5 Sights in Lipnica Wielka, Poland (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Lipnica Wielka, Poland. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 5 sights are available in Lipnica Wielka, Poland.

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1. Babia Góra / Babia hora

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Babia Góra, or Babia hora, literally Old Wives' or Witches' Mountain, is a massif situated on the border between Poland and Slovakia in the Western Beskid Mountains. The name is also applied to the culmination of the massif, Diablak, which is also the highest peak of this part of the Carpathian Mountains, at 1,725 metres (5,659 ft) above sea level.

Wikipedia: Babia Góra (EN)

2. Sokolica

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Sokolica – the lowest and easternmost peak in the north-eastern ridge of the Babia Góra massif in the Beskid Żywiecki. The eastern slopes fall directly to the Krowiarki Pass, while to the south-west of the summit runs the main ridge of Babia Góra towards the next culmination, which is Kępa.

Wikipedia: Sokolica (Beskid Żywiecki) (PL)

3. Gówniak

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Gówniak - a peak in the Beskid Żywiecki, in the north-eastern ridge of the Babia Góra massif. The Geoportal map gives its height of 1644 m. Gówniak is one of the so-called five ridge peaks of Babia Góra and is often mistakenly taken by tourists for the proper peak of Babia Góra.

Wikipedia: Gówniak (PL)

4. Kępa

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Kuppa is one of the apex of the Beskid Fiwietki Babej Mountains. It is located in East Devil's Ridge, between shit and chickpeas. The north slope is much steeper in the upper part than the southeast slope. Behind the w group is a 300-meter-long gap called "Ruby".

Wikipedia: Kępa (Beskid Żywiecki) (PL)

5. Ruiny schroniska Beskidenverein 1905-1949

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Tourist hostel on Babia Góra – non-existent mountain tourist hostel in the Beskid Żywiecki, on Babia Góra under Głodna Woda, located at an altitude of 1616 m above sea level on Babia Góra. It was the first facility of this type in the Beskid Żywiecki.

Wikipedia: Schronisko turystyczne na Babiej Górze (PL)

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