7 Sights in Camprodon, Spain (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Camprodon, Spain. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 7 sights are available in Camprodon, Spain.

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1. Castell de Rocabruna

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Rocabruna Castle is a fortification in the Rocabruna neighbourhood, within the municipality of Camprodon. It is a remarkable complex, tower and walls, with opus spicatum in some sectors, declared a cultural asset of national interest. Specifically, the castle dominates a hill surrounded by cliffs, the Tossal del Castell, and its altitude offers the visitor very interesting views over the Pyrenees and the Alta Garrotxa. Its origins date back to the tenth century, and it is now abandoned. It seems that the name of the castle comes from the color of the soil and the stones in the environment, which is very blackened or brown. Access to the castle is quite difficult, since the hill is completely surrounded by forest; it is only possible to reach it through a half-abandoned path that goes up from the base of the mountain, and that passes through the houses of the Vila and Ca l'Arneta. Below the mountain runs the GR-11 path, in its Molló - Beget section.

Wikipedia: Castell de Rocabruna (CA)

2. Sant Antoni

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Sant Antoni de Freixenet is a hermitage or sanctuary in the municipality of Camprodon (Ripollès) included in the Inventory of the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia. It is located at the top of the Sant Antoni Vell mountain (1,361), just south of the town of Camprodon. From the village you can go up a path that leaves from the Mare de la Font or a track that from Can Pascal, passes through the Font del Boix, the monument to Cèsar August Torras, and the farmhouse Els Oms. From the hermitage you can see the mountains of Canigó, Costabona, Bastiments, Gra de Fajol and the nuclei of Sant Pau de Segúries, Cavallera, La Ral, Camprodon, Llanars, La Roca, Abella, Vilallonga de Ter, Tregurà de Dalt and Molló.

Wikipedia: Sant Antoni de Freixenet (CA)

3. Sant Antoni Vell

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Sant Antoni Vell is a mountain of 1,340.4 meters located in the municipality of Camprodon (Ripollès). Very close to the urban center of Camprodon and right next to Sant Antoni (1,361 meters). It is easily accessed by the track that leads to Sant Antoni from the Font del Boix, along the path that takes the Torre del Coll next to the C-38, or along the path that leaves the source of the source Sant Patllari climbing the Torrent de la Pedrera.

Wikipedia: Sant Antoni Vell (CA)

4. Mare de Déu del Roure

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The Oak Chapel is a small chapel in Camprodon (Ripollès). Originally it was a small oratory on the way to the exit of the town towards Molló. Structured in a single nave with a rectangular floor plan and a semicircular apse facing south. The bearing walls are made of mortar stone seen with ashlars in the corners and framing the openings. The roof is of Arab tile on two sides and finished with a eaves formed by a double row of tiles.

Wikipedia: Capella del Roure (Camprodon) (CA)

5. Sant Valentí de Salarça

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The church of Sant Valentí de Salarça, or Sant Valentí de Salarsa, is located in the neighborhood of Salarça (Beget), admnistratively within the municipality of Camprodon, in the Ripollès, although geographically it belongs to the natural sub-region of the Alta Garrotxa. It is protected as a cultural asset of local interest.

Wikipedia: Sant Valentí de Salarça (CA)

6. Santa Maria

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The church of Santa Maria de Camprodon is the parish church of Camprodon, in Ripollès. It is located in the center, near the monastery of Sant Pere. It is part of the Inventory of the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia.

Wikipedia: Santa Maria de Camprodon (CA)

7. Edifici històric galetes Birba

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Cookies Birba is a brand of cookies, created by Llorenç Birba i Cordomí in 1910 in Camprodon (Ripollès). Since 1987 they have been produced by the company Galetes Camprodon, a public limited company.

Wikipedia: Galetes Birba (CA)


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