8 Sights in Gatchina, Russia (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Gatchina, Russia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 8 sights are available in Gatchina, Russia.

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1. Гатчинский Дворец

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The Great Gatchina Palace is a palace in Gatchina, Leningrad Oblast, Russia. It was built from 1766 to 1781 by Antonio Rinaldi for Count Grigori Grigoryevich Orlov, who was a favourite of Catherine the Great, in Gatchina, a suburb of the royal capital Saint Petersburg. The Gatchina Palace combines classical architecture and themes of a medieval castle with ornate interiors typical of Russian classicism, located on a hill in central Gatchina next to Lake Serebryany. The Gatchina Palace became one of the favourite residences of the Russian Imperial Family, and during the 19th century was an important site of Russian politics. Since the February Revolution in 1917 it has been a museum and public park, and received UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 1990.

Wikipedia: Gatchina Palace (EN)

2. Колонна Орла

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The Orla Colonna is an architectural structure in the Palace Park of Gatchina. One of the earliest objects of the park, built according to the project, presumably, of the Italian architect A. Rinaldi in the early 1770s, during the period when Gatchina belonged to Count G. G. Orlov. It is a marble column on a high tetrahedral pedestal, decorated in accordance with the canons of classicism. Its top is crowned with a sculpture of an eagle.

Wikipedia: Колонна Орла (RU)

3. Приоратский дворец

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Priory Palace is an original palace in the formerly royal town of Gatchina (Гатчина), Leningrad oblast, Northwest Russia, a suburb of Saint Petersburg. It was built in 1799 by the architect N. A. Lvov on the shore of the Black Lake (Chyornoye ozero / Чёрное озеро). Constructed for the Russian Grand Priory of the Order of St John, it was presented to the Order by a decree of Paul I of Russia dated August 23, 1799.

Wikipedia: Priory Palace (EN)

4. Берёзовые ворота

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The Birch Gate is a stone gate located on the eastern border of the Palace Park, the grounds of Gatchina Palace, in Gatchina, Leningrad Oblast, Russia. It is nearby the Birch House. The facility was built from 1795 to 1798 by Giovanni Visconti according to the design of famous architect Vincenzo Brenna. The Birch Gate is a part of the Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Wikipedia: Birch Gate (EN)

5. Дом П. Е. Щербова

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Дом П. Е. Щербова Это изображение получено с помощью Canon PowerShot S2 IS. / CC BY-SA 3.0

The P. E. Shcherbov Museum is a historical and memorial museum in Gatchina, a branch of the Leningrad Regional State Institution of Culture "Museum Agency". The museum is located in the estate of the cartoonist P. E. Shcherbov and is one of the original works of the early XX century, made in the style of Northern Art Nouveau. The first exposition was opened in 1992.

Wikipedia: Музей-усадьба П. Е. Щербова (RU)

6. Восьмигранный колодец

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Octagonal Well is an architectural structure in Gatchina Palace Park, which is a stone pool built around spring water. In the 1770s, Italian architect A. Rinaldi built a well near the Grand Gatchina Palace, when Gatchina belonged to Prince G. G. Orlov. Russian cultural heritage with federal significance in the category of urban planning and architectural monuments.

Wikipedia: Восьмигранный колодец (RU)

7. Сильвийские ворота

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The Silvia Gate is the main entrance to Silvia Park from the Palace Park in the city of Gatchina, Leningrad Oblast. The gate was built at the end of the XVIII century, the author of the project is V. Brenna.

Wikipedia: Сильвийские ворота (RU)

8. Амфитеатр

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The Amphitheater is a park structure in the Palace Park of the city of Gatchina, Leningrad Oblast. It was built in the 1790s according to the project of N. A. Lvov simultaneously with the naumakhiya pool.

Wikipedia: Амфитеатр (Гатчина) (RU)

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