7 Sights in Leiderdorp, Netherlands (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Leiderdorp, Netherlands. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 7 sights are available in Leiderdorp, Netherlands.

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1. Achthovense Molen

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The Achthoven mill is a seesaw mill east of the Dutch town of Leiderdorp. After its predecessor burned down in 1892, the mill was built in 1893 for the drainage of the Achthoven and Huis ter Doespolder polders. In 1964 the mill was jacked up, with the auger placed next to the mill. The bonkelaar is made of cast iron and has wooden combs, something that is quite unusual in the Netherlands. The auger could run on the wind as well as be driven by a diesel engine. Now the diesel engine has been removed and the main drainage takes place by an electric auger pumping station next to the mill.

Wikipedia: Achthovense Molen (NL)

2. Doeshofmolen

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The Doeshofmolen is a wooden octagonal ground sailer east of the Dutch town of Leiderdorp. The mill was built in 1830 for the drainage of the Huis ter Doespolder. The mill served until it suffered storm damage in 1949, after which the drainage of the polder was taken over by the nearby Achthovense Molen. In 1960 a demolition permit was issued for this small mill, but in 1963 the Doeshof mill was purchased by the Rijnlandse Molenstichting, which restored the mill to turning. It took until 2004 until the Doeshofmolen was able to grind again.

Wikipedia: Doeshofmolen (NL)

3. Rodenburgermolen

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The Rodenburger plant, operated in the Dutch city, is a mill built in 1704 to control the Rodenburger mill. In 1893, when lightning struck and burned down the factory, it had to be rebuilt. In the reconstruction, cast iron gears are used as traditional wooden parts instead of traditional wooden parts. The factory operated until 1953; In 1959, with the exception of cast iron upper wheels and odd dimensions, the internal work was removed, which kept the block size and ring size in the middle. About. It is four meters away from the factory.

Wikipedia: Rodenburgermolen (NL)

4. Goede Herderkerk

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In its area, a Roman Catholic Church sits on the high embankment of the sweet wood tenderloin and is part of the parish saints Petrus and Paulus. Until December 2016, the church was dedicated to Maria's uncontaminated reception. After a thorough restoration and reconstruction, and then after the closure of the Church of Humanity, which led the village, she was reappointed by Hansen, Bishop of Roterdan, on Saturday, 17 December 2016, and dedicated to the Good Shepherd.

Wikipedia: Goede Herderkerk (Zoeterwoude) (NL)

5. Meerburgermolen

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The Meerburgermolen is a polder mill that stood between the A4 and the industrial estate in the Dutch town of Zoeterwoude-Rijndijk. The mill dates from 1684 and was built for the drainage of the Room- or Meerburgerpolder. The mill has been in the possession of the Rijnlandse Molenstichting since its decommissioning in 1972. Due to the deteriorated mill biotope, it was decided in 2006 to move the Meerburgermolen to a location near Leiderdorp.

Wikipedia: Meerburgermolen (NL)

6. Kasteel Cronesteyn

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Kasteel Cronesteyn Roelant Roghman / Public domain

Cronestein Castle is a castle in the southeast of Sweet Forest, on the east side of Hamburg Water in Rome. The castle was built around 1300 as an enhanced farm. Now it is located in the public Kronestein Park, only in the indoor terrain around the canal.

Wikipedia: Kasteel Cronesteyn (NL)

7. Hoofdstraatkerk

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The Main Street Church is an eclectic church building composed of the reformed congregation of the main street in the Dutch city leader village. The church building is located on the main road between A4 and the old Rhine River.

Wikipedia: Hoofdstraatkerk (NL)

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