16 Sights in Yaroslavl, Russia (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Yaroslavl, Russia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 16 sights are available in Yaroslavl, Russia.

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1. Ярославский художественный музей (Губернаторский дом)

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Yaroslavl Art Museum is the central art museum in Yaroslavl region. Located in the UNESCO area, the museum brings together several architectural and park areas in the historic center of the city. The main complex is located in historic buildings on the Volga embankment-the former governor's mansion, the Metropolitan Council Chamber and the house in Sorokina, with archived copies dated Jan. 13, 2019, on the 19th-century merchant mansion Wayback Machine. A branch of the museum-the museum of the former residence of sculptor academician A. M. Opekushin-is located in Rybnitsy village, Nikrasovsky district, Yaroslavl state. Another branch-"The House on Novinskaya", the provincial museum of bourgeois life-is located in the building of the former Romanov-Borisoglebsk City Public Bank. The museum displays works of Russian, European and Oriental art, holds regular temporary exhibitions, and holds concerts of classical and modern music.

Wikipedia: Ярославский художественный музей (RU)

2. Ярославский музей-заповедник

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Yaroslavl National Museum of Historic Architecture is one of the largest cultural and tourism institutions in Yaroslavl. The museum reserve has been located in the city center since 1959, on the territory of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery, which was abolished in 1787. The museum is rich in icons and manuscripts, precious fabrics and church utensils, and ancient Russian art works. The museum's territory contains the oldest preserved building in Yaroslavl, the Metamorphosis Cathedral. In addition, the museum reserve also includes six churches, which are the most important architectural and painting monuments in Yaroslavl in the 17th century.

Wikipedia: Ярославский музей-заповедник (RU)

3. Ярославль

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Yaroslavl is a city and the administrative center of Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia, located 250 kilometers (160 mi) northeast of Moscow. The historic part of the city is a World Heritage Site, and is located at the confluence of the Volga and the Kotorosl rivers. It is part of the Golden Ring, a group of historic cities northeast of Moscow that have played an important role in Russian history. In 2020, the city had a population of 608,353.

Wikipedia: Yaroslavl (EN)

4. Николо-Тропинская церковь

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The Church of St. Nicholas in Tropino is a ruined 17th-century church on the right bank of the Kotorosl River in Yaroslavl. It has been expanded and renovated on several occasions in the 18th and 19th centuries. The site used to be prone to seasonal flooding. A memorial cross near the church marked the spot where Patriarch Nikon expired in August 1681. What remains of the old building is currently used for storing fish.

Wikipedia: Church of St. Nicholas in Tropino (EN)

5. Спасо-Преображенский монастырь

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Yaroslavl Metamorphosis Monastery is an ancient monastery in Yaroslavl, which has played an important role in local history. Founded in 1216 by Prince Konstantin Vesivorodovic, it is located on the historic Kotorosl River. Its territory has architectural monuments from the 16th to 19th centuries. A list of "Igor's words"-a monument to ancient Russian literature-was found here.

Wikipedia: Спасо-Преображенский монастырь (Ярославль) (RU)

6. Церковь Ильи Пророка

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The Tserkov Church of the Prophet Elijah, an Orthodox church in the historical center of Yaroslavl, is located on the Sovetskaya (Ilyinskaya) Square and is a prominent architectural monument to the 17th century Yaroslavl School of Architecture and Painting. It is under the jurisdiction of Yaroslavl Parish and Yaroslavl Museum Reserve.

Wikipedia: Церковь Ильи Пророка (Ярославль) (RU)

7. церковь Николы Рублёного

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The St. Nicholas Miracle Worker's Church in Rubery City is an idle Orthodox church on the embankment of Koncosnaya in Yaroslavl. It is the only temple in the former Yaroslavl Kremlin territory that has survived since the 17th century. The name of the church reflects its location in an ancient castle, a city that was cut down.

Wikipedia: Церковь Николы Рубленого (RU)

8. Успенский собор

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The Cathedral of the Ascension of the Most Holy Virgin is the cathedral of the metropolis and diocese of Yaroslavl, located on the arrows of Yaroslavl, the Volga River and Cotorosli. It was destroyed during the Soviet era and rebuilt under a new project from 2004-2010 to mark the city's 1,000-year anniversary.

Wikipedia: Успенский собор (Ярославль) (RU)

9. Церковь Богоявления Господня

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The Church of God is an Orthodox church in the historical center of Yaroslavl. It was built in 1684-1693 and funded by Alexei Avramovich Zubchaninov, a businessman of hundreds of living rooms. It is famous for its frescoes and ceramic tile exterior wall decoration. It is located in the square named after it.

Wikipedia: Церковь Богоявления (Ярославль) (RU)

10. Храм Великомученика Никиты

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Храм Великомученика Никиты made by the uploader / GFDL

Nikitsky Diocese is a settlement of the same name in the western suburbs of Yaroslavl in the Middle Ages, which appeared no later than the 15th century. The name was first mentioned in a letter from Vasily III in 1511, and the parish has two small churches with sections dedicated to Nikita martyrs.

Wikipedia: Никитско-Сретенский приход (RU)

11. Церковь Николая Надеина

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Nadeinskaya Saint Nicholas Church is a defunct Orthodox church in the historic center of Yaroslavl on the Volga River. The oldest existing stone tablet of Yaroslavl Architectural School in the 17th century. It is under the jurisdiction of Yaroslavl Parish and Yaroslavl Museum Reserve.

Wikipedia: Церковь Николы Надеина (RU)

12. Ярослав Мудрый

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The monument to the founder of Yaroslavl, Prince Yaroslavl, the wise man, is located in Epiphany Square in the center of Yaroslavl. This monument was erected to commemorate the founding of the prince of Yaroslavl. The monument faces people entering the city center from Moscow.

Wikipedia: Памятник Ярославу Мудрому (Ярославль) (RU)

13. Церковь Спаса на городу

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The Church of the Savior in the city is a parish Orthodox church in the historic center of Yaroslavl. One of the best examples of Yaroslavl temple architecture in the 17th century. Belonging to the Russian Orthodox parish of Yaroslavl, the central city parish of Yaroslavl.

Wikipedia: Церковь Спаса на Городу (RU)

14. церковь Михаила Архангела

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The Church of Michael the Archangel is a garrison Orthodox church in the historical center of Yaroslavl, on the Kotoroslnaya Embankment, next to the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery. An architectural monument of the Yaroslavl school of architecture of the XVII century.

Wikipedia: Церковь Михаила Архангела (Ярославль) (RU)

15. Волжская башня

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Volzhskaya tower, or Arsenalnaya tower, is one of the three surviving towers of the fortifications of the Zemlyanoy town (posad) of Yaroslavl. Initially, in the 16th century, six gated towers and twenty blank wooden towers were built on the ramparts.

Wikipedia: Volzhskaya tower (EN)

16. Святая Троица

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"Trinity" is a sculptural composition in Yaroslavl. Located in the historic center of the city, in the upper tier of the park on Strelka. The author of the project is the sculptor Nikolai Mukhin, with the participation of the sculptor Igor Treyvus.

Wikipedia: Троица (скульптурная композиция в Ярославле) (RU)

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