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Explore interesting sights in Maó, Spain. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 7 sights are available in Maó, Spain.

1. Talaiot de Torelló

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L Talaiot of Aurelio is located in the town of Aoun (Orca) and has been declared a cultural residence. S is an ethnic Talai village in the widest area of Aon, and although it cannot be appreciated as a whole, it was greatly damaged because of agricultural labor in the 1950s and 1960s and the construction of the northern end of the airport. These farm workers and public works unfortunately led to the destruction of a considerable part of the population. 'Being loaded...' Two Talait, the remains of a Talait house and a water intake system are preserved, although on the nearby farm, there are more records of structural remains, proving how large the village can be. First, the foundation of the house and a pair of artificial limbs or artificial burial caves have been located. This hole undoubtedly highlights the big-eared taleotta, because his monument is the most spectacular in the whole island. L Talaiot is also unique in that it preserves a porch at the top of the monument with access to a circular plant room.

Wikipedia: Talaiot de Torelló (CA), Website

2. Església de Sant Josep

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Església de Sant Josep

The Church of Sant Josep in Maó was built in 1738 by the community of housemasters, carpenters and heaters, dedicated to Saint Joseph. It is a very simple style building, with a single nave, with small chapels on each side. In the period between 1764 and 1782 it became part of the Anglican cult, but with the Spanish domination of 1802 it definitively passed to Catholic worship.

Wikipedia: Església de Sant Josep de Maó (CA)

3. Torre de Sa Mesquida

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Torre de Sa Mesquida

The Torre de Cala Mesquida, or Torre de sa Mesquida, is a watchtower of the Martello tower type, which is located on a rock in the middle of the bay of Cala Mesquida in Menorca. It was built between 1799 and 1802 by the English. Inside, the spiral staircase, embedded in the wall of the tower, is still preserved. Since 1980 the tower and the enclosure are privately owned.

Wikipedia: Torre de Cala Mesquida (CA)

4. Fortaleza de Isabel II

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The fortress of Isabel II or fortress of La Mola is a Spanish military complex located on the peninsula of La Mola, at the entrance to the port of Mahón, island of Menorca, in front of the castle of San Felipe, which protects the entrance to the port from the other side of the mouth. Next to this fortress is the easternmost point of Spain.

Wikipedia: Fortaleza de Isabel II (ES)

5. Naveta of Sa Torreta

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The list of Navetas contains the 19 known Navetas. The Bronze Age megalithic tombs, which occur exclusively on the Balearic island of Menorca, can be divided into circular and elongated according to their floor plan, the latter resembling an overturned ship's hull, which is where the name Naveta comes from.

Wikipedia: Liste der Navetas (DE)

6. Talati de Dalt

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Talati de Dalt

Talatí de Dalt is an archaeological site on the island of Menorca, located 4 km from Mahón. It is a Talayotic settlement, although it retains vestiges of later times. Between 1997 and 2001, it was the subject of archaeological excavations by a team of researchers linked to the Museum of Menorca.

Wikipedia: Talatí de Dalt (CA)

7. Dolmen de Alcaidús

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Sant Vicenç d'Alcaidús is an archaeological site on the Spanish Balearic island of Menorca. Together with the neighbouring site of Biniaiet Vell, it formed a settlement associated with the Talayotic culture.

Wikipedia: Sant Vicenç d’Alcaidús (DE)


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