6 Sights in Lugang Township, Taiwan (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Lugang Township, Taiwan. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 6 sights are available in Lugang Township, Taiwan.

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1. 鳳山寺

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Lugang Fengshan Temple, Fengshan Temple, also known as Lugang Dexing Street, is located in Lugang Town, Changhua County, Taiwan Province. It is a temple dedicated to King Guangze. It was announced as a historic site on October 25,2000. After the Wanchun Palace was demolished because of the construction of Lugang Hall, the statue in the temple was sent to Fengshan Temple, now enshrined in the left wing; the left wing was the Lugang North Club "Jade Ruyi" site. In the early morning of August 24,2016, the building was damaged by Zhu Rong. The restoration project began on 22 February 2020 and is expected to be completed in 2022.

Wikipedia: 鹿港鳳山寺 (ZH)

2. 鹿港城隍廟

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Lugang City God Temple is located in Lugang Town, Changhua County, Taiwan Province, is a folk worship city god temple, formerly known as the Ao Baoting Palace, is the only he harbor temple on the "Lugang no Tianjie", announced on November 25,1985 for the county historic site. The city god consecrated in the temple is from Fujian Shishi City God Temple division, and Shishi City God Temple is from Yongning City God Temple division. Because Yongning City God was conferred the title of "Zhongyou Hou" in the early Ming Dynasty, Lugang City God Temple used this title, which is different from the general common title of city God.

Wikipedia: 鹿港城隍廟 (ZH)

3. 南靖宮

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Lukang Nanjing Palace is a county-designated monument located in Lugang Township, Changhua County, Taiwan, announced on July 14, 2000. The temple is one of the three crowd temples in Lugang, which were enshrined by immigrants from Nanjing County, Zhangzhou Prefecture, Fujian Province, and the other two crowd temples were the Xing'an Palace built by Xinghua immigrants from Xinghua Prefecture in Fujian Province and the Sanshan King Temple built by the Hakka people in Chaozhou Prefecture, Guangdong.

Wikipedia: 鹿港南靖宮 (ZH)

4. Sanshan Guowang Temple

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Located in Lugang Township, Changhua County, Taiwan, the Temple of the Three Mountains King of Lukang is a temple dedicated to the King of the Three Mountains and was declared a historic site on November 27, 1985. Tradition suggests that the temple was built in the second year of Qianlong (1737) based on the "Haidong Lintian" plaque in the temple, but scholars suspect that it can be traced back further, possibly from the Lin Zhao Palace, which once existed in the "Hakkai House".

Wikipedia: 鹿港三山國王廟 (ZH)

5. Matsu temple

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The Lukang Tianhou Temple, also known as the Lukang Mazu Temple, is a Chinese temple dedicated to the Chinese Goddess Mazu, the Goddess of Sea and Patron Deity of fishermen, sailors and any occupations related to sea/ocean. The temple is located at 430 Zhongshan Road in Lukang Township, Changhua County, Taiwan. It is one of the island's most famous and popular Mazu temples.

Wikipedia: Lukang Tianhou Temple (EN)

6. 半邊井

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Banbian Jing is located in Lugang Town, Changhua County, Taiwan, in the courtyard of the Wang family in Sanhuai Tingxiu. The feature is that one side of the well is inside the home wall, and the other side is outside the wall.

Wikipedia: 半邊井 (ZH)

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