5 Sights in Tamba, Japan (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Tamba, Japan. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 5 sights are available in Tamba, Japan.

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1. 丹波市立植野記念美術館

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The Tamba Municipal Ueno Memorial Museum of Art is the core art museum of the Tamba region, built on a site overlooking the Kako River flowing through Tamba City, Hyogo Prefecture. It opened in 1994 as an art museum in Hikami Town, and the newly established Tamba City as a result of the merger took over the facility.

Wikipedia: 丹波市立植野記念美術館 (JA)

2. 慧日寺

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Enichiji Temple (慧日寺) is a temple of the Rinzai sect Myoshinji sect located in Ota, Yamanan Town, Tamba City, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. The mountain number is Manmatsuyama. The main statue is Buddha. Tamba City Sightseeing 100 Selections Selected in the Temple / Shrine Category and Maple Famous Spot Category.

Wikipedia: 慧日寺 (丹波市) (JA)

3. 興善寺

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Kozenji Temple is a Buddhist temple located in Tamba, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. The mountain number is Mt. Ome, Soto Sect Bekkaichi, and the main statue is Shakyamuni (by Buddhist master Kasuga). National Historic Site. It is also famous as the birthplace of the Kasuga Bureau.

Wikipedia: 興禅寺 (丹波市) (JA)

4. 白毫寺

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Baihao Temple is a Tiantai Temple located in Danbo City, Hyogo Prefecture. The mountain is the five mountains. This statue is the Tathagata of glazed light, a pharmacist. The "nine-foot rattan" on the 120-meter rattan frame is amazing.

Wikipedia: 白毫寺 (丹波市) (JA)

5. 柏原藩陣屋跡

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Kashiwabara Jinya (柏原陣屋, Kashibara Jinya) was a jinya that was located in present-day Kashiwabara Town, Tamba City, Hyōgo Prefecture (Hikami District, Tamba Province). A nationally designated historic site.

Wikipedia: 柏原陣屋 (JA)


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