th and 19th-century 19th century, as well as from collections of Shkodran families. They then came to be added through donations, purchases, occasional finds and archaeological excavations.

Wikipedia: Muzeu Historik i Shkodrës (SQ)

5. Castle of Rozafa

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Rozafa Castle, also known as the Shkodër Castle is a castle near the city of Shkodër, in northwestern Albania. It rises imposingly on a rocky hill, 130 metres (430 ft) above sea level, surrounded by the Buna and Drin rivers. Shkodër is the seat of Shkodër County, and is one of Albania's oldest and most historic towns, as well as an important cultural and economic centre. Originally an Illyrian fortification, its remains are mostly of Venetian construction.

Wikipedia: Rozafa Castle (EN), Url

6. Prenk Cali Monument

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Prenk Cali Monument

Prek Cali was an Albanian bajraktar ("standard-bearer") of Vermosh, part of the Kelmendi tribe of northern Albania. He was a veteran of the Albanian rebellions and the Balkan Wars. He was killed in 1945 by the Partisans.

Wikipedia: Prek Cali (EN)

7. Pashko Vasa Museum

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Pashko Vasa Museum

Pashko Vasa, known as Vaso Pasha or Wassa Pasha, was an Albanian writer, poet and publicist of the Albanian National Awakening, and Ottoman mutasarrif of Mount Lebanon Mutasarrifate from 1882 until his death.

Wikipedia: Pashko Vasa (EN)


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