9 Sights in Atsugi, Japan (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Atsugi, Japan. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 9 sights are available in Atsugi, Japan.

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1. 史跡 相模国分寺跡

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The Sagami Kokubun-ji (相模国分寺) is a Buddhist temple in the city of Ebina, Kanagawa, Japan. It is the provincial temple ("kokubunji") of former Sagami Province. The grounds of the temple are a National Historic Site. and its Kamakura period Bonshō is an Important Cultural Property. The temple was destroyed and rebuilt several times over its long history, and much of its documentary history has been lost. It now belongs to the Kōyasan Shingon-shū sect.

Wikipedia: Sagami Kokubun-ji (EN)

2. 厚木神社

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Atsugi Jinja (篤木神社, Atsugi Jinja) is a Shinto shrine located in the city of Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Formerly known as Ushido Tennosha, he was the keeper of Atsugi Village. In 1873 (Meiji 6), Kumano Shrine and Funakita Shrine were combined and renamed Atsugi Shrine. In the past, the festival was held for seven days from June 6 to the lunar calendar, but later it was held on the third Saturday and Sunday of July.

Wikipedia: 厚木神社 (JA)

3. ロマンスカーミュージアム

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Romance Automobile Museum is located next to Haimaoming Station in Huimachi, Haimaoming City, Kanagawa Prefecture. It is the railway museum of Oda Express Railway. In addition to displaying the past dynasties of the company's express romance cars and reappearing the panorama along Shinjuku Station-Hakone Tomben Station in Odaji Odahara Line, you can also experience the driving simulator.

Wikipedia: ロマンスカーミュージアム (JA)

4. 瓢箪塚古墳

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The Gourd Mound Kofun (瓢箪塚古墳, Hisagozuka Kofun, Hyogo-zuka Kofun / Kamihamada No. 7 Tomb) is an ancient tomb located in the south of Kokubun, Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The shape is anterior posterior mound. One of the ancient tombs that make up the Kamihamada Kofun Group. It is designated as a designated historical site of Ebina City.

Wikipedia: 瓢箪塚古墳 (海老名市) (JA)

5. 有鹿神社

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有鹿神社 sagaminomori / Public domain

Youru Shrine (Youru Shrine) is a shrine located in the area formed along the Youru River in the center of Kanagawa Prefecture (Youru Township). Olympic Palace sits in Jibu, Shinan District, Sagamihara. Also known as "Lord Deer". One theory is that the Kibu family of Abo started offering sacrifices to ancestors in the local area.

Wikipedia: 有鹿神社 (JA)

6. 總持院

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Sojiin (sojiin) is a temple of the Kōyasan Shingen sect located in Kawaraguchi 3-chome, Ebina, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. His full name is Ebiyama Manzōji Somochi-in (Kairōzan Manzōji Sojiin). Until the separation of the Shinto Buddhas, it was a betsuto-ji temple of Arika Shrine.

Wikipedia: 総持院 (海老名市) (JA)

7. 海老名中央公園

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海老名中央公園 machiro / CC BY-SA 3.0

Hailaoming Central Park is an urban park (adjacent park) located in front of the east exit of Hailaoming Station in the downtown city street of Hailaoming, Kanagawa Prefecture. Adjacent to complex commercial facilities. The total area is about 0.9 ha.

Wikipedia: 海老名中央公園 (JA)

8. 海老名市温故館

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Ebina City Onkokan (Ebina City Onkokan) is a local museum of Ebina City located in Ebina, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. It collects, organizes, stores, and displays documents, pottery, and materials related to local history.

Wikipedia: 海老名市温故館 (JA)

9. 高松山

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Takamatsuyama (高松山, Takamatsuyama) is a 147-meter-high mountain located in the city of Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. It is located in the eastern part of Tanzawa District. It is nicknamed Miyuki-san.

Wikipedia: 高松山 (厚木市) (JA)

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