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Explore interesting sights in Nocera Inferiore, Italy. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 7 sights are available in Nocera Inferiore, Italy.

Sightseeing Tours in Nocera Inferiore

1. Santuario di Santa Maria dei Miracoli

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Santuario di Santa Maria dei Miracoli

The sanctuary of Santa Maria dei Miracoli is a Marian religious complex located in Nocera Inferiore, 300 meters above sea level, on the half coast of Mount Albino. Initially the area housed a chapel dedicated to the Madonna dei Pigni. In 1530 the building was transformed into a convent by the leader of nocerino Giambattista Castaldo dedicated to the order of olivetani. In the 18th century, after a landslide, the convent complex was moved downstream and the complex was decadent. It was renovated during the nineteenth century. In 1973 he was raised to the Marian Diocesan Sanctuary by Bishop Jolando Nuzzi. A pilgrimage destination in spring, you can reach it by a cemented road, which arrives at the base of the sanctuary, where a staircase starts to reach the building.

Wikipedia: Santuario di Santa Maria dei Miracoli (Nocera Inferiore) (IT)

2. Museo Archeologico Provinciale dell'Agro Nocerino

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Museo Archeologico Provinciale dell'Agro Nocerino

The Provincial Archaeological Museum of the Agro Nocerino located in Nocera Inferiore was inaugurated in 1964 to host the "Pisani" collection formed by archaeological finds from the protohistoric tombs of San Marzano sul Sarno, as well as the finds from the excavations of the provincial museum management, who worked from 1957 onwards at the Necropolis of the Pareti di Nocera Superiore, not far from the Alfaterna's Hellenistic-Roman theater of Nuceria and some materials from a civic collection of Angri.

Wikipedia: Museo archeologico dell'agro nocerino (IT)

3. Chiesa di San Bartolomeo

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Chiesa di San Bartolomeo

The church of San Bartolomeo is a parish of Nocera Inferiore. Today's church, previously dedicated to Santa Maria dei Miracoli, replaced the previous parish of San Bartolomeo apostle located not far away during 1812. It was erected in 1728 as a church for the adjoining convent corresponding to the Order of Olivetans, who transferred the convent previously hosted at the current Sanctuary of Montalbino, always in Nocera Inferiore.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di San Bartolomeo (Nocera Inferiore) (IT)

4. Monumenti funerari di piazza del Corso

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The funerary complex of Piazza del Corso is an urban archaeological area located in the center of Nocera Inferiore along the road that led from Nuceria Alfaterna to Stabia, between the current Corso Vittorio Emanuele and the church of San Matteo.

Wikipedia: Monumenti funerari di piazza del Corso (IT)

5. Complesso conventuale di San Giovanni in Parco

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Complesso conventuale di San Giovanni in Parco . L'utente che ha caricato in origine il file è stato Mariano2397 di Wikipedia in italiano / CC BY-SA 4.0

The Conventual Complex of San Giovanni in Park or on stage of Nocera Inferiore, is located halfway through the hill of Sant'Andrea, in via Solimena among the ex-jerze of the Palazzo Ducale (today Villa Comunale) and the monastery of Sant ' Anna.

Wikipedia: Chiesa e convento di San Giovanni in Parco (IT)

6. Basilica di Sant'Antonio

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Basilica di Sant'Antonio

The convent of Sant'Antonio is located on the top of the wide eponymous, on the southern side of the hill of the Parco di Nocera Inferiore, dominate the square with the imposing staircase leading to the entrance porch.

Wikipedia: Basilica e convento di Sant'Antonio (IT), Website

7. Teatro di Nuceria Alfaterna

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Teatro di Nuceria Alfaterna

The Hellenistic-Roman theatre of Nuceria was built in the second century BC. It was identified and brought to light between the late seventies and early eighties in the area between Pareti and Pucciano.

Wikipedia: Teatro di Nuceria Alfaterna (IT)


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