6 Sights in Шабац, Serbia (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Шабац, Serbia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 6 sights are available in Шабац, Serbia.

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1. Арамбашића кућа

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Арамбашића кућа НепознатUnknown author / CC BY-SA 3.0

Arambašića House in Sabac is located at 19 Karadjordjeva Street. 13 . The house was built for its needs by renowned Sabac merchant Djordje Djoka Arambasic, grandson of the celebrated commander Stanko Arambasic, in the late 19th century. Century. It represents the immovable cultural good as a monument of cultural significance.

Wikipedia: Арамбашића_кућа_у_Шапцу (SR)

2. Кућа Драгомира Петровића

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The precious petrochemical home is located in one ear and the wind, at No.1 Massage Parlor Street. The 39th house is 1912. Years have raised a precious darling petrified for his needs, a lawyer overgrown with weeds. As an immovable cultural asset, it is a cultural monument of great significance.

Wikipedia: Кућа Драгомира Петровића (SR)

3. Градска библиотека

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The government's last building in deaf ears, at the massage parlor street number. 18, built in 1854. In, it was one of the most representative facilities in the city. As an immovable cultural asset, it is of great significance to the status of cultural monuments.

Wikipedia: Зграда владичиног конака у Шапцу (SR)

4. Црква Светих апостола Петра и Павла

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The Temple of the Saint Apostles of Peter and the Peacock in Paw is the principal and largest Orthodox temple in Whisper, and is located at the site of the Templar Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The whispering cohort is the central church of the parish.

Wikipedia: Саборна црква у Шапцу (SR)

5. Основна школа Јанко Веселиновић

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The cheerful whisper of Yankee Elementary School Building was erected for the needs of No.19 Elementary School. Century. Because of its importance, school buildings are of great significance as immovable cultural assets of cultural monuments.

Wikipedia: Зграда ОШ „Јанко Веселиновић” Шабац (SR)

6. Соколски дом

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Hawkish residential buildings with lower voices were raised in 1930. And 1934. The demand for the juicy kingdoms of the Southwest in 2008, as immovable cultural assets, is of great significance to the status of cultural monuments.

Wikipedia: Зграда Соколског дома у Шапцу (SR)

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