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Number of sights 6 sights
Distance 3.9 km
Ascend 21 m
Descend 17 m

Your chosen free self-guided walking sightseeing tour is located in Sluck, Belarus. The map shows the route of the tour. Below is a list of attractions including their details.

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Sight 1: Учебный корпус Слуцкого духовного училища

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Учебный корпус Слуцкого духовного училища Samir Juchnin / Public domain

The Slutsk Theological School is an educational institution that existed in Slutsk from the 18th to the beginning of the 20th century. Belonged to the Minsk Spiritual Consistory. Monument of the 19th century architecture, representing the era of late classicism.

Wikipedia (RU)

arrow down foot steps 697 meters / 8 minutes

Sight 2: Бывшее Слуцкое коммерческое училище

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Бывшее Слуцкое коммерческое училище Samir Juchnin / Public domain

Slutsk Business School is a private educational institution that has existed in Slutsk since the early 20th century and is an architectural monument.

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arrow down foot steps 386 meters / 5 minutes

Sight 3: Здание бывшего дворянского собрания

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Budynak dvianskaga east — budynak in horadze Slutsk minskay voblastsi, razmeshchany pa adrase st. Lenin, 171. Zaneseny ў Dziarzhaўны spis historika-cultural chestnoқnascey Respublika Belarus as ab'ect historika-culturaly inheritance respublikanaga value. In the building of the zahadzizza Slutsky local history museum.

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arrow down foot steps 10 meters / 0 minutes

Sight 4: Слуцкий краеведческий музей

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Slutsky Local History Museum is a museum in Goradze Slutsk, which are dedicated to the historia and cultures of Slutska and Slutskaga Raen. Mayachy ў fondze bolsh for 27 thysyach expanataў, kolkasts yakh shtogad usrastae, museum of kalya ladzitsy 40 statsiyanarnyh and perasoўныh vystavak and bolsh for 700 excursions per hour.

Wikipedia (BE), Website

arrow down foot steps 1081 meters / 13 minutes

Sight 5: Слуцкая гимназия

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Slutsk No.1 Gymnasium is the oldest school in Belarus, located in Slutsk. Its founder was Prince Janusz Radziville.

Wikipedia (RU)

arrow down foot steps 1699 meters / 20 minutes

Sight 6: Свято-Михайловский Собор

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The stone tablet of St. Mikhailov Church is a wooden doctrine of the Belarusian team in the second half of the eighteenth century. It is located along the edge of a volcano. Maxim Bogdanovic, 88.

Wikipedia (BE)

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