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Explore interesting sights in Novocherkassk, Russia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 14 sights are available in Novocherkassk, Russia.

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1. Здание гауптвахты

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Здание гауптвахты

The Military prison building is the former guardhouse of the Imperial Russian Army in Novocherkassk, Rostov oblast, Russia and the current military commandant's headquarters of the city. The building, which is situated at Platovsky Avenue 68, is an important example of Greek Revival architecture. It is one of the oldest preserved samples of architecture in Novocherkassk. The prison was constructed in 1856. The building was designed by unknown architect in the classical style. It was ordered by appointed ataman Mikheil Khomutov. The military garrison headquarters has occupied the building since the 1990s. The military prison currently is located in the basement of this building. Among the inmates were: revolutionary, who took part in the assassination of Emperor Alexander II Nikolai Kibalchich, future poet, and a Hero of Socialist Labor (1970) Mikhail Isakovsky. Public flogging of workers who were sympathizers of the Bolsheviks in Novocherkassk military prison is described in Aleksey Tolstoy's novel The Ordeal.

Wikipedia: Military prison, Novocherkassk (EN)

2. Памятник Я. П. Бакланову

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Monument to Yakov Baklanov is a bronze monument to participant in the Caucasian War, General Yakov Baklanov. It was originally located in Saint Petersburg at the cemetery in Smolny Convent above the grave of the commander. It was built from private donations. In 1909 during the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Yakov Baklanov it was decided that transferral of the burial in Novocherkassk was necessary. The bones along with the monument were transferred in Novocherkassk in 1911. Baklanov's coffin was placed into a shrine under Novocherkassk Cathedral. The sculpture composition with some adjustments in the pedestal was moulded on Yermaka square. The monument is located to the south of the Novocherkassk Cathedral. The opening ceremony of the monument took place on October 5, 1911.

Wikipedia: Monument to Yakov Baklanov (EN)

3. Museum of Don Cossacks

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Museum of Don Cossacks

The Museum of history of Don Cossacks is a museum of art, culture and history of Don Cossacks in Novocherkassk, Rostov oblast, Russia. The oldest museum in Southern Russia, it was founded in 1886. Its collections, of which only 151,000 items is on permanent display, comprise over 200,000 items. The collections occupy a complex of four historic buildings in Novocherkassk: the main building on Atamanskaya street, Memorial House-Museum of painter Ivan Krylov, Memorial House-Museum of painter Mitrofan Grekov and the Ataman palace.

Wikipedia: Museum of Don Cossacks (EN), Website

4. Триумфальная арка

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Arches of Triumph in Novocherkassk are monuments of Russian Classicist architecture. The monumental complex consists of two triumphal arches western and northern, situated respectively in the south-west and north of Novocherkassk. Built in 1817 to commemorate the victory in the Patriotic War of 1812, they symbolize the military contribution of the Don Cossacks in the struggle against Napoleon. The only triumphal gates in Southern Russia are officially declared objects of cultural heritage of federal significance.

Wikipedia: Arches of Triumph (Novocherkassk) (EN)

5. Памятник Примирения и Cогласия

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Reunion and Concord is a bronze monument, which symbolizes unity of the Cossacks and their reunited with each other irrespective of political opinions and beliefs. It located on Yermaka square in Novocherkassk, Rostov oblast, Russia. The monument was designed by sculptor Anatoly Sknarin and architect I. Zhukov. The opening ceremony of the monument took place on Yermaka square in 2005 and was held in conjunction by the 200-year anniversary of Novocherkassk.

Wikipedia: Reunion and Concord (monument) (EN)

6. Камень в память о Новочеркасской трагедии

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Камень в память о Новочеркасской трагедии

The Novocherkassk massacre was a massacre which was committed against unarmed civilians who were rallying on 2 June 1962 in the Soviet city of Novocherkassk by the Soviet army and KGB officials. A few weeks prior to the massacre, workers at the Electro Locomotive Novocherkassk plant (NEVZ) had organized a peaceful labor strike which later resulted in bloodshed and the killing of about 26 people.

Wikipedia: Novocherkassk massacre (EN)

7. Конный памятник графу М.И.Платову

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The Horse Monument to Platov - a monument in the city of Novocherkassk, Rostov Region. The bronze monument to Platov sitting on horseback is set on Platovsky Prospekt in front of the Ascension Cathedral. It was opened in 2003. The authors of the monument are sculptor Sknarin, the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation and architect Zhukov.

Wikipedia: Horse Monument to Platov (EN)

8. Дом с башней

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The house with a tower is an object of cultural heritage of regional importance, located on Krasny Uzviz Street, 17 in the city of Novocherkassk, Rostov Region. The monument of architecture since December 17, 1992, according to the decision of the small regional council of the Rostov region No. 325.

Wikipedia: Дом с башней (Новочеркасск) (RU)

9. Атаман граф Платов Матвей Иванович - основатель Новочеркасска

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The Monument to Matvei Platov is the first sculpture constructed in Novocherkassk, Rostov Oblast, Russia. It is dedicated to Matvei Ivanovich Platov, who was a famous Don Ataman, the founder of Novocherkassk, General of the Cavalry and a hero of the Patriotic War of 1812.

Wikipedia: Monument to Matvei Platov (EN)

10. Дом генерала Курнакова

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Дом генерала Курнакова

The House of General Kurnakov is a building on Atamanskaya Street, 28 in Novocherkassk, Rostov Oblast. It is mentioned in many historical documents and is listed among the sights of the city. It celebrated all the important and significant events of the military nobility.

Wikipedia: Дом генерала Курнакова (RU)

11. Галина Петрова

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Галина Петрова Липунов Г.А. / Добросовестное использование

Monument to Galina Petrova-a monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union, a nurse of the 386th separate battalion of the Marine Corps of the Novorossiysk Navy of the Black Sea Fleet, Glavstarshina, Petrova Galina Konstantinovna in the city of Novocherkassk, Rostov Region.

Wikipedia: Памятник Галине Петровой (Новочеркасск) (RU)

12. Ермак Тимофеевич

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Ермак Тимофеевич

Yermak Monument in Novocherkassk ― a sculptural work in honor of Yermak Timofeevich, a Cossack Ataman who began Russia's conquest of Siberia. The monument is considered to be an object of cultural heritage of federal importance.

Wikipedia: Yermak Monument (EN)

13. Памятник Подтелкову и Кривошлыкову

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The Monument to Podtyolkov and Krivoshlykov is a monument in the city of Novocherkassk to the leaders of the revolutionary Cossacks on the Don during the Civil War in Russia F. Podtelkov and M. Krivoshlykov.

Wikipedia: Памятник Подтёлкову и Кривошлыкову (Новочеркасск) (RU)

14. Вознесенский войсковой всеказачий патриарший собор

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The Ascension Cathedral is a Russian Orthodox church in Novocherkassk, Rostov Oblast, Russia. It used to be one of the largest churches of the Russian Empire and the main church of the Don Host Province.

Wikipedia: Novocherkassk Cathedral (EN)


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