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Explore interesting sights in Stockholms kommun, Sweden. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 21 sights are available in Stockholms kommun, Sweden.

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1. Dance Museum

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Dansmuseet is a museum for the performing and visual arts located in Stockholm, Sweden. Opened in 1953 in the basement of the Royal Swedish Opera, it originally displayed a large collection of dance-related art that belonged to Rolf de Maré, a leader of the Ballets suédois in Paris from 1920 to 1925. In 1969, a library, named after the Swedish dancer, Carina Ari was endowed by Ari and attached to the museum with Bengt Hägar as its curator. The library contains the most comprehensive archive of literature on dance in Northern Europe. The museum is currently located at Drottninggatan 17. The library, receives no state funds, as it is privately endowed. The majority of its collection are materials from Western Europe which date between 1500 and 1850, a journal collection dating at the turn of the 20th century, and a video library of thousands of films. There is also a large collection of books on Russian dance. As of 2017, the director of the museum is Eva-Sofi Ernstell.

Wikipedia: Dansmuseet (EN), Website

2. Bünsowska huset

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The Bünsowska house is an exclusive multi -family house located on Strandvägen 29–33 on Östermalm in central Stockholm, erected 1886-1888 for the wooden cartridge and millionaire Friedrich Bünsow after drawings by the architects Isak Gustaf Clason (Facader) and Anders Gustaf Forsberg (plans). The building complex occupies the entire neighborhood Corporal surrounded by Riddargatan in the north, Count Magnigatan in the west, Torstenssonsgatan in the east and by Strandvägen in the south. The property is blue -marked by the City Museum in Stockholm, which is the strongest protection and means that the buildings are considered to have extremely high cultural -historical values ".

Wikipedia: Bünsowska huset (SV), Heritage Website

3. Museum of Ethnography

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The Museum of Ethnography, in Stockholm, Sweden, is a Swedish science museum. It houses a collection of about 220,000 items relating to the ethnography, or cultural anthropology, of peoples from around the world, including from China, Korea, South and Southeast Asia, the Pacific region, the Americas and Africa. The museum is situated in Museiparken at Gärdet in Stockholm. Since 1999, it is a part of Swedish National Museums of World Culture and is also hosting the Sven Hedin Foundation. The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday 11:00AM – 5:00 PM, and Wednesdays 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM and is closed on Mondays.

Wikipedia: Museum of Ethnography, Sweden (EN), Website

4. Husbykyrkan

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The country church in hushby, stockholm, was painted by architect Karl Fur Hajalmasen and completed in 1976. The building takes Stockholm as the green mark of the city museum, which means "high cultural and historical value, which means that the building is particularly valuable from the perspective of history, culture, environment or art". The free church congregation in the village of Houses, which has about 350 members, has a vision of a "house in prayer for all people" and is associated with the evangelical free church.

Wikipedia: Husbykyrkan (SV), Website

5. Karsviks Östergård

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Kalovik or Kalswick Village is the name of a farm in the 16th century, located in the north of Angel Village in Broma, west. The farm was on the north bank of the now dilapidated Angel Village. Karek Village is located in the east of what is now the park, Kashwick's cabin. The people's buildings in the East Manor are still there. Now, the farm and later makeshift buildings, which held a scout meeting in Kaswick's cottage, which was redecorated in 1995, are being demolished.

Wikipedia: Karsvik (SV)

6. Biological Museum

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Biologiska museet is a museum located in Djurgården in Stockholm. It exhibits a collection of stuffed European birds and mammals in dioramas. Some of the diorama backgrounds were created by artist Bruno Liljefors, known for his dramatic paintings of Scandinavian wildlife. The museum was built in 1893 after a design by architect Agi Lindegren who was inspired by medieval Norwegian stave churches.

Wikipedia: Biological museum (Stockholm) (EN), Website

7. Domarringen i Skärholmen

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Domarringen in Skärholmen is a burial ground from the Bronze Age and the Iron Age located at Stävholmsgränd in southern Stockholm. The burial site was surveyed in 1966-1967. The judge's ring in Skärholmen is unique as a burial form in Stockholm, therefore the outer stone wreath was rebuilt after the examination while the rest of the burial ground was removed to make room for terraced houses.

Wikipedia: Domarringen, Skärholmen (SV)

8. Centrumkyrkan

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Central Church is a church in Stoholm County Commune, located near the far center, which is in danger. The diocese belonging to the ecclesiastical church of the equmeniakran Church has close cooperation with the Swedish church at risk. The church is a so-called cooperative church between the congregation of the central church and the congregation of the distant saints.

Wikipedia: Centrumkyrkan, Farsta (SV)

9. Ormberget

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Ormberget is a mountain and a residential and park area on northern Gröndal in Stockholm with culturally and historically valuable buildings from the turn of the century 1900. The highest point of Ormberget is 43 meters above Lake Mälaren. Until the early 1900s, there was a small lake called Ormsjön in the valley between Mörtviken and Lake Trekanten.

Wikipedia: Ormberget, Gröndal (SV)

10. The English Church

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St Peter and St Sigfrid's Church, often referred to locally as the English Church, is an Anglican church in Stockholm, Sweden. It was built in the 1860s for the British congregation in the city and was originally located on Rörstrandsgatan in the Norrmalm district before being moved, stone by stone, to the Diplomatstaden area of Östermalm in 1913.

Wikipedia: St Peter and St Sigfrid's Church (EN)

11. Swedish Army Museum

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The Swedish Army Museum is a museum of military history located in the district of Östermalm in Stockholm. It reopened in 2002 after a long period of closure, and was awarded the title of the best museum of Stockholm in 2005. Its displays illustrate the military history of Sweden, including its modern policy of neutrality, and of the Swedish Army.

Wikipedia: Swedish Army Museum (EN), Website

12. Mariebergsparken

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Mariebergsparken is a park on Kungsholmen in Stockholm, Sweden. The park is located in the Marieberg area just west of Västerbron and Smedsudden. It got its name in 1938. On April 28, 2022, the Stockholm City Planning Board decided that part of the park should be renamed to Free Ukraine's site after Russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

Wikipedia: Mariebergsparken (SV)

13. FN-monumentet

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It is a commemorative event honoring Swedes who died in the fn service, located on the bay shore of the animal farm, near the Sea History Museum, in the lodge of the log hut. The monument was completed in 1995. On May 29, Veterans Day is commemorated annually with the fn Memorial and the 2013 Veterans Memorial commemorated nearby.

Wikipedia: FN-monumentet (SV)

14. Gustav III

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Gustav iii statue is a sculpture showing King Gustav iii of Sweden. It was created by johan Tobia's slurry, and its kayak and mailing silk were drawn and drawn by the picric acid stick of the architect Ion. It is located at the Ship Bridge Wharf under the Log Mountain and was opened on January 24, 1808.

Wikipedia: Gustav III (staty) (SV)

15. Berwaldhallen

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The Berwald Hall is a concert hall situated in a park landscape at Dag Hammarskjölds väg 3 in the Östermalm district of Stockholm, Sweden. Construction on the building began in 1976 based on a design by architects Erik Ahnborg and Sune Lindström. The hall is shaped as a hexagon.

Wikipedia: Berwald Hall (EN), Website

16. Birger Jarls kenotaf

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Birdsong's Dog Vedas are sculptures and a fake tomb, a so-called Dog Vedas, that straddles Birdsong Earl's town hall in Stockholm. Dog Vedic, provided by the city house architect with the songbird luggage rack, ravages Dongshan along with the sculptor Gustav Sand Mountain.

Wikipedia: Birger jarls kenotaf (SV)

17. Gustav II Adolf

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Gustav II Adolf's statue in Stockholm is an equestrian statue created by Pierre Hubert L'Archevêque and Johan Tobias Sergel, which stands on Gustav Adolfs torg in Stockholm. The statue was inaugurated on November 17, 1796, the plinth sculptures came into place in 1906.

Wikipedia: Gustav II Adolfs staty, Stockholm (SV)

18. Essinge kyrka

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Ace Church is the parish church of western ore assembly; It is at the second highest point of Big Ace. The church was painted by architect Cyrilus Johanson and completed on Thanksgiving Day in 1959. Since April 1990, the facility has been a church cultural memory.

Wikipedia: Essinge kyrka (SV)

19. Åkeshovs arboretum

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Wood in Sweden It is a rectangular area near the Rykshoff subway station, Rykshoff Castle and Jewish Forest Nature Reserve. About 100 meters west of the castle, it is adjacent to the extension of the subway, and there is a dog stable on the south side.

Wikipedia: Åkeshovs arboretum (SV)

20. Spånga kyrka

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Spånga Church is a church in the Spånga-Tensta borough in Stockholm, Sweden. The oldest part of the church origins from the time period 1175 – 1200. Large reconstructions and enhancements took place during the 14th century and the 15th century.

Wikipedia: Spånga Church (EN), Website

21. Ljunglöfska slottet

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Heather Castle and Heather Park are a larger villa, and there are Montenegro's affiliated parks in the brakes of Heather Commune. Heather Castle is located at No.1 Heather Forest Road adjacent to melt.

Wikipedia: Ljunglöfska slottet (SV)


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