6 Sights in Perm District, Russia (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Perm District, Russia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 6 sights are available in Perm District, Russia.

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1. Perm Mosque

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The Perm Central Mosque was built in 1902 and 1903 in the Tatar district of Perm, Russia. Its construction was financed by the local Tatar merchant families. The striped green-and-white building with a tapering minaret was designed by Alexander Ozhegov. For some years it was the northernmost mosque in the world until superseded by the Nord Kamal Mosque in Norilsk.

Wikipedia: Perm Mosque (EN)

2. Администрация г. Перми

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The Perm Provincial State Chamber is an institution of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Empire, established in Perm with the formation of the viceroyalty in 1781. The state chambers were in charge of state property, wine purchases, tax collection and, initially, the construction part. The county treasuries were subordinate to the state chambers.

Wikipedia: Пермская губернская казённая палата (RU)

3. Дом Смышляева

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The Smyshlyaev House is a mansion in the historical center of Perm, an architectural monument. It was named after the owners of the building in 1842-1864 - merchant Dmitry Emelyanovich Smyshlyaev and his son Dmitry Dmitrievich Smyshlyaev. Located at the address: Petropavlovskaya street, 25.

Wikipedia: Дом Смышляева (RU)

4. Дом Любимовых-Рязанцевых

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The Lyubimov-Ryazantsev House is a mansion in the historical center of Perm. The name was named after the owners of the building in different years - merchants Lyubimov and Ryazantsev. It is currently known as the Arkady Gaidar House of Journalists. Located on Sibirskaya Street, 8.

Wikipedia: Дом Любимовых-Рязанцевых (RU)

5. Сквер Уральских добровольцев

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Сквер Уральских добровольцев

The Black Market is a large shopping center that operated in the city of Perm in the XIX - early XX century, also called the Bread Market. Currently, part of the territory of the former market is the square of the Ural volunteers.

Wikipedia: Чёрный рынок (Пермь) (RU)

6. Perm Academic Theatre

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The Perm Academic Theater-Theater is a theater in Perm, founded in 1927 as the Theater of Working Youth. Located in the city center, on the Esplanade. The theater building is an architectural monument of regional importance.

Wikipedia: Пермский академический Театр-Театр (RU), Website


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