6 Sights in Kherson, Ukraine (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Kherson, Ukraine. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 6 sights are available in Kherson, Ukraine.

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1. Tank T-34

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Tank T-34 Own work / CC BY-SA 3.0

The T-34 is a Soviet medium tank introduced in 1940. When introduced, its 76. 2 mm (3 in) tank gun was more powerful than its contemporaries, and its 60-degree sloped armour provided good protection against anti-tank weapons. The Christie suspension was inherited from the design of the American J. Walter Christie's M1928 tank, versions of which were sold turretless to the Red Army and documented as "farm tractors" after they had been rejected by the U. S. Army. The T-34 had a profound effect on the conflict on the Eastern Front in the Second World War, and had a long lasting impact on tank design. After the Germans encountered the tank in 1941 during Operation Barbarossa, German General, Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist, called it "the finest tank in the world" and Heinz Guderian affirmed the T-34's "vast superiority" over German tanks. Alfred Jodl, chief of operations staff of the German armed forces, noted in his war diary that "the surprise at this new and thus unknown wunder-armament being unleashed against the German assault divisions," although its armour and armament were surpassed later in the war.

Wikipedia: T-34 (EN)

2. М-30

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The 122 mm howitzer M1938 (M-30) was a Soviet 121.92 mm (4.8 inch) howitzer. The weapon was developed by the design bureau of Motovilikha Plants, headed by F. F. Petrov, in the late 1930s, and was in production from 1939 to 1955. The M-30 saw action in World War II, mainly as a divisional artillery piece of the Red Army (RKKA). Captured guns were also employed later in the conflict by the German Wehrmacht and the Finnish Army. Post World War II the M-30 saw combat in numerous conflicts of the mid- to late twentieth century in service of other countries' armies, notably in the Middle East.

Wikipedia: 122 mm howitzer M1938 (M-30) (EN)

3. Катерининський собор

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The Cathedral of St. Catherine is a religious building belonging to the Orthodox faith which is situated within the fortress of Kherson, Ukraine. It was built in 1781–1786, one of the earliest churches in New Russia. It is a domed sandstone structure with a Tuscan portico and heavily rusticated walls. The church was dedicated to Catherine of Alexandria, the patron saint of the reigning empress.

Wikipedia: St. Catherine's Cathedral, Kherson (EN)

4. Petersburg gate

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The north gate (gate) of Hesson is part of the Hesson fortifications, built in 1783, five years after the city was founded, as part of the Hesson Fortress complex. Landmarks with protection number 719 of national significance buildings, completely. The gate is exactly the same as the eye mask door.

Wikipedia: Північна брама Херсонської фортеці (Херсон) (UK)

5. Херсонський обласний академічний музично-драматичний театр ім. М. Куліша

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Mykola Kulish, Kherson Regional Academic Music and Drama Theater-Regional Academic Music and Drama Theater, one of the largest theaters of southern Ukraine, the main theatrical stage of Kherson region. Located in a specially erected functional building in the center of Kherson at: ul. Theater, 7.

Wikipedia: Херсонський обласний академічний музично-драматичний театр імені Миколи Куліша (UK)

6. Ochakov gate

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Herson's Eye Gate (Gate) is part of Herson's fortifications, built in 1783, five years after the city was founded, as part of the Herson Fortress complex. Landmarks of buildings of national significance. This gate is the same as the entrance of another Herson Fortress in Moscow Gate.

Wikipedia: Очаківська брама (Херсон) (UK)


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