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Explore interesting sights in City of Niš, Serbia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 8 sights are available in City of Niš, Serbia.

1. Црква Светог Николаја Мирликијског

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The Church of St. Nicholas in the village of Manastir, also known as the Church of St. Nicholas of Myrillic, is one of the churches of the Jelašnica Parish, which is part of the Orthodox Diocese of Niš. The temple dedicated to the Holy Prophet Nicholas was built or renovated in 1838, thanks to the contributions of the locals. Special attention in the gate of this church i.e. in its old cemetery from the 19th century, they deserve well-preserved stone monuments, the work of meat stonecutters, exceptional craftsmanship and imagination.

Wikipedia: Црква Светог Николе у Манастиру (SR), Heritage Website

2. Пештурина

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Pešturina is a cave in the municipality of Niška Banja in southeast Serbia. It is southwest of Jelašnica and 20 km (12 mi) southeast of Niš. Artifacts from the Middle and Upper Paleolithic periods were discovered since the archaeological excavations began in 2006. The remains, identified as the Mousterian culture, were dated from 111,000 BP+ 5,000 to 39,000 BP + 3,000, which makes Pešturina one of the latest surviving Neanderthal habitats. The cave has been nicknamed the "Serbian Atapuerca".

Wikipedia: Pešturina (EN)

3. Vavedenje monastery

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The Monastery of the Holy Theotokos Sicevo, the Monastery of the Presentation of the Most Holy Theotokos, the Monastery of Sicevo is a Serbian monastery from the first half of the 17th century dedicated to the Mother of God. The monastery is located in the area of Sicevo in the municipality of Niška Banja at about 16 km, east of Nis towards Pirot, in the initial part of the Sićevac gorge, under the "Golemi kamen", Kusača, on the left bank of the River Nisava, in Vladimir Miletić Street.

Wikipedia: Манастир Свете Богородице Сићево (SR), Heritage Website

4. Баланица

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Баланица The original uploader was Intermedichbo at Serbian Wikipedia. / CC BY 3.0 rs

Balanica is a cave complex and paleoarchaeological site in the City of Niš' municipality of Niška Banja in southeast Serbia. It consists of Velika Balanica and Mala Balanica. The entrances of two caves are 7 m (23 ft) apart, at an elevation of 329 m (1,079 ft), and form one cave system. A third cave, Pešturina, is also nearby. The two Balanica caves extend parallel to each other, likely being connected at the rear.

Wikipedia: Balanica (EN)

5. Манастир Светог Јована

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The Monastery of St. John the Baptist belongs to the Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Nis and represents an immovable cultural heritage as a cultural monument. The original monastery is associated with the reign of Emperor Constantine the Great. The year of construction is without reliable data, but due to the way of construction, it is associated with the 11th century.

Wikipedia: Манастир Светог Јована Крститеља код Горњег Матејевца (SR), Heritage Website

6. Чегар

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Čegar is a location in Serbia where the Battle of Čegar Hill took place. It was first marked on July 4, 1878 with the following inscription:"To voivoda Stevan Sinđelić and his undying heroes who lost their lives on May 19, 1809, in their attack on Niš. Knez Milan M. Obrenović IV and his brave soldiers redeemed them on December 27, 1877 by conquering Niš."

Wikipedia: Čegar (EN), Heritage Website

7. Латинска црква

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The Latin church or Rusalia in Gornji Matejovac, on the hill Metoh above Niš, is dedicated to the Holy Trinity and belongs to the group of rare preserved buildings from the Pre-Nemanjić era, and was built most probably in the first half of the 11th century, during the Byzantine rule of the area.

Wikipedia: Латинска црква у Горњем Матејевцу (SR), Heritage Website

8. Манастир Каменица

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Kamenica Monastery belongs to the Diocese of The Serbian Orthodox Church in Niš and represents an immovable cultural property as a cultural monument. It is located in the village of the same name on the territory of the city municipality of Pantelej and is dedicated to St. George the Victor.

Wikipedia: Манастир Каменица (SR), Website


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