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Here you can find an overview of free self-guided walking sightseeing tours in Kowloon, China. Click on a marker on the map to get started and view details about the tour. Underneath is an overview of the sightseeing tours with the names of the sights per tour. A total of 3 tours are available in Kowloon, China.

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Tour 1

Number of sights9 sights
Distance 11.5 km
Ascend 276 m
Descend 297 m

  • 志蓮淨苑 Chi Lin Nunnery
  • 鳳德公園 Fung Tak Park
  • 嗇色園黃大仙祠
  • 聖公會聖十架堂 Sheng Kung Hui Calvary Church
  • 黃大仙文化公園 Wong Tai Sin Cultural Garden
  • 宋王臺花園 Sung Wong Toi Garden
  • 石硤尾公園 Shek Kip Mei Park
  • 南昌公園 Nam Cheong Park
  • 樂群街公園 Lok Kwan Street Park
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Tour 2

Number of sights10 sights
Distance 14.4 km
Ascend 915 m
Descend 717 m

  • 環球貿易廣場 International Commerce Centre
  • 天際100 Sky100
  • 廟街 Temple Street
  • 九龍公園 Kowloon Park
  • 中山紀念公園 Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park
  • 聖安多尼堂 Igreja de Santo António
  • 西區公眾貨物裝卸區 Western District Public Cargo Working Area
  • 卑路乍灣公園 Belcher Bay Park
  • 堅尼地城臨時遊樂場 Kennedy Town Temporary Recreation Ground
  • 維多利亞城界碑
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Tour 3

Number of sights5 sights
Distance 8.5 km
Ascend 257 m
Descend 266 m

  • 廟街夜市 Temple Street Night Market
  • 觀音廟 Kwun Yam Temple
  • 老龍坑山 Lo Lung Hang Hill
  • 採石山 Quarry Hill
  • 零碳天地 Zero Carbon Building
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Why Visit Sights? Self-guided sightseeing tours are a free and safe alternative to bus tours. You can explore Kowloon at your own pace, any time! Also you are doing something good for your health by walking.