6 Sights in Szilvásvárad, Hungary (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Szilvásvárad, Hungary. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 6 sights are available in Szilvásvárad, Hungary.

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1. Éleskővár

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Sharpstone Castle is located next to Szilvásvárad, on the summit of the Kukucsó valley, Tófalu valley and Szalajka valley in the Bükk region. There is no hiking trail leading to the area, as the countryside is a zone currently used by forestry, so the area is not developed from a touristic point of view. The approach to the castle ruins is possible from Szilvásvárad by turning off the driveway leading in the Tótfalu Valley on the forestry exploration road or starting on the track of the former small railway from the Szalajka-Halastó stop towards Bánkút to the beginning of the Kukucsó valley, and from there on the forestry exploration road. The countryside can also be easily reached by bicycle, but since logging is regular in the area, it is worth driving with extreme caution and using a map due to the frequent changes in the nature of the landscape in this way. The sharpstone range, which also bears the castle, can be seen from afar, but the ruins of the castle can only be seen from the opposite Kalapat hill, not from the valleys.

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2. Szilvási-kő

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At 961 meters above sea level, the Zilv á si Rock is the highest point in the region of the ≤ kk and the fourth highest peak in Hungary. The name Zilv á si Stone is very new and has long been anonymous, known as the southern tip of the Ett (s-B é rc). Stolt ó s Stone Peak was considered the highest point of the mountain range until 2014, but it has been shown as the highest point on military maps since the 1920s. Its height was measured using technology-based measures in 2014, when it was found that the south peak of Ett ≤ s-B é rc was 960,715 m and the north peak was 958.2 m, both of which were ahead of the previous tallest stones.

Wikipedia: Szilvási-kő (HU)

3. Fátyol Waterfall

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The Veil Falls is one of the main sights of the Szalajka Valley in Szilvásvárad, one of the outstanding natural beauties of Hungary. The Szalajka stream is fed by karst springs. From the water of these, as it reaches the surface, some of the dissolved carbon dioxide evaporates into the air, and calcium carbonate precipitates from the water thus supersaturated. The water flows down the 18 terraces of such a limestone dam, about 17 meters long.

Wikipedia: Fátyol-vízesés (HU)

4. Istállós-kő

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Istállós-kő is a mountain in Hungary. With a height of 958.1 metres (3,143 ft) above sea level it is the second highest mountain of the Bükk and the sixth highest of Hungary. Before 2014 it was considered to be the highest point of the area, but according to recent surveys Szilvási-kő is 960.715 metres (3,151.95 ft) meters tall.

Wikipedia: Istállós-kő (EN)

5. Istállóskői-barlang

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The Istállós-kői Cave is one of the four caves in Hungary that provide a certain and basic archaeological find. The other three are the Diósgyőrtapolcai Cave, the Pes Stone Cave and the Szela Cave. Hungary is one of the highly protected caves. It is currently the most visited caveman cave in the country.

Wikipedia: Istállós-kői-barlang (HU), Website

6. Gerenna-vár

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Gerenna Castle is a 759-meter-high, truncated-cone-shaped, rocky peak of the Bükk region on the ridge between the Tótfalu Valley and the Maiden Valley; one of the most beautiful lookout points of the mountain range. It takes its name from the castle that once stood here.

Wikipedia: Gerenna-vár (HU)


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