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Explore interesting sights in Kalisz, Poland. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 15 sights are available in Kalisz, Poland.

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1. Most Kamienny

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Stone Bridge - a road bridge on Prosno in Kalisz, along Śródmiejska Street, located on the border of Śródmieście I and Śródmieście II; Classicist, built from March 1824 to August 1825 under the leadership of Franciszek Reinstein, and according to the design of Sylwester Szpilowski. It has iron tranged balustrades and cobbled surface, traffic on it is one -way towards the town hall. On the plugs of the album there is the coat of arms of Kalisz and Latin inscriptions commemorating the construction, in Polish sounding: Kalisz citizens want this bridge at the public expense of the city exhibited, in March 1824 it began, and in August 1825 under the name of the brightest Alexander I, emperor and king, father of the homeland And the city's guardian, completed, was a witness to their gratitude and attachment. In the past there was a drawbridge in its place. Entering the register of monuments in 1964, it is the oldest existing bridge in Kalisz.

Wikipedia: Most Kamienny w Kaliszu (PL)

2. Teatr im. Wojciecha Bogusławskiego

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Teatr im. Wojciech Bogusławski in Kalisz (TWB) - theater in Kalisz, a voivodship cultural institution, founded in 1801 by Wojciech Bogusławski, honorary national scene. Of the dramatic theaters operating to this day in Poland, only two are older than him; From 1936 he is named after the founder, from 1961 he organizes Kalisz theater meetings; The theater building, erected in 1920–1923 according to the design of Czesław Przybylski, was entered in the register of monuments in 1979.

Wikipedia: Teatr im. Wojciecha Bogusławskiego w Kaliszu (PL)

3. Kościół pw. Wniebowzięcia Najświętszej Maryi Panny

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Collegiate Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Kalisz – a church in Kalisz, in Śródmieście, at St. Joseph's Square, erected in 1353 from the foundation of Archbishop Jarosław of Bogoria and Skotniki in the place of the earlier one, rebuilt after 1790, late Baroque, with a gothic chancel; parish church, since 1359 collegiate church, since 1978 minor basilica; entered into the register of monuments in 1965; the national shrine of St. Joseph of Nazareth.

Wikipedia: Bazylika kolegiacka Wniebowzięcia Najświętszej Maryi Panny w Kaliszu (PL)

4. Park Miejski

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City Park in Kalisz – a city park in Kalisz, in Śródmieście, on the border of Rajskow and Rypinek, on the Prosna, Swędrnia, Bernardyński Canal, Rypinkowski Canal and Przekop, founded in 1798, repeatedly enlarged and transformed; in the nineteenth century considered the most beautiful Polish a public garden; in the oldest part maintained in the style of an English garden; the oldest city park in Poland, entered into the register of monuments in 1964.

Wikipedia: Park Miejski w Kaliszu (PL), Website

5. Plac Świętego Józefa

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St. Joseph's Square in Kalisz, square in Kalisz, in Śródmieście, classicist, laid out in 1818 according to the design of Sylwester Szpilowski, irregular, pentagonal, at the exit of four streets, demolished in 1914, rebuilt in a non-uniform architectural style, modernized in 1935–1936 and 1998–1999; A complex of valuable historic buildings, together with the urban layout of the chartered city, entered into the register of monuments in 1956.

Wikipedia: Plac św. Józefa w Kaliszu (PL)

6. Fundamenty Zamku Królewskiego

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Royal Castle in Kalisz – a gothic castle in Kalisz, erected in the third quarter of the thirteenth century by Bolesław the Pious in the New Town, four-wing, on a plan similar to a square, fortified, surrounded by a moat; burned down in 1537, rebuilt, burned again in 1792, demolished in 1803–1804; the largest castle in Wielkopolska.

Wikipedia: Zamek Królewski w Kaliszu (PL)

7. Cmentarz ewangelicko-augsburski

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Calish Gospel-Augsburg Cemetery, Luther Mountain is a Protestant cemetery in Calish, built before 1689; One of the oldest cemeteries in Poland, the oldest existing cemetery in Kalish, a secular art monument listed in the historical monuments register in 1998; On him lay the ashes of many well-deserved Kalisans and great Poles.

Wikipedia: Cmentarz ewangelicko-augsburski w Kaliszu (PL)

8. Muzeum Okręgowe Ziemi Kaliskiej

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District Museum of the Kalisz Land in Kalisz (Mozk) - District Museum in Kalisz founded in 1906 as an archaeological museum, a voivodship cultural institution, entered into the National Register of Museums in 1998; One of the oldest regional museums in Poland, documents the history of Kalisz and Kaliski.

Wikipedia: Muzeum Okręgowe Ziemi Kaliskiej w Kaliszu (PL), Website

9. Pomnik Jana Pawła II

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Monument to John Paul II in Kalisz - monument to John Paul II in Kalisz, in Śródmieście, in St. Józef, erected in 1999 according to the design of Jan Kucz; It commemorates the visit of John Paul II made in Kalisz during the Apostolic Travel of John Paul II to Poland in 1997.

Wikipedia: Pomnik Jana Pawła II w Kaliszu (PL)

10. Katedra św. Mikołaja

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Cathedral of St. Mikołaj Bishop in Kalisz - a historic church, whose building in the Gothic style began before 1257, was expanded in the fourteenth and seventeenth century. In the nineteenth century the tower was built. From 1992, the Department of the Kalisz diocese.

Wikipedia: Katedra św. Mikołaja Biskupa w Kaliszu (PL), Website

11. Cerkiew św. Apostołów Piotra i Pawła

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The Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in Kalisz is an Orthodox parish church in Kalisz, Poland. It belongs to the deanery of Łódź of the Lodz-Poznań diocese of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church; Entered into the register of monuments in 1994.

Wikipedia: Cerkiew Świętych Apostołów Piotra i Pawła w Kaliszu (PL)

12. Cmentarz Miejski

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Calish City Cemetery is a Catholic cemetery in Calish, built in 1807. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in Poland and a religious art monument listed in the historical list in 1954; The ashes of many well-deserved Kalishan and Kaliski people lie on it.

Wikipedia: Cmentarz Miejski w Kaliszu (PL)

13. Rezerwat archeologiczny Zawodzie

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Zawodzie Archaeological Reserve – archaeological reserve in Kalisz, Zazawodzie, a branch of the Kalisz District Museum in Kalisz. documents the history of archaeological research conducted in the area of the early medieval hillfort in Zazawodzie.

Wikipedia: Rezerwat Archeologiczny Zawodzie (PL), Website

14. Starostwo Powiatowe, Prokuratura Rejonowa

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Palace of the Kalisz Provincial Commission - a palace in Kalisz, in Śródmieście, in the New Town, at St. Józef, classicist, rebuilt in 1823–1824 according to the design of Franciszek Reinstein; entered in the register of monuments in 1965.

Wikipedia: Pałac Komisji Wojewódzkiej Kaliskiej (PL)

15. Kościół Nawiedzenia Najświętszej Maryi Panny

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The Rector's Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Kalisz – rector's church formerly belonging to the Bernardine Order, now to the Jesuits. It is located at the beginning of Stawiszyńska Street in Kalisz.

Wikipedia: Kościół Nawiedzenia Najświętszej Maryi Panny w Kaliszu (PL)


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