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1. Wilbur D. Mills Court Building

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The Searcy Municipal Courthouse, formerly the Searcy Post Office is a historic government building at Gum and Arch Streets in downtown Searcy, Arkansas. It is a two-story brick building with Renaissance Revival styling. The central bays of its main facade are articulated by paneled pilasters of the Corinthian order, with large two-story windows flanking a two-story entrance, all set in recessed segmented-arch openings. The shallow hipped roof has elongated eaves with large brackets. The building was designed by Oscar Wenderoth and built in 1914, and is the only high-style Renaissance Revival building in White County.

Wikipedia: Searcy Municipal Courthouse (EN), Heritage Website

2. Searcy Confederate Monument

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The Searcy Confederate Monument stands on the grounds of the White County Courthouse, near the corner of West Arch Avenue and Spring Streets, in Searcy, Arkansas. It is a marble statue, depicting a Confederate Army soldier, standing at rest with his rifle resting on the ground. The statue is about 6 feet (1.8 m) in height, and is mounted on a granite base that is 16 feet (4.9 m) tall and 6 feet (1.8 m) square. The base is inscribed in commemoration of White County's soldiers who served in the Confederate Army. The statue was placed in 1917; it was funded through a public fund-raising campaign.

Wikipedia: Searcy Confederate Monument (EN), Heritage Website

3. Jesse N. Cypert Law Office

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The Jesse N. Cypert Law Office is a historic commercial building at 104 East Race Street in Searcy, Arkansas. It is a vernacular single-story brick structure, sharing party walls with its neighbors. The front facade is divided into bays by corbelled brickwork, with a double door in the central bay on the first floor, and windows in the flanking bays. Above these are separately-articulated bays housing vents, and there is a simple brick cornice at the top. Built c. 1880, this building is a well-preserved local example of the vernacular commercial architecture of the period.

Wikipedia: Jesse N. Cypert Law Office (EN), Heritage Website

4. Cumberland Presbyterian Church

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The Cumberland Presbyterian Church is a historic church at the junction of Race and Spring Streets in Searcy, Arkansas. It is a single-story buff brick Romanesque Revival structure, with a cross-gable roof configuration and a square tower at the right front corner. The tower houses the main entrance in a pointed-arch recess, and has a louvered belfry at the second level below the pyramidal roof. The church was built in 1903 for a congregation organized in 1824, and is a fine example of Romanesque and Classical Revival architecture.

Wikipedia: Cumberland Presbyterian Church (Searcy, Arkansas) (EN), Heritage Website

5. First United Methodist Church

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First United Methodist Church is a historic church at the junction of Main and Market Streets in Searcy, Arkansas, United States. It is a large single-story brick structure, with a front-facing gable and square tower projecting from the front. It has English Gothic massing with Late Victorian decorative elements, including buttressing, lancet-arch stained-glass windows, and a main entrance with a stained-glass lancet transom. The church was built in 1872, and is the only example of English Gothic architecture in White County.

Wikipedia: First United Methodist Church (Searcy, Arkansas) (EN), Heritage Website

6. American Legion Hall

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The American Legion Hall is a historic social meeting hall at Race and Spruce Streets in the center of Searcy, Arkansas. It is a single-story structure, built out of native fieldstone in 1939 with funding support from the Works Progress Administration (WPA). Its main block has a side-facing gable roof, with a projecting flat-roof section in which the entrance is recessed under a rounded archway. The building is typical of rustic-styled buildings constructed by the WPA and other jobs programs of the Great Depression.

Wikipedia: American Legion Hall (Searcy, Arkansas) (EN), Heritage Website

7. Trinity Episcopal Church

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Trinity Episcopal Church is a historic church at the junction of North Elm and Market Streets in Searcy, Arkansas. It is a single story brick building, built in the English parish church style in 1902, and is joined by a small connector to a 1935 parish house of similar construction. It is the only church of this style in White County. Its main facade has buttressed corners, and a large lancet-arched window at the center, with the main entrance set recessed in a projecting gabled section to its left.

Wikipedia: Trinity Episcopal Church (Searcy, Arkansas) (EN), Heritage Website

8. Bell House

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The Bell House is a historic house at 302 West Woodruff Avenue in Searcy, Arkansas. It is a single-story brick structure, with an irregular roofline. A porch, headed by a side gable entrance projects to the right, continuing across the front to meet a small front-gable projecting in front of a higher front-facing gable roof. The porch is supported by high brick piers topped by short wooden posts. Built in 1915, it is a fine local example of Craftsman architecture.

Wikipedia: Bell House (Searcy, Arkansas) (EN), Heritage Website

9. Mayfair Hotel

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The Mayfair Hotel is a historic building at Spring and Center Streets in Searcy, Arkansas. It is an L-shaped two story brick building, with Spanish Revival styling. It has a hip roof with stepped wall dormers and exposed rafter ends in the eaves, and a corner tower with a similar stepped parapet. Built in 1924, it is the only historically non-residential Spanish Revival building in White County. It has been converted into a multiunit apartment house.

Wikipedia: Mayfair Hotel (Searcy, Arkansas) (EN), Heritage Website


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