8 Sights in Dubuque, United States (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Dubuque, United States. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 8 sights are available in Dubuque, United States.

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1. Old Main Street Historic District

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Old Main Street Historic District is a nationally recognized historic district located in Dubuque, Iowa, United States. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. At the time of its nomination it consisted of 33 resources, which included 30 contributing buildings and three non-contributing buildings. In 2015 the boundaries were increased to include five more buildings. Four of the buildings are contributing properties that were excluded from the original district because they were slated to be torn down as a part of the expansion of U. S. Route 61. While the highway was built the buildings were spared. The fifth building is non-contributing as are three structures.

Wikipedia: Old Main Historic District (EN)

2. National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium

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The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium is a museum located in Dubuque, Iowa, USA. The museum is a property of the Dubuque County Historical Society, which also operates the Mathias Ham Historic Site. The museum has two buildings on its riverfront campus: the Mississippi River Center and the National River Center. The museum originally opened as the Fred W. Woodward Riverboat Museum on July 18, 1982 before being expanded and re-organized into its current form.

Wikipedia: National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium (EN)

3. Dubuque City Hall

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Dubuque City Hall is located in Dubuque, Iowa, United States. The building was designed by J. N. Moody after Faneuil Hall in Boston and the Fulton Street Market in New York City. Dubuque architect John F. Rague served as the supervising architect during construction. Following a Medieval tradition, the city market was located on the first floor, municipal offices were located on the second floor, and a ballroom for civic events was located on the third floor.

Wikipedia: Dubuque City Hall (EN)

4. William M. Black

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William M. Black is a steam-propelled, sidewheel dustpan dredge, named for William Murray Black, now serving as a museum ship in the harbor of Dubuque, Iowa. Built in 1934, she is one of a small number of surviving steam-powered dredges, and one of four surviving United States Army Corps of Engineers dredges. She was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1992. She is open for tours as part of the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium.

Wikipedia: William M. Black (dredge) (EN)

5. Fenelon Place Elevator

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The Fenelon Place Elevator is a 3 ft narrow gauge funicular railway located in Dubuque, Iowa. Also known as the Fourth Street Elevator, it is claimed to be the shortest and steepest railroad in the world. It was individually listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. It was included as a contributing property in the Cathedral Historic District in 1985, and in the Fenelon Place Residential Historic District in 2015.

Wikipedia: Fenelon Place Elevator (EN)

6. Dubuque Shot Tower

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Dubuque Shot Tower Self-created photograph by Jonathunder / GFDL

The Shot Tower located in Dubuque, Iowa, is one of the last remaining shot towers in the United States. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and remains a recognized symbol of the city. At its location near the Mississippi River, the Tower can be seen from the riverwalk and is currently undergoing extensive renovations. It stands 120 feet 5 inches (36.70 m) tall.

Wikipedia: Shot Tower (Dubuque) (EN)

7. Washington Park

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Washington Park is a small public, urban park located in Downtown Dubuque, Iowa, United States. The park encompasses an entire city block, bordered on the north by West 7th Street, on the west by Bluff Street, on the south by West 6th Street, and on the east by Locust Street. The park is located between the city's post office and the Dubuque Museum of Art.

Wikipedia: Washington Park (Dubuque, Iowa) (EN)

8. Five Flags Center

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Five Flags Center is a multi-purpose facility in downtown Dubuque, Iowa. It is named for the five flags that have flown over Dubuque; the Fleur de Lis of France (1673–1763), the Royal Flag of Spain (1763–1803), the Union Jack of Great Britain, the French Republic Flag of Napoleon (1803) & America's Stars and Stripes (1803–Present).

Wikipedia: Five Flags Center (EN)

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