8 Sights in Trnava, Slovakia (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Trnava, Slovakia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 8 sights are available in Trnava, Slovakia.

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1. Bazilika sv. Mikuláša

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Saint Nicolas Church is a Gothic cathedral in Trnava, Slovakia. It was built between 1380 and 1421. The church is 60m long, 31 m wide, its sanctuary was 17,3m and the nave 18m high. The architecturally homogeneous Gothic basilica type temple, whose nave is nearby twice as high as the aisles, bears marks of the Danube style. The sanctuary of this massive brick structure faces east. Buttresses supporting the high walls alternate with Gothic windows decorated with original stone traceries. The largest Gothic window, adorned with rich traceries and stained glass, is at the church front.

Wikipedia: Saint Nicolas Church, Trnava (EN), Website

2. Synagóga náboženskej obce Status quo ante

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The Status Quo Ante Synagogue in Trnava was completed in either 1891 or 1897 at Halenárska Street in Trnava, Slovakia. The synagogue was built in the Moorish-Byzantine style. The city had two Jewish congregations: an Orthodox and a Status Quo one; the building served the latter. The synagogue was devastated in World War II. Today the synagogue is the center of contemporary art, housing the Ján Koniarek gallery, and hosts a number of exhibitions and concerts.

Wikipedia: Status Quo Ante Synagogue (Trnava) (EN)

3. Kostol sv. Heleny

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St. Helena Church in Ternaf is a Gothic church at No.14. In the 20th century, baroque adjustments were made in the 17th. A century. Maybe the church was originally a saint's expert. Archangel Mikhail, at 14. Or 15. In the 20th century, patchouli was changed to St. Helen. In the Middle Ages, he served as a minaret church. The building in the first half of the city xenodochia next to the church is 19. The century reconstructed in the classical trough.

Wikipedia: Kostol svätej Heleny (Trnava) (SK), Website

4. Holy Trinity Statue

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The statue of the Holy Three in Ternaf Square for Three. According to this statue, it is also named Square. The ensemble was built in the Baroque style in 1695. The statue was preserved during the communist period, and it was threatened to be destroyed. After 1989, it was restored and exhibited in the square, as seen in the picture.

Wikipedia: Socha Svätej Trojice (Trnava) (SK), Website

5. Divadlo Jána Palárika

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The John Paleka Theatre is located at Trinity Square in Ternav. In 1990, the Children's and Youth Theatre was renamed the Ternava Theatre, and in 2001, it was 170. They named the building's anniversary status after the outstanding Slovak playwright John Paleka, who deserved the development of the theatre.

Wikipedia: Divadlo Jána Palárika (SK), Website

6. Water tower of Belluš

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The water reservoir in Trnava is an important architectural masterpiece in Trnava. The author of the project (1941) is prof. Ing. arch. Emil Belluš (1899 – 1979). Statics was dealt with by Prof. Karel Havelka. The water reservoir was built between 1942 and 1946. It was put into operation in 1954.

Wikipedia: Vodojem Trnava (SK)

7. svätej Anny

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St. Anne's Church in Ternawa is a late monastery building that came to Ternawa by the Ulshturins at the initiative of Archbishop Imrich Esterhazi in 1724. The single boat church has an oval floor plan and a square elder.

Wikipedia: Kostol svätej Anny (Trnava) (SK)

8. Evanjelický kostol

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Ternaf Evangelical Church was built near the city wall in 1924 by architect Jose Marek. The church is an interesting amphitheater with interior layout and ceiling. It was built in a functionalist style on SNP Square.

Wikipedia: Evanjelický kostol v Trnave (SK)


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