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Explore interesting sights in Sigulda, Latvia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 5 sights are available in Sigulda, Latvia.

1. Rose of Turaida’s Grave

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The Legend about Turaida Rose is a 19th century legend about a young woman named Maija murdered in the Gutman's Cave and whose grave, in the grounds of Turaida Castle in Latvia, is still much visited. In 19th century court documents were found which relate events that served a base for the legend. The legend entered into literary circulation and in other forms of art. The same 1848 year the Baltic-German poet Adelbert Cammerer published the poem Die Jungfrau von Treiden. Other works followd.

Wikipedia: Legend of Turaida Rose (EN)

2. Gütmanis (Gutmann) Cave

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Gütmanis (Gutmann) Cave

Gutman's Cave is the widest and highest cave in the Baltic countries, located by the Gauja River in the area known as the ancient Gauja valley in the Gauja National Park near Sigulda, Latvia. It started forming more than 10,000 years ago when meltwater eroded the sandstone rock after the Ice Age. It is the oldest tourist attraction in Latvia. On the walls of the cave are inscriptions from the 17th century. The legend of the Rose of Turaida began in this cave.

Wikipedia: Gutman's Cave (EN)

3. Krimuldas castle

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The Krimulda Castle is located just outside Sigulda, Sigulda Municipality in the Vidzeme region of Latvia and is a tourist attraction. The castle dates from the 14th century and was destroyed in a war in 1601. Prince Liven’s living house was built in the classic style. The manor complex consists of steward’s house, coach house, Swiss cottage, etc. Home wine tasting is available by prior arrangement.

Wikipedia: Krimulda Castle (EN)

4. Turaida Evangelical Lutheran Church

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Turaida Evangelical Lutheran Church Ainars Brūvelis / CC BY-SA 3.0

Turaida Church is a Lutheran church in Turaida, Sigulda. It is located on Church Hill, which is an ancient cemetery site where baptized Livonians and parishioners were buried from the 13th century until 1772, when the Russian Empress Catherine II forbade the burial of the dead near the church.

Wikipedia: Turaidas evaņģēliski luteriskā baznīca (LV)

5. Siguldas viduslaiku pils

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Sigulda Medieval Castle ruins are located on the edge of the Gauja valley in Latvia. The original castle was built in 1207 as a castellum type fortress, later rebuilt into a convent type building. The residence of the Land Marshal of the Livonian Order since 1432.

Wikipedia: Sigulda Medieval Castle (EN)


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