6 Sights in Klipphausen, Germany (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Klipphausen, Germany. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 6 sights are available in Klipphausen, Germany.

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1. Stadtverwaltung Radebeul

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The former post office of Radebeul, also known as Alte Post, is located in Pestalozzistraße 4 of Alt-Radebeul in the original district of Radebeul, just east (left) of the city hall. Today, the building is part of the city government of Radboyle and includes law and order offices, and specifically the registry offices, which together with the main office report to the second mayor.

Wikipedia: Postamt Radebeul (DE)

2. Grabmal für Karl und Klara May

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The graves of Karl May and Clara May stand on the north wall of Radebeul Ost Cemetery, one of the two main cemeteries in Radebeul. Today, as part of the whole Radebeul Ost cemetery, the tomb was already protected as Karl May Grufthaus during the GDR period, even before the entire cemetery was added to the list of Radebeul monuments in 1979.

Wikipedia: May-Grabmal (DE)

3. Rathaus Radebeul

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The city hall is located in Pestalozzistraße 6 in Radebeul, and the former police building is located in the courtyard. City Hall is home to the mayor of Radboyle, and the second floor is the city's "extraordinary [...] banquet hall or council hall with murals". The building is "important in architectural history, local history and art".

Wikipedia: Radebeuler Rathaus (DE)

4. Schloss Weistropp

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Weistropp Castle is an asymmetrical, three-winged castle complex in Weistropp, a district of the municipality of Klipphausen in the district of Meißen in Saxony, Germany. The listed building from the 17th century has different architectural styles due to its multiple changes, predominantly classicist elements.

Wikipedia: Schloss Weistropp (DE)

5. Trafoturm Radebeul

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The so-called Transformer Tower, located at the corner of Mason Nastrassen and Einstein Strassen in the city of Radboyle, Saxony, is a former transformer station. This protected building was built around 1910. The hotel and restaurant "Zu den Linden" is run by Radebeul confectioner and writer Erich Weber.

Wikipedia: Trafoturm Meißner Straße (Radebeul) (DE)

6. Weiberstein

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Weiberstein Jbergner 18:33, 16. Nov. 2007 (CET) / CC BY-SA 2.0 de

The Weiberstein is a memorial stone for two farmer's wives in Radebeul. The listed monument is located on Kötzschenbrodaer Straße between today's districts of Kötzschenbroda and Serkowitz, just outside the Serkowitz village centre.

Wikipedia: Weiberstein (DE)

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