5 Sights in Kerch, Ukraine (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Kerch, Ukraine. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 5 sights are available in Kerch, Ukraine.

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1. Lapidary

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The Lapidarium is a lapidarium in Kerch, Crimea. It has a collection of samples of ancient art, containing items found during the excavation of the ancient Bosporan kingdom and other finds discovered on the territory of the Kerch peninsula. It occupies one of leading places among the repositories of classical epigraphic monuments in the world. Lapidarium are stored in the Kerch Bosporan Greek inscriptions made in stone, sculpture and architectural details, samples, gebraistskih and Turkish gravestones.

Wikipedia: Lapidarium, Kerch (EN)

2. Войкову П. Л.

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Pyotr Lazarevich Voykov was a Ukrainian Bolshevik revolutionary and Soviet diplomat known as one of the participants in the decision to execute the former Russian Emperor Nicholas II and his family members. Minister Plenipotentiary of the Soviet Union to the Polish Republic (1924–1927), he was assassinated in Warsaw by a White émigré. The use of Voykov's name in toponymy in modern Russia has been a cause of notable controversy.

Wikipedia: Pyotr Voykov (EN)

3. Царский Курган

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The Royal Kurgan or Tsarskiy Kurgan from the 4th century BC, is one of the most impressive tumuli (kurgans) of the eastern Crimea. The burial barrow is located in the present-day Kerch, which developed out of the ancient Greek town Panticapaeum (Παντικάπαιον) founded by Miletus.

Wikipedia: Royal Kurgan (EN)

4. Крепость Керчь

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Kerch Fortress is a fortress in eastern Crimea, located on Cape Ak-Burun at the narrowest point of the Kerch Strait. Built in the 19th century, the fortress was originally intended to protect the southern border of the Russian Empire.

Wikipedia: Kerch (fortress) (EN), Website

5. Yenikalsky Lighthouse

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The Yeni Kale Lighthouse is an active lighthouse on Cape Fonar near Yeni-Kale fortress in eastern Crimea on the shore of Kerch Strait. Navigation cressets on this coast were first mentioned in the Periplus of Scylax, dated 350 BC.

Wikipedia: Yeni Kale Lighthouse (EN)


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