5 Sights in Września, Poland (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Września, Poland. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 5 sights are available in Września, Poland.

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1. Ławeczka Bronisławy Śmidowiczównej

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Ławeczka Bronisławy Śmidowiczównej Krzysztof Dudzik / CC BY-SA 3.0

Bronislawa Szydoviczovna is a monument commemorating the children's strike of September 1901, which was co-chaired by Bronislawa Szydoviczovna. The school benches are made of bronze. It is life-sized and is designed according to the school bench pattern in the museum hall. The girl's role is based on F. Furmanek's picture. Sitting on the bench, Bronislawa Szydoviczovna held the Polish catechism to her chest and pushed the German catechism away with her other hand. The monument was launched by Councillor Simon Paciolkowski. The idea received positive feedback from Mayor Thomas Kuluzhen in September. The bench was designed by Poznan artist George Sobosinsky and made by his son Robert Sobosinsky.

Wikipedia: Ławeczka Bronisławy Śmidowiczówny we Wrześni (PL)

2. Pomnik Dzieci Wrzesińskich

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September Children's Memorial Hall is located at the site of September Honeycomb. Sienkiewicza is going to the hive. Girl Scouts. It commemorates the children's strike from 1901 to September 1902. It was funded by the September Earth Society on the 74th anniversary of these events. It was inaugurated on May 31, 1975. The author of this monument is Poznan sculptor and artist George Sobosinsky.

Wikipedia: Pomnik Dzieci Wrzesińskich we Wrześni (PL)

3. Pomnik 68 Pułku Piechoty

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September 68th Infantry Regiment Monument, located at the intersection of Slovak Street and Polish Army. Soldiers of the 68th Infantry Regiment stationed in Poland during the Second Republic period in September 1939 participated in the defense of Poland.

Wikipedia: Pomnik 68 Pułku Piechoty we Wrześni (PL)

4. Kościół farny pw. Wniebowzięcia NMP i św. Stanisława Biskupa Męczennika

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The Church of the Virgin and the Ascension of the Virgin. Bishop Stanislaw, who was martyred in September, is a historic church in the Roman Catholic diocese in the September district of Wielkopolski province.

Wikipedia: Kościół Wniebowzięcia Najświętszej Maryi Panny i św. Stanisława Biskupa Męczennika we Wrześni (PL)

5. Muzeum Regionalne im. Dzieci Wrzesińskich

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A regional museum. September Children September is a museum facility in September, located in the historic building of the Catholic People's School, the site of the children's strike in September 1901.

Wikipedia: Muzeum Regionalne im. Dzieci Wrzesińskich we Wrześni (PL)

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