5 Sights in Kashmar, Iran (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Kashmar, Iran. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 5 sights are available in Kashmar, Iran.

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1. آرامگاه سید حسن مدرس

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The Tomb of Sayyid Hassan Modarres is the burial site of Sayyid Hassan Modares, former prime minister of Iran. It was built in 1937 in Kashmar, Iran, as opposed to using the former tomb of Kashmar in the vast gardens of Kashmar. The tomb building consists of a central dome, four dock and a dome made of turquoise, in the style of Islamic architecture and the Safavid dynasty. Seyed Hassan Modares lived during the Pahlavi dynasty and was from the Sadat of Tabatabai. He was a political constitutionalist. He was born in a village in Ardestan in 1870 and moved to Tehran and joined the second national legislature. In the year 1928, he was kept in secret and then exiled to Kashmar. He was one of those who opposed a republic because he believed in an Islamic Republic. In accordance with the law of interest and when Reza Shah thought that President Kemal Atatürk would bring the dreams to the King of Khan, eventually ended in 1937 in the city of Kashmar, representatives of Reza Shah killed.

Wikipedia: Tomb of Hassan Modarres (EN)

2. مدرسه حاج سلطان العلماء

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Haj Sultan Al-Al-Mahan College is a history school located in Kashmir on Imam Khomeini Street, the square in the center of the city, and was listed as an Iranian national cultural relic on July 5, 1384, with registration number 11929. It was built by Haj Malahadi Sultan Al-Alama, under Ghajarian rule.

Wikipedia: مدرسه حاج سلطان العلماء (FA)

3. خانه احمد پناه

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The House of Ahmed Phar (), a house of the Ghajar era, is located in Kashmar, Imam Khomini Street, at the corner of the restored quadrangle, and was listed as a national monument of Iran on July 5, 1384, with a registration date of 11927.

Wikipedia: خانه احمد پناه (FA)

4. خانه دانش

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Danesh House is a historical house of the Pahlavi era and is located in Kashmar, southwest of Imam Ali Square, and this work was registered as one of the national monuments of Iran on September 2, 2009 with the registration number 28209.

Wikipedia: خانه دانش (FA)

5. آرامگاه افتخارالتجار

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A memorable monument from the late Ghajar period to the early Pahlavi period, located on June 15 Street, Kashmir. This work was listed as one of Iran's national works on July 5, 1384, with registration number 11928.

Wikipedia: آرامگاه افتخارالتجار (FA)

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