8 Sights in Goedereede, Netherlands (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Goedereede, Netherlands. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 8 sights are available in Goedereede, Netherlands.

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1. Eben Haëzer

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Eben haezerkerk is a church building in 2013 in the deep thirst of the old village in the Dutch province of South Holland. The church building is a steel structure with roof cover and four masonry buildings, with 1,071 places, which is the largest goeree overflow. It is 30.5 meters high, and the height of the inner church is 18.75 meters. The organ came from the village church of deense hellerup and was built in 1950 by organ maker Marcusen. The four chandeliers of the church are copies of the chandeliers in the cornerstone. Silver baptism and silver dinner were donated to the church by a congregation member. The seats are folding wooden sofas. Downstairs, there are 889 places, and there are 182 places in the gallery. The building was designed by a medium-sized construction company.

Wikipedia: Eben-Haëzerkerk (Ouddorp) (NL)

2. De Zwaan

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Korenmolen De Zwaan is a windmill on the Dorpsweg in Ouddorp on the island of Goeree-Overflakkee, in the Dutch province of South Holland. The mill was built in 1846 to replace a much smaller standerdmolen. This standerdmolen was demolished and moved to Brouwershaven. The Swan milled until 1975 on wind power; then an electric motor was placed that drove the track wheel. In 1981/1982 the mill was thoroughly restored and since then it can be ground again. The electric motor is still present, but because there is no longer a power connection, it can no longer run. In the mill there are three pairs of grinding stones. The tow latch work is arranged in reverse compared to most mills: the drive takes place at the bottom of the lazy table.

Wikipedia: De Zwaan (Ouddorp) (NL)

3. TOP Stellendam

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TOP Stellendam Arch / Public domain

The tourist transfer point (top) is a "natural node" from which various cycling, boating, skating and hiking routes begin. Each of the vertices can be identified on landmarks, using a type of obelisk in the eastern part of the country, thatched cottages in the Green Center and throwing an amazing pillar of information in the area & Battle and River Land. At the top, there are usually some seats, bicycle racks and road signs. The area's top Throw & Fight also always offers bike rentals, hotels, free toilets, anwb bike service boxes and vv information points.

Wikipedia: Toeristisch Overstappunt (NL)

4. Catharinakerk

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Catharinakerk (german St. Catherine's Church) is an Evangelical Reformed parish church in Goedereede on the Goeree-Overflakkee peninsula in the Dutch province of South Holland. The medieval parts of the church are works of brick Gothic. The tower with its stone decoration and its tuff bands can be attributed to the Kempian Gothic style.

Wikipedia: Catharinakerk (Goedereede) (DE)

5. Toren van Goedereede

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Toren van Goedereede Arch / Public domain

The Toren van Goedereede is a gray square brick tower in Goedereede, Netherlands, 39.5 metres (130 ft) high, belonging to the Catharina church. It was built in 1512. From 1552 to 1912 the tower served as a lighthouse, and went through various changes during this period. Today it has been restored and is a museum, housing a carillon.

Wikipedia: Toren van Goedereede (EN)

6. Dorpskerk

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The Dorpskerk also known as the Maartenskerk in Ouddorp was completed in 1348 and is situated in the town's centre. The tower was completed in the early 16th-century. The church was completely renovated in the 18th-century. The church and tower are rijksmonuments, listed as number 16267 and 16268.

Wikipedia: Dorpskerk, Ouddorp (EN)

7. Duinboerderij Het Blaeuwe Huus

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Duinboerderij Het Blaeuwe Huus H.L. Vogel, photographer and publisher in Goedereede, The Netherlands. / Public domain

Blue House, an ancient dune farm in the old village of the Dutch province of South Holland, has been declared a national monument. According to the title of the farm, it was built in 1650 and is located in the Western Islands at that time. The barn of the farm was built from 1752 to 1825.

Wikipedia: Blaeuwe Huus (NL)

8. De Hoop

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De Hoop Johan / CC-BY-SA-3.0

De Hoop ("Hope") is a flour windmill in Ouddorp built in 1845 and fully renovated in 1984. It is one of the few windmills in the Netherlands that is still privately owned, and is still in full commercial operation.

Wikipedia: De Hoop, Ouddorp (EN)

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