7 Sights in Gulpen, Netherlands (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Gulpen, Netherlands. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 7 sights are available in Gulpen, Netherlands.

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1. Sint-Petruskerk

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The Sint-Petruskerk is a church building in Gulpen in the Dutch South Limburg municipality of Gulpen-Wittem. She is the successor of the old Petruskerk, approximately 200 meters in a hill, with cemetery, of which now only the tower is surrounded by the cemetery. The Protestant Tourist Church is about 50 meters north -east of the church and at about 70 meters north of the church stood the Leopold Church of which only a graveyard remains. On the other side of the chaplain Pendersplein is the town hall of Gulpen-Wittem.

Wikipedia: Sint-Petruskerk (Gulpen) (NL)

2. Sint-Remigiuskerk

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Sint-Remigiuskerk Paul Hermans / CC BY-SA 2.5

The Saint Remigius Church is a Roman Catholic church building in Simpelveld, The Netherlands. It is a neoroman cross shaped church with three naves, a tower with a waisted top, and a round apse. It is completely made up out of Kunradersteen, a local variant of chalk. The building is used as parish church for the local Saint Remigius parish. Patron saint for the church is Saint Remigius. Due to the inventory of the church, it has been listed as a rijksmonument, making it a national heritage site of the Netherlands.

Wikipedia: Saint Remigius Church (EN)

3. Motte Eys

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Motte Eys is a medieval motte castle located near Eys in the province of Limbaugh, the Netherlands, on part of Farm Hill. The castle and masonry ring walls of this moth castle still exist. Mottihot is a so-called abschnittsmotte. This means that not on the mountain, but by digging the connection between the ridge and the back of the mountain, the hill is created. On this excavated dry canal, there is an arched bridge connecting moths with the terrain behind them.

Wikipedia: Eys (mottekasteel) (NL)

4. Sint-Agathakerk

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Santa Gada Church is an 18th century church building located in the Dutch city of South Limburg village of Eys. Roman Catholic diocesan churches are dedicated to sint-agatha. The Baroque church building is a national monument and is also a typical nude Baroque style.

Wikipedia: Sint-Agathakerk (Eys) (NL)

5. Kasteel Cartils

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Castle cartils is a castle on St. Vitem Road, on the territory of the former commune, in a rural setting near the banks of the Eyserbek River. Not far from eyeliner, gullies and prime locations. Near the castle is the nearby Cartiells.

Wikipedia: Kasteel Cartils (NL)

6. Motte Gracht Burggraaf

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Gracht Burggraaf was a medieval motte castle located near Gulpen in the Dutch province of Limburg. Today, only the hill of this motte castle remains, which is located near the hamlet of the same name Gracht Burggraaf.

Wikipedia: Gracht Burggraaf (mottekasteel) (NL)

7. Kasteel Wittem

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Kasteel Wittem Tibor at Dutch Wikipedia / Public domain

Kasteel Wittem is a defunct restaurant located in Castle Wittem in Wittem, in the Netherlands. It was a fine dining restaurant that was awarded one Michelin star in 1977 and retained that rating until 1989.

Wikipedia: Kasteel Wittem (EN)

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