10 Sights in Legnano, Italy (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Legnano, Italy. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 10 sights are available in Legnano, Italy.

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1. Museo Fratelli Cozzi

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The Fratelli Cozzi Museum, located in Legnano, is a private museum founded by Pietro Cozzi in 2015 which houses a collection of cars made by the Italian Alfa Romeo car manufacturer, together with related documents and objects. The collection includes at least one specimen for each model produced by Alfa Romeo starting from 1950 and numerous objects related to the automotive manufacturer and the world of car. The museum is also part of the Lombard circuit of the Museums of Design and Museimpresa.

Wikipedia: Museo Fratelli Cozzi (IT), Website

2. Monumento al Guerriero di Legnano

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The monument to the Warrior of Legnano is a bronze statue dedicated to a fighter of the homonymous medieval battle. Located in Legnano, the statue represents a soldier in a pose that later became famous, with the shield in his left hand and the sword raised in the right to symbolize the jubilation for the end of the battle of Legnano and for the defeat of Frederick Barbarossa. Built by Enrico Butti, it was inaugurated on June 29, 1900.

Wikipedia: Monumento al Guerriero di Legnano (IT)

3. Basilica di San Magno

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Basilica di San Magno Heimdall / CC BY-SA 4.0

The Basilica of Saint Magnus is the principal church of the Italian town of Legnano, in the Province of Milan. It is dedicated to the Saint Magnus, who was Archbishop of Milan from 518 to 530. The church was built from 1504 to 1513 in the Renaissance-style designed by Donato Bramante. The bell tower was added between the years 1752 and 1791. On 18 March 1950, Pope Pius XII named the Basilica of San Magno a minor basilica.

Wikipedia: Basilica of San Magno, Legnano (EN)

4. Chiesa di Sant'Ambrogio

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The church of Sant'Ambrogio is a place of Catholic worship in Legnano. It is the church of the city with the oldest origins. It was dedicated to St. Ambrose, archbishop of Milan from 374 to 397. The building, which was built in 1590, is based on an earlier church from the mid-thirteenth century. It was enlarged in 1740, when it took its current appearance.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di Sant'Ambrogio (Legnano) (IT)

5. Chiesa di Santa Teresa del Bambin Gesù

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The Sanctuary of Santa Teresa del Bambino Gesù is a place of Catholic worship in Legnano, Italy. Attached to the sanctuary there is a convent of friars of the Order of Discalced Carmelites who settled in the city in 1929. The sanctuary is dedicated to Therese of Lisieux.

Wikipedia: Santuario di Santa Teresa del Bambin Gesù (Legnano) (IT)

6. Castello Visconteo di San Giorgio

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The Visconti Castle of Legnano is a mediaeval castle, located south of the city of Legnano, Metropolitan City of Milan, Lombardy, northern Italy. It lies on a small island formed by the Olona river. Since the 13th century, it is also known as the castle of San Giorgio.

Wikipedia: Visconti Castle (Legnano) (EN)

7. Chiesa Madonnina dei Ronchi

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The church of the Madonnina dei Ronchi is a Catholic place of worship in Legnano. It was built in 1641 following the permit granted by a descendant of Oldrado II Lampugnani, Jossefo, to transform the family chapel into a real church. It is located along Corso Sempione.

Wikipedia: Chiesa della Madonnina dei Ronchi (IT)

8. Parco Castello

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The Parco del bosco di Legnano is a local park of supra-municipal interest that develops around the Olona. It has an area of about 25 hectares and extends entirely over the territory of Legnano, a municipality of the metropolitan city of Milan, in Lombardy.

Wikipedia: Parco locale del bosco di Legnano (IT)

9. Chiesa di Santa Rita

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The church of Santa Rita is a place of Catholic worship in Legnano, located in Corso Sempione, annexed to the private school Barbara Melzi, originally dedicated to the "Purification". It was later dedicated to Saint Rita.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di Santa Rita (Legnano) (IT)

10. Museo Civico Guido Sutermeister

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The Civic Museum Guido Suttermeister is an archaeological museum of Legnano, in the metropolitan city of Milan, in Lombardy, named after the archaeologist Guido Suthermeister, who wanted the foundation.

Wikipedia: Museo civico Guido Sutermeister (IT), Website


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