6 Sights in Brugherio, Italy (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Brugherio, Italy. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 6 sights are available in Brugherio, Italy.

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1. Cappella Santa Maria Immacolata

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The church of Saint Mary Immaculate is a church that is annexed to Cascina Increa, next to the entrance of Villa Tizzoni Ottolini in Brugherio. The church has undergone renovations, however, like the farmhouse to which it is attached, has maintained its original architecture. Increa, the area where the church is located, formerly belonged to the municipality of Cernusco Asinario ; it became part of the parish of Saint Bartholomew in 1578 and was subsequently annexed to the municipality of Brugherio in 1866.

Wikipedia: Saint Mary Immaculate, Brugherio (EN)

2. Parco Cava Increa

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The Increa Park is a green area in communal ownership in the south-west part of Brugherio, in Lombardy. Inside the Italian park is a large lake and the remains of the Increa Quarry, which gives its name to the park. This park is part of a larger national park called Parco Est delle Cave. It borders Cernusco sul Naviglio and it is near Milan's eastern bypass road. It covers about 33 hectares.

Wikipedia: Increa Park (EN)

3. Palazzo Bolagnos, Andreani, Sormani, Verri

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The baroque Villa Sormani is in the village of Moncucco in the city of Brugherio. The Villa Sormani was the site chosen by Count Paolo Andreani to demonstrate the first public balloon flight on Italian soil in 1784. In the grounds is a church that was moved from Switzerland.

Wikipedia: Villa Sormani (EN)

4. Chiesa parrocchiale di San Bartolomeo

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The Church of Saint Bartholomew is the cathedral and the oldest parish in Brugherio, Italy. It houses relics of the three Magi. It is characterised by its relatively high bell tower measuring 36.8 metres (121 ft).

Wikipedia: Saint Bartholomew, Brugherio (EN)

5. Cappella di Santa Margherita

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The church of Saint Margaret is a 16th-century chapel dedicated to Saint Margaret of Antioch. It is located in Cassina Baraggia, Brugherio, Italy. The church is adjacent to the Villa Brivio, to which it belonged.

Wikipedia: Saint Margaret, Brugherio (EN)

6. Monumento ai Caduti

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The Monument to the Fallen of Brugherio is a sculptural complex of 1933 by Ernesto Bazzaro. The complex stands in Brugherio in Via Vittorio Veneto, in front of the "Federico Sciviero" elementary schools.

Wikipedia: Monumento ai Caduti (Brugherio) (IT)


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