5 Sights in Woudrichem, Netherlands (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Woudrichem, Netherlands. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 5 sights are available in Woudrichem, Netherlands.

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1. Natuurpoort Fort Altena

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Natuurpoort Fort Altena Arch / Public domain

The tourist transfer point (top) is a "natural node" from which various cycling, boating, skating and hiking routes begin. Each of the vertices can be identified on landmarks, using a type of obelisk in the eastern part of the country, thatched cottages in the Green Center and throwing an amazing pillar of information in the area & Battle and River Land. At the top, there are usually some seats, bicycle racks and road signs. The area's top Throw & Fight also always offers bike rentals, hotels, free toilets, anwb bike service boxes and vv information points.

Wikipedia: Toeristisch Overstappunt (NL)

2. Johannes Nepomukkerk

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Johannes Nepomukkerk Michiel1972 / CC BY-SA 4.0

The Johannes Nepomukkerk is the Catholic parish church of Woudrichem. The church is located in the Woudrichemse fortress on the Vissersdijk. The church was built after a small group of Woudrichemse Catholics had asked King William I for permission to establish a church and to give the pastor to be appointed an annual treat. On June 1, 1836, King William I had a favorable decision. In the city council meeting of June 29, 1836, the mayor announced the establishment of the parish. By 1837, the parish had raised enough money to begin construction.

Wikipedia: Johannes Nepomukkerk (NL)

3. Nooit Gedagt

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The mill Nooit Gedagt is a windmill in the Dutch city of Woudrichem. It stands on the Rijkswal. It is an octagonal, stone and partially plastered scaffolding mill for grinding grain (corn mill), which still grinds grain today. The mill is professionally in operation and in the mill there is a shop with its own products.

Wikipedia: Nooit Gedagt (Woudrichem) (NL)

4. Vervoorne Molen

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The Vervoorne Mill is a polder mill built around 1700 on the Schenkeldijk in Werkendam, in the municipality of Altena. The mill was intended to drain the Vervoorne Polder and replaced an earlier seesaw mill. The ground sailer is a wooden octagonal mill, equipped with a paddle wheel with a diameter of 5.71 m.

Wikipedia: Vervoorne Molen (NL)

5. Zandwijkse Molen

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Zandwijkse Molen Michel Dellebeke / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Sand Area Shredder is a 1699 shredder located between Uppel and Leuwijken. The factory that owns the land is the land of the land. The plant is the last in a series of seven plants that operate side by side.

Wikipedia: Zandwijkse Molen (NL)

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