5 Sights in Mar Nicolas, Lebanon (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Mar Nicolas, Lebanon. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 5 sights are available in Mar Nicolas, Lebanon.

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1. Agora Hellénistique et Romaine

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Agora Hellénistique et Romaine Dimitri Tarazi et al. / Public domain

The Petit Serail was a historic administrative Ottoman building in Beirut that housed the seat of the Wali of Syria and Beirut. It was situated to the northern side of Martyrs' Square at the heart of the Beirut Central District. The building was the scene of important historical events, but plans to enlarge Beirut's main square led to its destruction in 1950. It was one of several Ottoman era building projects that shaped the architecture of Lebanon in Beirut.

Wikipedia: Petit Serail (EN)

2. L'Œuf

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The Egg, or the Dome, is an unfinished cinema building in Beirut, Lebanon. Its construction began in 1965 but was interrupted with the outbreak the Lebanese Civil War in 1975 and the horse-shoe shaped dome that remains today is now a landmark in Beirut. It was part of a commercial and residential project named "Beirut City Center", by architect Joseph Philippe Karam.

Wikipedia: The Egg, Beirut (EN)

3. تمثال الشهداء

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Martyrs' Monument was built to honor the hanging of a cross-confessional group of Lebanese Patriots on May 6, 1916, who had spoken against Turkish rule by Ottoman General Jamal Pasha. It is located at what is now known as Martyrs' Square in the heart of downtown Beirut, Lebanon. It was created by Italian sculptor Marino Mazzacurati, and inaugurated in 1960.

Wikipedia: Martyrs’ Monument, Beirut (EN)

4. كاتدرائية مار جرجس المارونية

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Saint George Maronite Cathedral is the cathedral of the Maronite Catholic Archeparchy of Beirut, Archdiocese of the city of Beirut, Lebanon. Its construction, with a Neoclassical facade, interior and plan inspired by the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, began in 1884 and ended in 1894.

Wikipedia: Maronite Cathedral of Saint George, Beirut (EN)

5. كنيس ماغين أبراهام‎‎

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Beirut Grand Synagogue, commonly known as Maghen Abraham Synagogue, is the last synagogue in Beirut (Lebanon), located in Wadi Abu Jamil District, and is known as the most beautiful synagogue in the Middle East.

Wikipedia: Synagogue Magen Abraham de Beyrouth (FR)

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