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Explore interesting sights in City of Subotica, Serbia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 9 sights are available in City of Subotica, Serbia.

Sightseeing Tours in City of Subotica

1. Subotica Synagogue

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The Jakab and Komor Square Synagogue in Subotica is a Hungarian Art Nouveau synagogue in Subotica, Serbia. It is the second largest synagogue in Europe after the Dohány Street Synagogue in Budapest. It was built in 1901–1902 during the administration of the Kingdom of Hungary, according to the plans of Marcell Komor and Dezső Jakab replacing a smaller and less elaborate synagogue. It is one of the finest surviving pieces of religious architecture in the art nouveau style. It served the local Neolog community.

Wikipedia: Subotica Synagogue (EN), Heritage Website

2. Reichl Palace

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Палата Рајхл у Суботици подигнута 1904. године као породична палата архитекте Ференца Рајхла, за становање и пројектни биро. Грађевина представља непокретно културно добро као споменик културе од великог значаја.

Wikipedia: Палата Рајхл у Суботици (SR), Heritage Website

3. Црква Светог Рока

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Church of St. Roka to the Catholic Church in the Subotica City District of Kero. This is the parish church of the parish founded for Ker, by extracting from the territory of St. Theresa in 1841, since the registration books are also kept. It is part of the dean of Subotica - Donji Grad. The worship languages are Croatian and Hungarian. Today's pastor is Andrija Anisic.

Wikipedia: Crkva sv. Roka u Keru (HR)

4. Железничка станица Наумовићево

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The railway station in Naumovićevo, near Subotica, was built in 1910. The building represents immovable cultural property as a cultural monument. It is located in the village of Bikovo in the city of Subotica. The railway continues in one direction towards Subotica and in the other towards Žednik. Naumovićevo Railway Station consists of 5 tracks.

Wikipedia: Железничка станица Наумовићево (SR), Heritage Website

5. Црква Светог Марка Еванђелисте

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Римокатоличка црква Светог Марка Еванђелисте у Старом Жеднику, насељеном месту на територији града Суботице, припада Суботичкој бискупији Римокатоличке цркве.

Wikipedia: Римокатоличка црква Светог Марка Еванђелисте у Старом Жеднику (SR)

6. Железничка станица Палић

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The Palić railway station was built in 1887 on the site of the earlier small post, built on the relation of the Subotica railway – Szegedin. The first train from the direction of Szegedina passed on September 11, 1869. The station represents immovable cultural good as a cultural monument.

Wikipedia: Железничка станица Палић (SR), Heritage Website

7. Palić Water Tower

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Water tower on Palić was completed on June 15, 1910, as a multi-purpose facility - water tower, a gratification of the electric tram, and the Tram Station for the Subotica - Palić and today is a symbol of Palić. The watercourse is real-time culturally as a cultural monument.

Wikipedia: Водоторањ на Палићу (SR)

8. Црква Светог Вазнесења Господњег

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The Serbian Orthodox Church of the Holy Ascension of the Lord in Subotica was built in the period from 1723 to 1726. It belongs to the Diocese of Bačka of the Serbian Orthodox Church and represents immovable cultural good as a monument of culture

Wikipedia: Српска православна црква Светог Вазнесења Господњег у Суботици (SR), Heritage Website

9. Зоо врт Палић

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Palić zoo is a 10-hectare (25-acre) zoo and gardens founded in 1949 and located in Palić, North Serbia, a part of the City of Subotica, 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) from the E75 Budapest – Belgrade highway.

Wikipedia: Palić Zoo (EN), Website, Facebook


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