7 Sights in Mühlhausen/Thüringen, Germany (with Map and Images)

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1. Marienkirche

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St. Mary's Church in the town of Mühlhausen, central Germany, is the second-largest church building in Thuringia after Erfurt Cathedral. It was constructed mainly during the 14th century in the Gothic style. The church's 86.7-metre-high central spire, built in 1898 to 1903, is the highest in the state and forms a significant feature of the town's skyline. St. Mary's was a site of events relating to the German Peasants' War around 1525, as the revolutionary leader Thomas Müntzer was active as a pastor at the church. The Sauer organ, built in 1891, is considered the largest surviving 19th-century organ in Thuringia.

Wikipedia: St. Mary's Church, Mühlhausen (EN)

2. Divi Blasii

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The Divi-Blasii-Kirche is a three-aisled, cross-shaped hall church on the Untermarkt in the city of Mühlhausen in Thuringia. The lavishly designed show façade on the north side with tracery, pinnacles and a wheel window is located on an old trade route. The Divi Blasii Church is now the parish church of the Evangelical Lutheran parish of Mühlhausen within the Evangelical Church in Central Germany.

Wikipedia: Divi-Blasii-Kirche (Mühlhausen) (DE)

3. Ruinen eh. Gerätebau

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Ruinen eh. Gerätebau Der ursprünglich hochladende Benutzer war Michael Fiegle in der Wikipedia auf Deutsch / CC-BY-SA-3.0

ARTERBAU GmbH was an armaments at Mühlhausen/Thuringia. The br. Thiel from Ruhla, a “traditional supplier of the Reichswehr”, which was completed at the end of 1937 in 1937, mostly made time-toothed clocks for APP grenades in the three-class operations. The factory in the Mühlhäuser Stadtwald employed 4231 workers.

Wikipedia: Gerätebau GmbH (DE)

4. St. Bonifatius

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The Roman Catholic branch church of St. Bonifatius is in Mühlhausen in the Thuringian Unstrut-Hainich district. It is the branch church of the parish of St. Josef Mühlhausen in the dean's office in Nordhausen of the diocese of Erfurt. It bears the patronal feast of St. Bonifatius.

Wikipedia: St. Bonifatius (Mühlhausen) (DE)

5. Bauernkriegsmuseum

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The listed Kornmarktkirche is one of the twelve medieval church buildings in the Thuringian town of Mühlhausen. The construction of the church of St. Crucis of the former Franciscan monastery began in the 13th century. Today the church serves as a Peasants' War Museum.

Wikipedia: Kornmarktkirche (DE), Website

6. St. Nicolai

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The construction of the listed Protestant parish church of St. Nikolai in Mühlhausen in Thuringia began in the 14th century, but it was not until Wilhelm Röttscher from 1897 to 1898 that it received the regular shape of a three-nave cross-ribbed vaulted hall church.

Wikipedia: St. Nikolai (Mühlhausen) (DE)

7. Deutsches Bratwurstmuseum (in Bau)

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1. The German Sausage Museum opened near Arnstadt in May 2006 and moved to Mulhausen, Thuringia in 2020. A new building is planned at Mühlh ä user Stadtwald, where a temporary exhibition will be held at the Mühlh ä user Hof Hotel.

Wikipedia: 1. Deutsches Bratwurstmuseum (DE), Website


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