11 Sights in Sondershausen, Germany (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Sondershausen, Germany. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 11 sights are available in Sondershausen, Germany.

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1. Trinitatiskirche

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The Trinitatiskirche in the Thuringian district town of Sondershausen is an Evangelical Lutheran church, which, along with the princely residential palace, is one of the most important architectural monuments in the city. It once served the princely family of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen as a court church with its own lordship inside. The last members of the princely family were buried in the attached mausoleum.

Wikipedia: Trinitatiskirche (Sondershausen) (DE), Website

2. Schlosspark

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Sondershausen Palace Park, also known as the Princely Park of Sondershausen, is a landscape park in Thuringia, Germany. The complex is relatively centrally located in the district town of Sondershausen and is quite a large and important garden work of art in relation to the city. The park forms a respectable composition with Sondershausen Castle, which is characterized by about six different art epochs.

Wikipedia: Schlosspark Sondershausen (DE)

3. Burg Straußberg

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Straussburg Castle is a castle in Straussburg District, Kyffhäuser District, Thuringia, Germany. The castles are climbable, and the buildings have apparently only been in ruins again in the last 50 years-during the GDR period. A dedicated society worked hard to restore the castle under the guidance of experts. These buildings can be visited through the local castle association.

Wikipedia: Burg Straußberg (DE)

4. Achteckhaus

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From an architectural and art historical point of view Sondershausen Palace can be considered one of the most important palace complexes in Thuringia. It is an irregular four-wing complex. With its imposing silhouette the former Schwarzburg residence dominates today's district town of Sondershausen in the Kyffhäuserkreis district.

Wikipedia: Sondershausen Palace (EN)

5. Freizeit und Erholungpark Zum Possen

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The Possen is a 431.5 m above sea level mountain of the Hainleite in the Thuringian Kyffhäuserkreis with an observation tower (Possenturm) and a listed ensemble of buildings and a park of the 18th and 19th centuries located on the southeast adjoining plateau. It is located about four kilometres south of Sondershausen.

Wikipedia: Possen (Sondershausen) (DE)

6. Ehrenmal des Sondershäuser Verbandes

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The Rondell von Sondershausen is a half-roundel built in 1910 with a World War II memorial inaugurated in 1929 on the Hainleite ridge in the Kyffhäuserkreis district of Thuringia. Located at 390 m above sea level, it serves as a vantage point down to the Sondershausen core town and the Harz Mountains.

Wikipedia: Rondell Sondershausen (DE)

7. St. Elisabeth

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The Roman Catholic branch church of St. Elisabeth is located in Sondershausen in the Thuringian Kyffhäuserkreis. It is a branch church of the parish of Dom zum Heiligen Kreuz Nordhausen in the deanery of Nordhausen of the Diocese of Erfurt. It bears the patronage of St. Elisabeth of Thuringia.

Wikipedia: St. Elisabeth (Sondershausen) (DE)

8. Gottschalcksches Haus

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The Gottschalcksche Haus, former city palace, is a Baroque palace from the 18th century with a prehistory up to the 14th century. It is one of the oldest houses in Sondershausen and has cultural and historical significance as the home of famous composers and conductors of the Loh Orchestra.

Wikipedia: Gottschalcksches Haus (Sondershausen) (DE)

9. Spatenberg

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The Spatenberg is a cone -shaped limestone mountain with a height of 366.1 m above sea level. NHN on the southern edge of the district town Sondershausen in Thuringia. He bears the remains of a Castle of King Henry IV and the Spatenberg tower built in 1895 as a Bismarck Tower.

Wikipedia: Spatenberg (DE)

10. St. Matthias

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The St. Matthias Church in Sondershausen from 1905 is considered one of the most beautiful church buildings in the region with its historicist or neo-Gothic appearance. It is an Evangelical Lutheran church and was dedicated to the Apostle Matthias.

Wikipedia: St.-Matthias-Kirche (Sondershausen) (DE)

11. Burg Furra

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Burg Furra, also known as Großfurra Castle, also known as Wuor or Castle in the vernacular, originated from a moated castle in the middle of today's village of Großfurra in the town of Sondershausen in the Kyffhäuserkreis in Thuringia.

Wikipedia: Burg Furra (DE), Url


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