6 Sights in Pattensen, Germany (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Pattensen, Germany. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 6 sights are available in Pattensen, Germany.

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1. Domäne Calenberg

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The Domain Calenberg, also called Neues Calenberg or Domäne Schulenburg, is a listed former state domain in Schulenburg at the address Hauptstraße 1 of the place in the Hanover region. The buildings of the former estate, some of which were originally built in the 17th century and from 1866 state, came back into the possession of the Welf family after 1920, who renamed the domain business Hausgut Calenberg and still manage the associated lands today. The entire complex is located directly on the cycling and hiking trails Leine-Heide-Radweg, Regionsring and the Welfenweg between the town hall in Pattensen and Marienburg Castle.

Wikipedia: Domäne Calenberg (DE)

2. Calenberger Brücke

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The Calenberg Bridge in Schulenburg, also known as the Leine Bridge Calenberger Straße, is a listed massive bridge over the Leine. As one of the rare three-arch bridges, the monument was built in the course of today's Landesstraße 460 at the time of the Electorate of Hanover in the middle of the 18th century and at the same time in the course of the country road from Gestorf via Schulenburg to Rössing, which was laid out under King George II.

Wikipedia: Calenberger Brücke (Schulenburg) (DE)

3. St. Georg

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St. Georg Losch in der Wikipedia auf Deutsch / Attribution

The Evangelical-Lutheran, listed church of St. George, dedicated to the patron saint St. George, is located in Jeinsen, a district of the small town of Pattensen in the Hanover region of Lower Saxony. The parish belongs to the church district of Laatzen-Springe in the district of Hanover of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hanover.

Wikipedia: St. Georg (Jeinsen) (DE)

4. St. Lucas

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The Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Lucas is located in the small town of Pattensen in the Hanover region in Lower Saxony on Corvinusplatz. The reformer Anton Corvinus was pastor in Pattensen from 1542. To the north of the church is the Dammstraße, which is delimited by a low churchyard wall.

Wikipedia: St. Lucas (Pattensen) (DE)

5. St. Maria

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St. Maria is the Catholic church of Pattensen, named after Mary. It is located in the streets north of the historic city center, which have been built since 1950 and whose names already indicate the origin of many of its inhabitants from the former German eastern territories.

Wikipedia: St. Maria (Pattensen) (DE), Website

6. Hüpeder Kirche

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Hüpeder Kirche Clemensfranz / CC BY 2.5

The Evangelical Lutheran listed church Hüpede is in Hüpede, a district of the city of Pattensen in the Hanover region in Lower Saxony. The parish belongs to the Laatzen-Springe church district in the Sprengel Hanover of the Evangelical Lutheran State Church of Hanover.

Wikipedia: Kirche Hüpede (DE)


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