7 Sights in City of Kragujevac, Serbia (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in City of Kragujevac, Serbia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 7 sights are available in City of Kragujevac, Serbia.

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1. Саборна црква

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Successful in Cucumber the Church of the Holy Virgin was the first church to be built in Byzantine-Romanesque style in liberated Serbia. A parish belonging to the Serbian Orthodox Church in Sumadi. The church represents immovable cultural property as a cultural monument, Rs government decision. 633-7570/2005 from 01. December 12, 2005. Year sl. Gl. Rs. 108/2005. As of 6 December 2005. Years. July 12, 1869. In, the underage prince peacefully decorated and laid the foundation of the church. The period of 1872. -1879. In, no work was carried out. At the end of 1879. In, funds were found to continue construction. The construction of this temple was completed in 1884.

Wikipedia: Саборна црква у Крагујевцу (SR)

2. Амиџин конак

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Амиџин конак Original uploader was en:User:Dushan wideway at en.wikipedia Own work by en:User:Dushan wideway / Public domain

Amidža Konak is a 19th-century residence of Turkish-style architecture located in the old part of the city of Kragujevac in central Serbia. It was built in 1819-1824 by Serbian Prince Miloš Obrenović, and it was named after Sima Milosavljević-Paštrmac, called Amidža, a Serbian hajduk and staff member of the court of Obrenović. Only Amidža Konak remained from large complex of building that existed during Miloš Obrenović time. Nearby, Miloš's Konak existed, and it was destroyed in 1941, during World War II, and also, Princess Ljubica Konak, that burned down in 1884.

Wikipedia: Amidža Konak (EN)

3. Музеј Стара Ливница

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The Old Foundry Museum is located in the former Poplar Manor in 1882. Years. It is the oldest preserved part of the military factory and military technical school, and the first of its kind in Prince Serbia. It was founded in 1953. Years. The museum is located in the composition of the National Flag Weapons Factory. Have weapons and equipment, mechanical tools, archives and buildings, photography, art supplies collection, as well as decorations, stamps, goblets, medals and other collections; About 5,800 pieces together.

Wikipedia: Музеј Стара ливница (SR)

4. Народни музеј у Крагујевцу

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Народни музеј у Крагујевцу Original uploader was en:User:Dushan wideway at en.wikipedia Own work by en:User:Dushan wideway / Public domain

The National Museum Kragujevac is an institution of culture, belongs to the category of complex museums of enviable character whose activities are collection, study, professional and scientific processing, protection and presentation of cultural goods performed on the territory of the municipalities of Kragujevac, Batochina, Lapovo, Raqqa and Knić.

Wikipedia: Народни музеј Крагујевац (SR)

5. Књажевско-српски театар

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The Princely Serbian Theatre is the oldest theatre in Central Serbia. It is based in City of Kragujevac, the fourth largest city of Serbia. The theatre was founded in 1835 by Miloš Obrenović, Prince of Serbia. In the time when theatre was founded, Kragujevac was the first capital of the Principality of Serbia.

Wikipedia: Princely Serbian Theatre (EN)

6. Споменик палим Шумадинцима

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A burning forest park monument is located in the central part of a small park, in a cucumber. The monument was erected in 1932. In, and working as a sculptor in August of Antuna. He was held up in a memorial to the suffering of forest fighters in the Serbian Liberation War.

Wikipedia: Споменик палим Шумадинцима (SR)

7. Конак кнеза Михаила

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The wand of Prince Mikhail of Cragg, located at 1 Wolf Street today, was raised around 1860. Years, under the protection of the state, are immovable cultural assets as cultural monuments, which are of great significance.

Wikipedia: Кнез Михаилов конак у Крагујевцу (SR)

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