6 Sights in Bleskensgraaf ca, Netherlands (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Bleskensgraaf ca, Netherlands. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 6 sights are available in Bleskensgraaf ca, Netherlands.

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1. Hofwegensemolen

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The Hofwegensemolen is a seesaw mill at Hofwegen 15 in Bleskensgraaf, in the Dutch municipality of Molenlanden. The year of construction of the mill is unknown; in 1898 the foot was bricked up more than 1 meter higher to increase the flight. In 1958, the paddle wheel of the mill was replaced by an auger in the same place as the paddle wheel, which can also be electrically driven. The head of the auger is 1.40 meters. The Hofwegensemolen has a function as a reserve pumping station. The Hofwegensemolen has been owned by the SIMAV since 1 February 2008 and can only be visited by appointment.

Wikipedia: Hofwegensemolen (NL)

2. Wingerdse Molen

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The Wingerdse Molen in the Dutch town of Bleskensgraaf is a seesaw mill of which the year of construction is not known. This polder mill was probably built in 1513. The tube is from 1624. In 1872 the mill was raised by bricking up the field walls, which allowed a greater flight to be obtained. With 28.20 m, the Wingerdse Molen has the largest flight of all Dutch seesaw mills. The original paddle wheel was replaced by a mortar in 1955. In 1996, among other things, the shelling of the hood and the trusses were renewed. In 2006, two reed beds on the lower tower were renewed.

Wikipedia: Wingerdse Molen (NL)

3. TOP Oud-Alblas

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TOP Oud-Alblas Arch / Public domain

The tourist transfer point (top) is a "natural node" from which various cycling, boating, skating and hiking routes begin. Each of the vertices can be identified on landmarks, using a type of obelisk in the eastern part of the country, thatched cottages in the Green Center and throwing an amazing pillar of information in the area & Battle and River Land. At the top, there are usually some seats, bicycle racks and road signs. The area's top Throw & Fight also always offers bike rentals, hotels, free toilets, anwb bike service boxes and vv information points.

Wikipedia: Toeristisch Overstappunt (NL)

4. De Peilmolen

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The former Albras bearing factory, located in the Dutch borough, was built in 1818 to reduce the size of the southern silkworm. The wedge mill burned in 1817 was replaced by a wheeled or signaled mill until 1881, when the mill was signaled to other factories in the region. A 5. 90-meter-diameter shovel mill grinds the water from the crusher. In 1971, the factory was officially retired. The factory is located in a densely populated area and cannot be visited. The factory has been owned by Simav since 1968.

Wikipedia: De Peilmolen (NL)

5. De Hoop

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In Holland's Mill Country, the old Alblas Corn Mill was a theorem mill built in 1844 to replace the foundry previously in the same place. This is a round stone mill, flying 22.56 meters. The factory is equipped with two pairs of artificial stones for 17 people and four branch lines. They are also equipped with regulators. There is also an electrically driven grinding chair with a 30 horsepower engine. The pile rotates almost every day and grinds about 500 kilograms a week. The factory is open as usual.

Wikipedia: De Hoop (Oud-Alblas) (NL)

6. De Vriendschap

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Establishing Friendship in the Troubleshooter in Holland was a theorem factory built by Johan't Hooft in 1890. The factory replaced the Wedge Flour Mill at the same site around 1680. Previously, it could be folded into this factory from one of Alblas for grinding and drainage there. The plant operated until 1971 and was running regularly. The problem of workers in the last professional factory is even more worrying.

Wikipedia: De Vriendschap (Bleskensgraaf) (NL)

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