5 Sights in Wennigsen (Deister), Germany (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Wennigsen (Deister), Germany. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 5 sights are available in Wennigsen (Deister), Germany.

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1. Johanniterhaus Kloster Wennigsen

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The Klosteramthaus Wennigsen is a listed building in the municipality of Wennigsen. It is one of the striking buildings in the historic centre that characterise the townscape. The building stands immediately southwest of the monastery and monastery church in the street Klosteramthof, house number 5. Today it is used as a hotel. In front of the building there is also a maple tree, which is registered as a natural monument.

Wikipedia: Klosteramthaus (DE)

2. Heimatmuseum Wennigsen

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The Heimatmuseum Wennigsen is a listed building in the municipality of Wennigsen (Deister). It is located in a half-timbered house built around 1700, which once served as a mill. The house is owned by the municipality and is now managed by the Förderkreis Heimatmuseum Wennigsen (Deister) e. V.

Wikipedia: Heimatmuseum Wennigsen (DE)

3. Scharnhorstdenkmal

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The Scharnhorstdenkmal Wennigsen is a monument in the municipality of Wennigsen. The plant, built in 1913, stands between the core town of Wennigsen and the Waldkater on Hülsebrinkstraße, which is also referred to as Forstmeister-Bank-Allee in this section.

Wikipedia: Scharnhorstdenkmal Wennigsen (DE)

4. Dicker Stein

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The thick stone is a signpost built in 1828 and a mining monument in the city of Winneson. This Stone is included in the list of monuments in Hanover. He stands in Hülsebrinkstraße, in front of today's Wennigsen Magistrates' Court.

Wikipedia: Dicker Stein (Wennigsen) (DE)

5. Kloster Wennigsen

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Wennigsen Abbey (Kloster Wennigsen) is a Protestant convent in Wennigsen am Deister, about 15 km southwest of Hanover. It is one of the five Calenberg monasteries and is administered by the Klosterkammer Hannover.

Wikipedia: Kloster Wennigsen (DE)

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